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Mr. Fix It

"Hooo! Man, is it hot outside!" Lorlie exclaimed. She than put her hand on her forehead and pretended to faint in front of Luke.

"Can you ever come in here without causing a scene?" Luke asked.

"Do you think I can come in there without letting the world know I'm here?" Lorlie questioned him.

"Right. Stupid question.”

Rory walks in carrying a load of books. "Whoa kid, looking for the strongest man award?" Lorlie teased. "Need coffee?"

"Yes, please, coffee...good!" Rory said exhausted.

"What's with all the books Urkel?" Lorlie asked.

"Well today I have a test in History, tomorrow I have a test in Science, I had a 300 word report do on WWII, and I have my French homework. I also had to have all my books to read at lunch and on the bus, leaving me a little weighed down this morning!" Rory told her mother.

"Riiiiiiight," Lorlie said, not really understanding what Rory just said. "Luke, what is taking so long?"

"Well, the coffee pot broke thanks to someone," he looked straight at Jess.

"Hey, not my fault someone left syrup on the floor," Jess protested.

"Oh, my god! You slipped and fell this morning and I missed it?! You couldn't wait until I got myself out of bed, dressed, and was looking pretty to fall?" Lorlie was having fun with him now. Jess continued what he was doing and tried to ignore Lorlie.

"Here you go," Luke said as he handed Lorlie and Rory their well, waited for coffee.

"Thank-you! Hey, you know that doorknob that is on my closet in my room?" Lorlie asked Luke.

"No," Luke bluntly stated.

"Ok, well, do you think you can come over and fix it after your done with the diner tonight? Because it keeps jiggling everytime I have to get something out of my closet, and I would fix it myself but-"

"But she doesn't know how!" Rory said.

"It's really easy. All you have to do is tighten the screws around the knob and-" Luke was cut off.

"Do what?! To who?!" Lorlie said in confusion.

"I'll be over at eight," Luke gave in.

"Thanks Superman!" Lorlie said as she left for the Inn. She is the manager there, and her best friend Sookie was the AMAZING chef that came along with the Inn!

When Lorlie arrived at the Inn she saw the usual. Michael was getting chased by a swan from one of the many weddings that take place around the Inn, and Sookie was applying a band aid to one of her fingers that she cut…she is a huge klutz!

“Were does Michael think he’s going?” Lorlie asked.

“He says that animals don’t like him very much and that he is going home for the rest of the day,” Sookie told her, “Ouch!”

“How did you manage to cut yourself this time?” Lorlie kept questioning.

“Well, you know how when you get boxes, you have to remember that they are paper and will give you paper cuts?” Lorlie nodded, “Well I forgot and grabbed the box the wrong way and I think it got mad at me!” Sookie said.

“Oh,” Lorlie said. For once she was at a lost of words.

Lorlie grabbed a cup of coffee that Sookie made just for her, and headed out into the Inn’s lobby. There she saw Michael, “Not going home?” She asked.

“No,” he said in his French accent, “After two hours of running from a bird, I decided that I should stay.” He pouted.

“Ok, Michael. Go in the kitchen and ask Sookie to make you breakfast and you two can talk all about it,” Lorlie encouraged him.

“Well, ok, but I have to watch how many calories I eat. Because when your dead and I’m still alive….I will laugh,” Michael said starting to cheer up.

“Yea!” Lorlie said with a big smile on her face. She knew he was set on being the oldest man alive.

Rory walked into the Inn carrying her book bag which only had 2 books (that is, not including her bus and lunch books). “Hi mom,” Rory said.

“Hi Kid!” Lorlie said back, excited to see her daughter, “WOW! Light load tonight,” she said pointing to Rory’s still bulging backpack.

“Yea, and I got an A+ on my History quiz and an A- on my Science quiz, but I’m not getting the report back until tomorrow.” Rory informed her mother of her knowledge.

“That is my bright and shinny penny,” Lorlie said in her up beat mood, “Do you think I can get a loan?”

“What do you need me to do?” Rory asked ready to help out.

“Could you manage the desk for a while? I have to go and check on the maids and then tell Michael that he can’t spend all day in the kitchen with Sookie!” Lorlie told her.

“No problem!”


Lorlie left and did what she told Rory she was going to do, but when she got into the kitchen she found Michael helping Sookie with all the dinner preparations.

“Lorlie! You’re here, try these new chocolate cookies I baked,” Michael exclaimed, “I would try them, but then I couldn’t have my fruit and yogurt tonight!”

Lorlie took a bite of the soft cookie, “Mmmmm…Sookie you’d better watch your back, you have competition,” Lorlie warned her.

“Yea? Well try these,” Sookie handed her a pink cookie.

