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Outside of Hartford Memorial Hospital, four men stood out side sharing a flask of Johnny Walker Gold Label and Cuban cigars.
“So it’s settled then.” Richard Gilmore stated as he took a sip from the flask.
“I believe it is.” Mitchum Huntzberger agreed.
“This is good with you Strobe?” Richard asked the man who was currently savoring his cigar.
“Yes I believe it is an excellent idea.” The man agreed.
“Dad, Mr. Gilmore,” a young man started, “really this can’t be a good thing; promising my daughter to someone, it’s insane.”
“Christopher we are insuring the future of not only the Hayden family but also the Gilmore and Huntzberger families, we are creating the next Camelot; trust us boy.” Strobe Hayden said sternly to his son.
“Yes boy, the only thing you need to worry about is your upcoming nuptials to my daughter.” Richard Gilmore told the boy.
“So it’s agreed then, the children shall grow up together and be told when they turn eighteen to ensure a wedding by their twentieth birthdays.” Mitchum stated.
“Yes, I believe that is a perfect plan.” Richard stated.
“Yes, quite a good plan.” Strobe seconded.
“Well, young man,” Mitchum Huntzberger said smiling at Christopher, “I believe congratulations on the birth of your daughter.” He finished extending his hand.
“Thank you sir and congratulations on the birth of your son.” Christopher said forcing a smile and shaking the man’s hand.
Richard Gilmore poured drinks for himself, Mitchum, and Strobe, “To the marriage of Lorelei Leigh Gilmore Hayden and Logan Elias Monroe Huntzberger.”


Lorelei Leigh Gilmore Hayden, Rory for short, awoke early on the Saturday before her birthday to the buzzing of her alarm clock. Cursing silently she banged the snooze button and rolled over. Her eyes had not even closed before she remembered why she was being forced to wake up at such an ungodly hour on a Saturday morning. Today was the day her family, both sets of grandparents, and the Huntzburgers left for the one week vacation to celebrate both her and Logan’s eighteenth birthdays.
As Rory pulled on her silk robe there was a knock on her door, “Come in.” She called to the person on the other side.
“Good morning Miss. Gilmore, your mother wanted me to bring this up to you and to tell you to actually eat it.” Eliza smiled as she placed a breakfast tray on Rory’s desk.
“Thanks Eliza, and please call me Rory.”
“Yes ma’am, oh, your mother said to be downstairs in twenty minutes.”

Rory sipped her coffee and nibbled on her toast and fruit salad as she pulled on a pair of jeans and a polo shirt.
“Good morning love of my life, fruit of my womb!” A cheery voice called from the door way.
“Hey mom,” Rory smiled as she placed her carry on bag next to the rest of her luggage.
“Ready for hell on sea my dear?” Lorelai smirked.
“Mom, it can’t possibly be as bad as you’re setting it up to be.”
“Ha, that’s what you think, oh to be young and na´ve; sweetie, it’s my parents, your dad’s parents, and the Huntzbergers, all of us on the yacht for a week in the middle of the OCEAN!”
As Lorelai, Emily, and Rory shared a cup of coffee in the kitchen, Mitchum, Richard, Christopher and Strobe were standing outside taking a drink, and smoking a cigar to a promise that was made almost eighteen years ago.

Rory bounded outside when she heard the limo honk from the driveway. Logan stepped out of the car as he saw his best friend running toward him.
“Hey Bubbles,” He smiled as he hugged her, “how many cups of coffee have we had so far.”
“Six, but who’s counting?” Rory smiled and rolled here eyes at the nickname he had given her over a decade ago.
“So, you ready for this week, got you life vest, life boat, flares, so we don’t have to throw ourselves off the side of the boat?” Logan smirked.
“Oh hush,” Rory joked, “you and my mother could start a bet on the duration and turnout of this vacation. Oh hey, Aunt Shira.” Rory smiled as Logan’s mom got out of the car.
“Hello Rory love,” Shira smiled, “where can I find your mother?”
“She, Grandma, and Granny are all in the kitchen, and the men are off doing something.”
“Thank you love, you two be ready to go in thirty minutes, so no disappearing acts, understand?” Shira called as she walked into the house.
“Come here Bubbles,” Logan said leading her toward the bench in the yard, “I want to give you your birthday present now.”
“Alright, then we go to my room so I can give you yours.” Rory said as she sat next to Logan on the bench.
“Here you go Bubs, happy early birthday.” Logan said handing Rory a gift wrapped box.
“Oh Logan it’s beautiful.” Rory beamed as she took the locket out of the box.
“Open it.” Logan instructed.
“Oh my God, Logan, I love it!” Rory exclaimed as she saw the picture and engraving inside, it was the one taken at their fifth birthday party, they were dressed up as a prince and princess with cake all over their faces. On the opposite side it read: Friends, now forever and always Love, Logan. “Logan Elias Monroe Huntzberger, you have outdone your self as always.”
“I’m glad you like.” Logan smiled.
“Like it? Logan I love it almost as much as I love you.”
“Love you too.” Logan said hugging her.
“Now come on Huntzberger.” Rory said walking into the house.
“Damn, you finally cleaned the place!” Logan surveyed as they entered Rory’s room.
“Ha, no, mom gave up and let the maid do it.” Rory smiled as she opened her top dresser drawer and handed Logan a black box with a silver bow. “Happy early birthday Logan.”
“Bubbles, it’s gorgeous!” Logan exclaimed as he pulled the Rolex from the box.
“Turn it over.” Rory instructed him as he had her.
“Oh, Bubbles I love it.” Logan smiled as he read what she had had engraved on to the back of the watch: to my older brother and best friend, Love Bubbles.
“I thought you could use a new one since the other one is currently sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.” Rory chuckled as she remembered the time that she, Logan, Finn, and Colin had made a midnight trip to Ocean City.
“Yes, I defiantly needed a new one, and I must say this one is far more superior to my previous one.” Logan grinned. “So we still have twenty minutes.” Logan smirked. “You wanna?”
“As if after all these years you have to ask Huntzberger.” Rory said rolling her eyes.
“I’m Mario though this time.” Logan stated smiling.
“No way, I was Luigi last time!” Rory pouted.
“Privilege of being older my dear Bubbles.” Logan grinned.
“Ya by a whole of five minutes.” Rory shot back smiling.
“Alright we’ll rock, paper, scissors it to see who get the guy in red.”
“Prepare to loose.” Rory said holding her hand out.


While Logan and Rory competed on a Nintendo system almost as old as they were eight adults sat around a kitchen table discussing and planning the future of the two eighteen year olds.
“So how are we going to tell them?” Lorelai questioned as she sipped her coffee.
“At the same time?” Shira offered.
“Probably a good idea.” Emily offered as Francine nodded in agreement.
“Absolutely not,” Richard interjected, “they should be told separately, Rory can be told by Shira, Emily, Lorelai, and Francine, and Straub, myself, and Christopher shall tell Logan.” He finished as the other men nodded in conformity.
“That’s ridiculous Dad,” Lorelai shot back, “that will make them awkward around each other, at least if they’re told together they will have the exact same information and experience.”
“This is not for you ladies to decide.” Mitchum chimed in.
“We deserve to have some say in this, especially since the four of you planned this without telling us.” Emily glared.
“They will be told together, by Mitchum, Francine, Lorelai, and I.” Christopher stated with a note of finality. “No mom, no Richard, this is something they should hear from their parents and only their parents. Now let’s get this vacation started. RORY LOGAN LETS GO!” Christopher called up the stairs.

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