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Author's Chapter Notes:
i don't own mx but i would, pls read hope u enjoy
another thing pls review cos i wud luv 2 kno wot u guys think
“Hello this is Jesse Kilmartin, what can I do for you?”

“This is Kingston hospital in London, England near Wimbledon and I am ringing to let you know that Miss Shalimar Fox is here suffering from very bad injuries.”

“Why have you called me, may I ask,”

“Because you are her next of kin,”

“Next of kin, so what happened?”

“Sorry but I don’t wish to tell you over the phone, would you be able to come over,”

“Sure but I will have to talk to my wife about it,”

“Ok, let us know soon, we will be expecting you,”

Later that evening as Emma walked through the door after picking up their daughter she could feel that something was wrong with her husband and went to find him, she found him in the study looking at old pictures of their once close team that was called Mutant x.

“What’s wrong, I could feel you as soon as I walked through the door,” Jesse jumped because he hadn’t heard his wife walk in the room let alone the house,

“I thought you couldn’t sense anymore, I thought you said your powers have gradually weakened since Amedea,”

“yeah, they have but since this afternoon I think the are coming back, slowly but it still doesn’t matter I could sense the coldness and pain as soon as I walked through the door even without my powers,”


“Just call it a wife’s intuition,”

“oh, ok,” there was a pause then jesse said “shal’s in the hospital,” with that he got up and left the room leaving emma standing there and letting her get the information through her head, the last she had heard of Shalimar was when she caught jesse and her in bed together having an affair, emma was working really hard trying to pay the bills since jesse had been made redundant from his old job a few months before, not only that emma was pregnant with their first child, but the moment she caught jesse and Shalimar she felt her life spinning out of control and 2 hours later she found herself in hospital being told she just had an miscarriage. They separated for two years before they tried to give it another go, even now emma doesn’t trust jesse she has even lost all contact with Shalimar. Three months after emma and jesse got back together emma found out she was pregnant again, this time around jesse has a steady job and had supported her all the way through the pregnancy.

“How do you know?” she asked as she stormed into the kitchen and stood right in front of where he was standing.

“The hospital called me earlier this morning and told me,”

How did they get your number, the only they could get your number is if you are her next of …..” emma didn’t need to finish her sentence because buy the look on jesse face she knew she was heading in the right direction. She then sensed that their relationship had carried on after the had separated and that Shalimar hadn’t been told that emma and jesse were now back together with a beautiful five-year old girl

“So are you going,”

“Yes I am going, hope you don’t mind.

“I don’t mind, Just go see how I care,”

with that emma out of the room and locked herself in the bathroom.

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