...Mightier Than the Sword
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Fandom: BtVS/Smallville
Pairing: Dawn Summers/Chloe Sullivan (mentions of Dawn/Kit, Buffy/Kennedy, and possibly Clark/Lex, if you look hard enough)
Timeline: Post BtVS, season 3 of Smallville
A/N: I said I could do it! *hops around* I know, it took me long enough. For my next trick, I'll try Chloe/Lana. Maybe. If my muse can help me get past me whole I HATE LANA I have going on.
A/N2: Thanks to Sami for the proding for this. Even if it was ages ago.
Beta: Insane Vampiress (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/293946/)
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
When they first met, Dawn was suspicious. She shouldn't have been, she was in the middle of the only town with as much weirdness as Sunnydale, but everywhere else she'd been had the same affliction of sticking their heads in the sand so she assumed the little hick town in the middle of nowhere would be the same. But Smallville was different and Chloe was... Chloe. With her Wall Of Weird and reporter's instincts she had called Dawn on her cover story right away. Nobody would move from Italy to a 'never heard of it' farm town without some reason past "I couldn't live one more day without McDonald's." So she told her. About the Slayer she was looking for, and about Willow, and why there were so many of them now. And when they ran out of stories about living in a town where people go missing or develop extraordinary powers overnight, they switched to even weirder ones about high school.

It felt good to have a real friend again. She'd never really had one who she could talk about what really goes bump in the night before all the Slayer-Wannabes invaded her house and that was all they wanted to talk about. With Chloe, she can gossip about Clark and Lex, do impressions about how Lana always walks like she's got a stick up her butt and cry to her when Kit breaks up with her over the phone. Chloe wasn't even fazed when she found out Kit was a girl, which made it even harder for Dawn to pretend she wasn't getting a huge crush on her, but it was still cool that it didn't matter.

When she told Buffy she'd be moving there for the rest of the school year, she put up less of a fight than Dawn thought she would, but that could have had something to do with Kennedy giggling in the background and she really didn't want to give that much thought.

Dawn's never stayed up all night talking about nothing before either, but it's kind of fun. She can complain about how she wishes she were an only child and she tells Chloe not to worry about Lana being a bitch because lately Lana's been a bitch to everyone. Chloe was never into makeup before, but Dawn convinced her to play makeover one night and ever since, she's been turning heads. They hang out after school with Clark and pretend not to notice how often he mentions Lex, and for the first time, she feels accepted.

She thinks it's totally cool Chloe knows stuff. She doesn't know everything, like how Dawn's fist kiss was with a vampire or about her Key-ness, but it's nice to know Chloe could handle it if she told her.

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