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Annie is in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the children, as Eric sneaks up behind her and gives her a huge hug. "Mmmmmm...Guess what today is?!" Eric says in a happy mood.
"Um, huh, let me guess...my birthday?!" She wrapes her arms around his neck.
"Ding, ding, ding!! Mrs. Camden step on down. You've won," Eric pulls out a gift certificate, "An all expense paid trip to the Massage of your dreams! Fallowed by a lovely night here...just the two of us!"
Annie grabs the certificet and squiles. "Oh! Honey thanks, but what about the kids? I have to get everything ready for them and-"
"And I have that all settled, don't worry, just go." Eric nudges her by the stairs and gives her a big kiss. "Don't worry...have fun."
Annie runs upstairs to get dressed at ready while Eric stays and finishes up breakfast.

As Annie got dressed she remembered what Eric said "Fallowed by a lovely night here...just the two of us!" so she grabbed Eric's favorite dress, put it in a bag and went back down stairs.

Annie came back downstairs fully dressed and ready to go.
"What is that?" Eric asked pointing to the bag Aniie was carrying.
"Oh, nothin. You'll see later." She teased. Annie kissed Eric again and left.
A second later the kids came racing down the stairs. "I win!" Lucy said.
"No I win!" Simon protested.
Ruthie cleared her throught for attention, "Excuse me your both wrong...I believe I got here first!"
Erics broke in their heart-warming conversaion, "Ok, enough! Breakfast is ready."
Lucy made her way to the table, "Where is mom?"
"She is getting a massage as we speak. A birthday surprise I got her!" Eric said.
"Awww...does that mean that you made breakfast?" Simon said depressed.
"Yea, why?!" Eric said confused.
"We're sorry, but you can't cook!" Mary told him in her most sympothetic voice.
"Well, don't worry because tonight your all going to friend's houses to sleepover. You can eat their food!" Erics said with a smile on his face. "But for now, off to school!"
The kids one-by-one left with their lunch bags (which their mom had already made) to the car.

As Annie sat in the waiting room she picked up a teen magazine titled 'Tweenie Bop'. She curiously looked through it to see it was full of teenage celebrity gossip. She turned a page and stoped, there was a quiz...'How to Tell Your Getting Older'. She took the quiz and was suddenly depressed. She found out that she was labled 'Expired" in the teen's eyes. Than she thought to herself...am I getting THAT MUCH older?!

Eric is on the phone. "Yes, uh huh, No today at 3:00p.m., 10 dozen...red and white.Yes...thank-you." And he hung up. Than he picked the phone back up and dialed a new number, then waited untill a voice at the other end picked up. "Hello, this is Eric Camden. I'm calling to conferm the food I ordered for tonight. Yes, yes, yes, ok thank-you I'll be there at 2 to pick it up!" And he hung up again.

"Hey!" Ruthie said to Tommy West, the guy of Ruthie's dreams.
"Hey!" Tommy replied in his layed back, surfer dude tone of voice. "Do you kno about the dance next week?"
"Yea. Why?" Ruthie said as calm as she could, but her insides were turning, her heart was beating out of control, and she was getting that feeling like she could throw up any second now.
"Well, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind asking your friend Jessica if she wanted to go with me." And just like that all of Ruthie's dreams were crushed. Her life was over as she knew it. All year she had been trying to get Tommy's attention, but now, it was all over! In the blink of an eye...DONE!
"Sure!" Ruthie said, when really she was about to break down, but she couldn't let Tommy know how she was feeling.
"Thanks! See you later." Then, with that, he turned and walked away.

Eric had just gotten home when the doorbell rang. He droped everything he was doing and ran to the door.
"Is this a Rev. Camden?" the FedEx man asked.
"Yes it is! You wouldn't happen to have my roses would you?" He sayed in an up-beat tone.
"Yes I would! Sign here, please."
"Ok." Eric grabbed the clip boared and scribbled his signature.
"Thank-you! Have a nice day!" the FedEx man said as he turned and walked away leaving Eric with 10 dozen ren and white roses. "WOW! he said to himself as he took the fist two dozen upstairs to his bedroom.

* * *
The kids came running in. All at the same time running to their separite rooms packing their stuff to sleepover at their friends houses, even Sam & David!
"Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! BYE DADDY!!" All seven of the Camden children yelled up the stairs.
"BYE! SEE YOU TOMORROW!" Eric yelled back.
He was still trying to make the room look perfect, but he didn't have much time left so he finally desided how to arrange the flowers and he headed to the store to pick up the food.

* * *
"Eric I'm home!" Annie yelled.
"Ok, good!"
"Eric, I have a question for you."
"Do you think I'm getting old?" Annie sadly questioned him.
"Honey, your not 20, but you are in my mind!" Eric said jokingly.
"But I'm being serious, because I was reading this magazine in the waiting area and it was saying that I'm 'expired'!!" Annie said starting to cry.
"Honey!! I'm serious your not old!" Eric said hugging Annie! "It's ok!" He said trying to comfort her. "You know, you look great...you kno that is my favorite dress!! Anyone who can pull that dress off is DEFINITLY not old!!" Eric said, starting to cheer Annie up.
"Really, you think so?" She asked, starting to smile.
"Yea!" Eric said. "Wanna go upstairs and get cleaned up for dinner?"
"Oh, you made dinner?" Annie said worried.
"No, don't worry I was told by the kids what a horrible chef I am already today. No need to rub it in anymore!" Eric said.
"Ok, this was silly anyways!" Annie smiled, "I'll go get ready!"

"Hey Ruthie?" Tommy called out. "Did you ask her for me?"
"Yea, I did and she said that she already got asked. She said sorry tough." Ruthie said.
"Oh!" Tommy sounded a little let down. "Then would you like to go with me?" He asked still sad.
"No, not if I'm you second best! Who do you think I am?!" Ruthie stormed off mad!

"Hey mom...how does it feel to be 38?" Ruthie asked.
Annie laughs.
"So I take it, it feels just like being asked to the dance by Tommy West, after he had you ask out someone else for him." Ruthie offered.
"Oh, he didn't!!" Her mother said simpitheticaly.
"Oh, no, he did!!"
"I'm sorry honey!" Her mom wen't ova by Ruthie and gave her a big hug! "I've never faced anything that ice cream couldn't fix! Ruthie smiled as her mom reached in the freezer to grab a secret stash of vanilla ice cream. Ruthie and Annie smiled as they helped them selves and talked about their days....


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