...Mightier Than the Sword
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Prue comes into the kitchen and finds piper making coffee she walks over and pours her some coffee from the jug and sat down but there was no sign of phoebe yet
"where's phoebe"asked prue
phoebe walks in before piper could answer
"why don't you asked her" siad piper looking at phoebe
Prue asks phoebe
"i was out early,ok" said phoebe
"yeh phoebe we are really going to believe that i think she meands buisness" said piper laughing
Prue started to laugh but phoebe give prue a funny look and she stopped laughing.Prue had finshed her coffee when she said she had to get to work,piper said ok and phoebe just nodded.Prue had just got out of the car when Andy walked up to her
"andy hi "stammered prue
"hi prue,you haven't by any chance seen this person have you" said andy sighing
showing her a picture at the same time
"no sorry,i haven't why do you want to know" said prue
"apparently he had been kiling woman"said andy whispering
"woman why" said prue curiously
"well there not just woman prue there witches too so be on the look out ok and please be carefull"sighed andy shaking his head
"ok" said prue
Prue got home about 2:00 o clock and everyone was out, so she went up stairs to have a shower and het changed.When she was just finshed getting dress.she heard a crash from down stairs she run downthe stairs and just seen the vase go smash on the floor and thought to herself piper's not going to be happy with this if she sees this.She looked around for the person or whatever done this but couldn't see any thing.
to be contuined

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