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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. I just borrowed them for a little fun. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this work of fiction.
From: Deano_fan@yahoo.com
10:21 PM 11/6/2006
To: WishingforWincest@hotmail.com
Subject: A Dream I Had

You won't believe this dream I had last night. It was weird in the fact that it was about a dark brown leather jacket. I don't know. Don't really know how to explain it but it was the jacket that stood out in my mind. It was familiar somehow.

Well, don't really know about my dreams lately. I've had some weird ones these past few days.

Well I guess I'll get outta your hair, TTL.


From: WishingforWincest@hotmail.com
10:25 PM 11/6/2006
To: Deano_fan@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Dreaming of Leather Last Night

Loved hearing from you again. So you had a dream about a brown leather jacket last night. Sounds hot. I'd love to make love in nothin' but my leather jacket. Okay, wait, I take that back, I'd rather make love to a guy while 'he's' wearing my leather jacket. Seeing his body under mine while he I make sweet love to him. That would be hot.

I'd love to hear about your hottest fantasy. I would have to say mine would be the leather jacket thing but in the back seat of my car. My car's been like home to me for a long time now and I would love to make love in the backseat, laying there afterwards, holding my lover in my arms.

Yeah, I know, the last part, seems kinda cheesy but it's what I want. Holdin' my guy in my arms with his head on my chest, feeling his skin, warm against my own. I guess at heart, I'm just a hopeless romantic.

So when are you gonna sign the letter with more than 'Deano_fan'?

Still Wishin'

From: Deano_fan@yahoo.com 10:33 PM 11/6/2006
To: WishingforWincest@hotmail.com
Subject: LMIRL

I don't know. When are you gonna stop signing yours 'still wishin''? And about that last part of your letter, about the holdin' your guy. I'd love to be your guy. That sounds like something I would enjoy. As for my fantasy, well, I don't have anything big. Mine is that I'll be rescued from the hell that is school, swept up in the arms of my lover and taken home to bed and made love to for hours and then, just like you, laying there in his arms, feeling him run fingers down my stomach.

Oh, about the LMIRL in the subject line. I was wondering if your were going to be anywhere near Stanford anytime soon. I've got nothin' else to do for a week. Spring Break and all and would love to meet you.

If you can't, I understand.


From: WishingforWincest@hotmail.com
10:36 PM 11/6/2006
To: Deano_fan@yahoo.com
Subject: I'd love to.

Sure, Deano_fan. I'd love to meet you. I'll be in town tomorrow actually. I have family in town and we can meet up for dinner. How about eight o'clock at Pietro's down on Richmond by the campus? If you say yes, I'll set the reservation under Bonham.

Still Wishin'


Bonham? Sam knew that name. Dean had used it before as one of his aliases.

Before he wrote back to his mysterious new friend, he decided to do a little hacking and the information that he came up with was surprising but now unwanted.

"Deano, you sly dog. I can't wait till tomorrow night," Sammy thought to himself as he wrote back.

From: Deano_fan@yahoo.com
10:40 PM 11/6/2006
To: WishingforWincest@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: I'd love to.

I'll meet you there at eight. Will you wear that leather jacket? I'd love to see you in it. You look hot in it. Can't wait till tomorrow night.

Well, I'm probably going to grab a shower and crash for the night. Sleep'll make the time go by faster. Later John.



Sam closed his laptop, smiling to himself and hoping that Dean would show up after he had let the cat slip from the bag using John's name at the end of the email. Oh well, time will tell.

The next day, Sam made his way to the restaraunt at eight but didn't see Dean anywhere outside, so he went on in to the reservation podium to ask for the table.

"Name please," the man behind the podium asked.

"Bonham," Sam said, looking around for a sign of Dean.

"Sorry sir. What time was it for?"

"Eight o'clock."

"I'm sorry sir. The only eight o'clock we have tonight is under Winchester."

"Oh, wait, that's right. I'm sorry. I forgot, it was changed to Winchester at the last minute."

"Right this way sir," he said, leading Sam off.

So Dean had realized it was him after all.

"The other man from the reservation hasn't arrived yet?"

"Not yet, sir," he said and he handed Sam a menu and left the other and then he left too.

"Think I wasn't gonna show?" Sam heard whispered in his ear and he turned to only have his lips caught by Dean's for a quick kiss.

"Dean, I thought it was you."

"I should have known you could do your hacker thing and find out it was me. Guess I shouldn't have a used an aliase that you knew."

"Guess not. So, you, me, this? You're okay with this?"

"Well that kiss told you how I felt, right?"

"What, brother's kiss," Sam said, smiling.

"Yeah but they usually don't get hard from it," Dean said, running his leg upbeside his younger brother's up under the table.

"Oh yeah, I guess you're right. Listen, I'm glad you made the reservations and everything but do you think we could just get out of here? Go have coffee and talk. I've missed you, Deano," Sam said and Dean smiled at the name, now recognizing his screename.

"You always were a deano_fan, lil' brother. Sure, let's get outta here," Dean said, standing and sticking his hand out, waiting for Sam to take it.

"Always have been, and always will be," Sam said as they walked out the door and to the car, only stopping long enough to pay for the table and time they wasted. "I've missed you girl," Sam said, sliding his hand up the hood of the Impala.

"She's missed you too. She's hoping that you'll want to be rescued from school permanently and come back home with her," Dean said, smiling, climbing into the drivers side.

"I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna finish school. I only have a couple months left but once I graduate, I'm back home for good. That is, if my brother still wants me, considering I'm staying at school."

"Sammy, I want you to finish school. I'll be waiting for you when you're done," Dean said, starting the car. "And hey, I'll always want you lil' bro. I love you."

"Deano, you ever think that this could be wrong? I mean, you and me. I mean, we're brothers. Don't get me wrong, I love you more than I've ever loved anyone but what about what other people think?"

"Didn't you see my screename, Sammy? Wishin for wincest. I've been wishin' I could have you for a long time now. You were the ony in my fantasy about the leather jacket and the Impala. I want you to be the one I make love to in this car, wearing my leather jacket. I want you to be the only one I make love to for the rest of my life," Dean said and through it, Sam moved over, laying his head on Dean's shoulder.

"I love you too, Dean."

"This sure had been some weird blind date, hasn't it?"

"Not really a blind date though, more of a not-so-blind date. I mean, I went into it, pretty much knowing it was you. Small world though."

"Yep but I'm glad it was you and not some other weirdo."

"You sorry ass. I aint no weirdo."

"Oh yeah?"


"Love you."

"That's better," Sam said, wrapping an arm around his brother's back. "Love you too."

The two drove to that coffee house and then later that night, the boys made Dean's fantasy come true and he told Sammy that graduation day, he was going to make his come true. Things were never the same after one not-so-blind date.

THE END, for now.

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