Lorlie took a bite of the new cookie and felt heaven in her mouth, “Oh, my god!”

“Why must you two always spoil my fun?” Michael said in a pout filled voice and left the kitchen.

“Well, you have him off your hands!” Lorlie joked. They always loved making Michael angry.

Lorlie heard at knock at the door around 8:30. She ran to the door from the kitchen and opened it to find Luke. “Sorry I’m late,” Luke said.

“That’s fine, right this may Mr. Repair man,” Lorlie had him fallow her upstairs to her room where the doorknob was, “There’s the little bugger,” she tried to say in her best Australian accent.

“Ok,” Luke pulled out a screwdriver turned it a few times and said, “Done!”

“Wow, no ‘I have to run to the store and pick up some heavy duty screws’ or no ‘um, your going to need a new knob and while your at a new door’? That’s it?” she asked amazed.

“Yup…that’s it,” Luke told her.

“Ok, well would you like some coffee or something?” Lorlie offered.

“No, I have to get back to the diner and refill the ketchup bottles.”

“Oh, ok!” Lorlie said a little let down.

They turned to leave Lorlie’s room, when all of a sudden Luke turned around and kissed her. Just like that. He kissed her, than left.

“Wow!” Lorlie said. Then she picked up the phone to call Sookie.

“Come on!” Rory said to Lorlie, “I’m not passing up my morning coffee just because he kissed you. You want me to look pretty and have a good attitude don’t you?” Rory asked her mother.


“Well, all of those luxuries are brought to you by caffeine!!” Rory said.

“Well, you can go in, but I’m just going to get my coffee from the Inn.” Lorlie told her daughter.

“Fine!” Rory said and marched into Luke’s.

“Hi Luke!” Rory said.

“Hey! Where is your mom?” Luke asked.

“Oh, she isn’t feeling too good this morning,” Rory lied.

“Ok, well tell her I said hi and that I hope she feels better,” he handed her the coffee.

“I will! Bye!” Rory grabbed the coffee and left.

She walked out to find her mother standing on the next block right where she left her. “See, it was that easy,” Rory told her, “and he says hi and that he hopes you feel better!”

“I’m still not going in there!” Lorlie protested.

“Ok, fine, do without Luke’s coffee!”

“Just give me a little sip.” Lorlie ordered while reaching for the coffee cup.

Rory turned away, “No can do! You have to go and get one yourself!” Rory started leaving for the bus.

“Cruel, that was just cruel! How could you manage to do that to your ever-so-loving mother??” Lorlie acted as if she was in a movie.

“I don’t know, but I think I can last through the day knowing that you didn’t get your coffee,” Rory said as boarded the bus.

“Mom what are you doing to our fridge?” Rory asked.

“Well, there is some stuff in here that I’m not even sure I remember putting there,” Lorlie said as she picked up a chicken leg in disgust.

“Eww!” Rory screamed as she saw a chicken leg flying at her, “That is just wrong, poor Pete!”


“Yes! I named the half eaten leg Pete.”

“And I’ll name this one Jennifer!” Lorlie said as she grabbed a new leg out and threw it away.

“I’m going out to the movies with Dean tonight, ok?!” Rory stated.

“Ok, but bring back popcorn.”

“I will!”

As Lorlie was finishing up a movie the phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hi, Lorlie?” the voice on the other side said. Lorlie knew that voice it was…her mother!

“Yes, mom?”

“I want you and Rory to come over this Saturday for a party that I’m having for your father and my anniversary. We are going to be grilling outside for a change and we are going to have a mime!” Emily exclaimed.

“Ok, what time?”

“Six ‘o clock. Don’t be late.”

“Ok mom.” Lorlie said as she hung up the phone. “Darn lost my Saturday!”

After the phone call Lorlie went back to her movie. As she sat there she couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. ‘Should I call him or should I talk to him tomorrow?’ Lorlie thought. ‘Could we really end up together?’ She couldn’t stop all the questions that were rushing threw her head.

That was it, she was going to get it over with once and for all. She was going to go to the diner and she was determined to work this all out. But just then, as she was about to leave, Rory and Dean walked in.

“Night,” Rory said.

“Good night. I’ll call you when I get home,” Dean told her. Rory closed the door after giving him a long, well deserved kiss, and then turned around.

“Have fun?” Lorlie asked. Rory nodded handing her mom the popcorn. “Well, tell me all about it!” Lorlie demanded.

“We went to see that new French film, where you had to read all the subtitles. You know what I’m talking about?”

“Yea, and…” Lorlie was dieing for all the details of the night.

“Well, we started with the watching, but ended up kissing, so we missed the movie but we are going back tomorrow to re-watch what we missed,” Rory informed her mother.

