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The bell just rung when prue was on her way to her next lesson. It was prue's first day at high school well it is everyone's first at high school really, well all the yr7’s anyway. She looked at her timetable when suddenly someone accidentally knocked her books out of her hand.
“Whoops so sorry are you …”said Andy “ok”
Andy trudeau looked at the girl and thought wow she is beautiful, Her hair was charcoal black and very long about half way down her back .She had crystal clear light blue eyes and her skin was fair but it looked so soft like a soft touch of tissue paper. He couldn’t help looking into her eyes. She wore a pink strap top with a denim jacket and she wore combat trousers (white)
He helps pick up her stuff. She didn’t look at him until she had stood up. Andy gave the girl the rest of her books.
“Um thanks “said prue staring in his eyes
“Your welcome” said Andy
Prue thought he is cute. He had brown eyes and had in the middle colour brown hair, which was spiked up abit at the front. He wore a dark blue shirt with blue jeans but also wore a leather jacket.
“Hi my name is prue halliwell, actually its prudence Halliwell but you call me prue,”said prue shyly
“Hi prue I am Andy, Andy Trudeau”said Andy “your very beautiful prue”
“Um thanks, “ said prue
“So prue what you got next” asked Andy
“Spanish you “ answered prue
“Spanish to, who do you have” said Andy
“Um” said prue looking at her timetable “Ms Mastook, you”
“ The same as you” said Andy looking into her eyes
They started to walk to class together when the bell rang they started to run
When they got there they was out breath and they just there in got time before the teacher called prue’s name. They said sorry they were late sat down she sat next to Andy and this girl. Other girls who were laughing surrounded the girl. Then someone came though the door and asked if she read a notice this is what it said: There is cheerleading forms in the hall if anyone wants to try out the cheerleading on Wednesday lunchtime. Get the forms today break. Want to tryout please get a form this morning from the hall at break.
It was break time prue said goodbye to Andy and headed to the hall, there was a big queue of girls waiting to get a form for cheerleading. Finally she got the letter all she had to do was convince grams to sigh it that shouldn’t be too hard she hopes. When she got home grams was waiting for her in the front room where piper sat playing with her puzzle and phoebe was sitting next to piper she was playing with her dolly.
“How was your 1st day hunny”said grams
“Fine, I bumped into this guy his name is Andy Trudeau” said prue happily
“Prue’s in love “sung piper
“Am not “shouts prue very sternly?
“Ok girls don’t fight, piper don’t say that and prue there no need to shout and girls I am going to start dinner now so don’t start fighting” said grams sighing.
“Oh yeh, grams can I do cheerleading pleeease” begged prue
“Ok yes you can” said gram
“Thanks grams, you have to fill in form said prue excitedly
Grams signs the form and goes into the kitchen to start dinner and Prue went upstairs to get changed then when she came down she smelled something delious and sat the table where her also her sisters was at the table as well. The next day prue handed her letter in and for the next few days kept practicing her cheerleading routine. The day finally came Andy walked up to prue.
“Hi Andy what you doing here you can’t be here for the tryouts “said prue a bit confused
“No I am here to watch the tryouts and to wish you good luck, “ said Andy
“Thanks Andy “ said prue sweetly
Prue’ s name was called and she went up and did her routine .The judges looked impressed and said that she is now a cheerleader also that you will be the captain of the cheerleaders team. She jumped up in the air with the poms poms still on her hands, the crowd was clapping .She looked and saw Andy cheering and clapping, she suddenly went bright red then saw grams sitting there clapping looked proud of her.
“Attention everyone there will be a little celebration at the classroom where the cheerleaders can see there parents and also the practises will start next Monday every day after school except Tuesday and Thursday “ said a girl named Cindy who was a cheerleader but is now leaving soon.
Grams was doing the washing when a noise came from the stairs and someone screaming and grams ran to the stairs where prue was sitting clutching her arm
“Prue what happened and what have you done to your arm “ said grams
“I think I’ve broke my arm and I fell down the stairs because someone left their books on the stairs “ said prue angrily looking at phoebe
“Don’t look at me it wasn’t my fault you should have been looking where you was going, “ said phoebe
“if I could get up I would of hit you of course it is your fault now I won’t be able to do cheerleading “said prue looking upset
“I better phone a ambulance just don’t move ok and piper look after your sister for me, phoebe don’t leave your books on the stairs next time this is all I need” said grams
“Don’t worry prue you probley just badly bruised it “said piper trying to calm prue down abit
“I am afraid you have broken your arm prue, “ said the doctor
“This is your fault phoebe…”said prue nearly crying
“How is it my fault stop blaming it on me just because I am the youngest “ shouts phoebe back
She stomps off in a mood and piper ran after her and grams comforting prue who burst into tears
“Hey “ said piper
“Hey”said phoebe
“You know you didn’t mean that, “ said piper
“I know I should say sorry it just that …”Answered phoebe hesitating
“Just what “ said piper taking a deep breath
“Well sometimes it feels like she doesn’t love me really she hates me, we’re always fighting” sighs phoebe “ I’m just sick of it “
“No of course she loves you she just has a funny way of showing t ever since mum died and I know she doesn’t hate you even though she says it sometimes but she doesn’t mean it “ said piper
“Yeh your right come on lets go” said phoebe
“Go where, “ answered piper
“To the hospital of course “ sighed phoebe laughing
Andy ran through the halls and went to the front offices and said where is prue halliwell
But he saw them just as he had finished his sentence and ran up to her and cuddled her.
“Are you ok, are you badly hurt” said Andy in a panic
“I m fine really” said prue laughing
Prue’s cast came off in 3 weeks time and went back to cheerleading. She was very happy. Piper is in yr 9 now also phoebe has just started yr 7
The day had come her exams she was dreading it but at least she could look forward to the prom well she is going with Andy. The day after the prom and they had finally fished school but phoebe was beening a pain at school. Andy phoned and told him to meet him at their favourite spot because he had something to tell her. When prue got there he looked at her and smiled but she knew something was wrong.
“Prue you know I was waiting for that reply from that college “ said Andy feeling guilty
“Yeh fragment university” said prue
“Well I am in “ said Andy
“That’s great but wait that means you will have to move up there, “ said prue sadly “meaning your going and leaving me here, that’s great just great”
Prue runs away crying and Andy calls to her but she doesn’t listen. When she got home she ran straight to her room and layed on her bed crying when piper came in and asked what’s wrong.prue says that Andy is leaving to go to a university called Fragment in new jersey and piper says oh darling I am sorry and cuddles her sister. She is 29 yrs old now and has forgotten about him and is living happily with her fiancÚ roger (her boss where, she works in a museum ) well so far happy .

The end

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