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Piper was getting ready, when a thump noise came from the stairs. It was Prue she had fallen down the stairs. Piper rushed down the stairs to see Prue rubbing her bum.
“Are you ok?” said Andy
“Yeh I’m fine I just hurt my bum when I fell”
Piper came rushing down the stairs and asked what happen in a panicky way.
Just then phoebe walked and asked what happened. Andy, piper and phoebe went in the kitchen and Andy told them what happened and phoebe and piper asked at the same time if she is all right then all of a sudden there was a voice coming from the other room it was Prue she shouted I am fine I can hear what you are saying. Phoebe mutted she is so stubborn sometimes. Then another voice came from the room. It was Prue shouted I am not stubborn and phoebe mutted whatever. Prue shouted I heard that. Piper sighed and Andy laughed. Phoebe said to piper as they walked through to the living room where Prue was sitting you better go get ready.
Piper went up stairs to get ready then Prue got up and kissed Andy on the lips and said to phoebe we better go get ready. Andy said goodbye and said he couldn’t come to the wedding because he had to work. They run upstairs to get ready to. Everything was ready and everybody was here. The music started and Leo was waiting for piper to come down those stairs then he saw her in a beautiful strappy dress (white) and beside her was there dad. Prue and phoebe was behind and was wearing pink off the shoulders dresses with both of their hairs down. The wedding had started when suddenly two little blue lights was floating and one went inside Prue and the other went outside where Andy was and went in him and the people including piper, leo, phoebe and their dad was concerned what would happen to prue but she acted normally. The wedding continued when suddenly a motorbike came crashing through the wall and Andy was on it he called to prue and prue ran over and got on the motorbike. The motorbike was caught on the cloth, which the cake was on. They drove off on the motorbike together and pulled the cake off the table. It went splat on the floor.
“Prue get your cursed butt back her” screamed phoebe
“This is it the wedding is off, ” said piper very angry and upset
Piper run out of the house.
“Piper where are you going” shouts phoebe
But piper doesn’t hear her. Leo was upset and phoebe helped her dad pick up the rest of the cake that is ok. Phoebe tells Leo to go ask the elders about this curse and tells dad to get rid of the guest and I will look in the book of shadows. Leo came down and told phoebe what they knew about the curse.
“We need to find prue and Andy before…” said phoebe not be able to finish her sentence
“Phoebe I think we find them” said her dad
Phoebe went into the front room and the TV was on he was watching the news where there had been a report which a couple was locked up for stealing a golden unicorn horn. Prue and Andy’s names were mentioned. Phoebe said that we better go sort this mess out. Their dad said he is going to talk to piper and phoebe said ok Leo and me would go get prue and Andy. Phoebe and Leo orbed to police station and Darryl was there. He started telling phoebe and Leo about what happened and finally after 2 hours arguing with the police they let them go.
Prue and Andy said thanks then phoebe said you are not under that curse any more and they answer no at the same time. Prue told them what happen when they got home piper and dad was there arguing about the wedding. Piper looked at prue and started shouting at her. Prue said I’m sorry but it wasn’t my fault then the demon came that cursed prue and Andy. Piper said demon and then laughed then throw a fireball at prue and it hit her shoulder. Phoebe who was behind the demon and said hey demon don’t hurt my sisters you son of a swear word. The entire guests were invited back and Leo healed Prue’s shoulder. Piper and Leo finally got married and went on their honeymoon the next night. Andy and Prue went out on a picnic on a full moon and the beautiful stars were out.

The end

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