“Well, I’m sorry, but you can’t go tomorrow,” Lorlie told her daughter with regret in her voice.

“Why?!” Rory looked confused.

“Your grandma called and told us that we have to go to her and your grandfather’s anniversary party, but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you brought Dean,” her mother wasn’t finished because there was a catch, “They are grilling and there are mimes!”

“Mimes?! Doesn’t Grandma know what happened with mimes the summer I was 8?” Rory said in a panic.

“No, I didn’t tell her, but don’t worry Dean will be there to protect you, plus you can stay out of that room!” Lorlie said trying to cheer Rory up.

“Ok,” Rory sighed.

Lorlie walked up to the door and the ‘closed’ sign was placed on the door, but she could see Luke cleaning up while transferring ketchup from bottle to bottle. She knocked on the door, and Luke came to open it. “Hi!” Luke said in surprise to see her.

“Hi, um, well, I missed my coffee this morning and I was thinking I could make it up now,” Lorlie said as calmly as she could.

“Oh, ok, that’s fine.” He turned and poured her a glass of his famous coffee.

“Thanks! So, wow, this is awkward,” Lorlie said stating the obvious.

“Well I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie tomorrow, and-“

“Yes!!” Lorlie exclaimed. She was feeling good that she had a date with the man that she spent a lot of her time with. “Well, I’d better get home to Rory, so, bye,” she said, “See you tomorrow! Around 9?”

“Sounds good,” Luke said. Lorlie than left, and once she was halfway down the street Luke turned on the radio and started dancing while he cleaned. He felt like the luckiest man alive.

“Rory? Rory!! I’m home, and I have BIG news,” Lorlie screamed into the house.

“I’m here, I’m here! So, where did you go? What’s the big news??” Rory said so fast that most of her words sounded like one, but Lorlie knew exactly what she was saying.

“I have a date tomorrow, with LUKE!” Lorlie said with a huge smile on her face.

“Oh, wow, think really hard mom,” Rory said, knowing that her mom would catch-on eventually.

“No!! NO, no, no!! It can’t be! It is. Oh, no!” Lorlie said in a panic, tomorrow: Her parent’s anniversary, with the mimes.

“Oh, yes!”

“Ok, well I can’t blow Luke off so you can go with Dean. He will take me place and when you go you can say that I was extremely sick and I can go with Luke. Please, just this once,” Lorlie was about to get down on her knees, “Please don’t make me beg.” Just than Rory agreed to her mom’s plea.

“THANK YOU!!! You’re my favorite daughter, have I ever told you that?” Lorlie said playfully.

“Yes, you have, but, shhhh, you don’t want to make Lorance and Norbert jealous,” she said with a giggle.

“And can you please tell me why I would pick the names Lorance or Norbert??” Lorlie said offended. “Ok, well I’m tired and I think my bed just yelled for me, he sounds angry so I better go.”

Lorlie struggled to find an outfit, do her make-up and go through Rory’s shoes to find her casual yet fancy black shoes to go with her jeans and her blue ‘Don’t mess with Texas” T-shirt. Then the doorbell rang, Luke was here.

“Coming!” Lorlie yelled and she was running down the stairs and putting on one of her shoes at the same time. She almost ran into her monkey lamp jumping down the last stair. Then, she casually opened the door as if she had walked from the couch to the front door. “Hi!”

“Hey. Are you ready to go because I left the car on?” Luke said in a way Lorlie had never heard him talk, like he was nervous. Then, the phone rang.

“One minute I’m going to get that it might be Rory calling for help against the mimes.”

“What mimes?” Luke said out of the loop, as he normally was.

“Never mind. Hello?” Lorlie said the last part into the phone, “Ok, I’m leaving so can this wait? Christopher no I have to go. Well, take her for a car-ride that should calm her down. No, I can’t come over. Ok, bye.”

“Christopher? Do you have to go? Should I leave? Because I can leave, this was a dumb idea anyways, and-“

“No, it’s fine, it’s just his daughter was fussing and he’s new at the parenting thing. He calls me a lot for help, that’s all,” Lorlie said in a rush.

“Ok, well let’s go,” Luke said.

“Ok!” Lorlie smiled.

Lorlie ran into Rory’s room and yelled, “Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UP!!”

Rory woke frightened, “What? Is the house burning down. Get out!!”

“No, no, sit down. I went on a date with Luke!”

“I know, so?”

“So it was good!” Lorlie said.

“Well I’m very glad, but I’m going back to bed. Good morning, and good night.” Rory said as she hit her pillow and fell back asleep.

Lorlie than thought, ‘He could be the one!’

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