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Author's Chapter Notes:
First off, I don't own any of the fandoms or their characters. If you wanna use any of my made up characters feel free just give me credit for em. Also a little back history, Syl/Krit live in Los Angeles and are friends with Buffy and the scoobies. Jondy/Zane live in San Francisco and are friends with the Charmed Ones. After 'Chosen' Buffy, Willow, Xander, & Dawn moved in with Angel and his friends. Angel and the gang are still living in the hotel. Oh and Syl/Krit know about Buffy being the slayer and all that stuff and Buffy and the others know about Syl & Krit's secret. Jondy & Zane know about Piper, Phoebe, & Paige being the charmed ones and about Leo as well, they know what Jondy & Zane are too. Zack regained his memory and came back for Max and she finally admitted her true feelings of him. Phoebe's got her powers back as well.
Los Angeles

Syl walked into the hotel as Dawn walked down the stairs. "Hey Syl." Dawn said with a smile.

"Hey Dawn. Buffy around?" Syl asked returning the smile.

"Nope she's out patrolling but she should be back soon if you wannawait." Dawn replied.

"Ok." Syl said walking over and sitting down on the big round couch in the lobby of the hotel.

"So why you looking for Buffy?" Dawn asked sitting down beside Syl.

"Well Krit and I were going to seeour sister, Max, and see if we could help her." Syl said.

Angel, Willow, and Xander walked into the room. "Hey Syl." Willow said.

"Hey Will." Syl replied then greeted the others.

"So what did we interept?" Xander asked.

"Oh Syl was just saying that she and Krit where going to see Max." Dawn replied before Syl could answer.

"Yeah and we wanted to know if Buffy wanted to come. See Max is in some trouble and from what Krit's told me they could use as much help as they can get." Syl explained.

"Oh well maybe I could help too. I've got my powers under control now so maybe I could do a spell or two." Willow oftered.

"Sure like I said we can use all the help we can get." Syl replied.

"Well I don't have any special powers or anything but I could help with the research or something." Xander piped in.

"What about you Angel?" Syl asked.

"Well if Buffy goes I'll go." Angel replied.

"Oh yeah that's right you two are attached at the hip again." Xander teased. Angel shot him a look. Dawn giggled.

Buffy walked through the door. "So where am I going?" Buffy asked.

"Oh hey Buffy." Syl said.

"Hey Syl." Buffy replied walking over to the group. "So where are we going?" Buffy asked.

"Syl was just saying that she and Krit are going to see Max and wanted to know if we wanted to join her." Willow explained.

"Yeah we're going to go help our baby sister. She and the others in Seattle are in some big trouble." Syl said.

"Count me in. I'd love to help. When you leaving?" Buffy asked.

"We planned on leaving Friday." Syl answered.

San Francisco

Jondy knocked on the door. Paige opened the door. "Hey Jondy." Paige said smiling.

"Hey Paige. Your sisters home?" Jondy asked walking through the door.

"Nope. Phoebe's at work and Piper's at the club. Why?" Paige asked walking into the living room.

"Well Zane and I were going to Seattle to visit Max and wanted to know if you'd wanna come with. Actually we're going to go see if we can't help her out. She's kind of gotten herself into some trouble. So I thought maybe you guys could help." Jondy explained.

"Well I don't see why not. I'd definately come. I can talk to my sisters though." Paige said.

Phoebe and Piper walked through the door and into the living room. "Hey Jondy." Phoebe said when she saw her. Jondy just smiled. Phoebe and Piper sat down on the couch with Paige.

"So what brings you by?" Piper asked.

"Jondy here was just telling me that her and Zane were going to Seattle to see their sister." Paige explained.

"Yeah well she's kind of in trouble no thanks to White." Jondy said.

"Who's White?" Phoebe asked.

"Oh he's the new bad guy in our lives. See he told the press about our kind and well they hate us just about as much as he does." Jondy explained.

"Oh well why didn't Max just take care of him herself?" Piper asked.

"Well see he's not exactly human. At least that's what Zane told me. He's wants known as a familar. Basically he's part of a breeding cult that's been around a lot longer then any of us. He's strong like us but apparently they don't feel any pain or something like that. I don't know a lot about them but its not a good thing." Jondy explained.

"Oh." Piper said.

"Well can we help?" Phoebe asked.

"Actually that's why I came here to see if you guys want to. We could use all the help we can get." Jondy replied.

"Well count me in. Anything to help out a friend." Phoebe said.

Jondy smiled. "What about you Piper?" Jondy asked.

"Well...sure why not." Piper replied.

"Good." Paige said. "My whiteligher powers have been advancing so now I can heal. I know you heal fast but it could help." Paige added.

Jondy just smiled. "Ok so when are you leaving?" Piper asked.

"We planned on leaving Friday." Jondy replied.

"Ok well then we'll see you Friday." Piper said.

"Yeah sounds good." Jondy said. "I should probably get back home though." Jondy added.

Los Angeles

Syl walked into her and Krit's apartment. "Krit, you here?" Syl called.

"Yeah, in here." Krit answered from the bedroom. Syl walked into the bedroom. "So you talk to Buffy?" Krit asked pulling her in for a kiss.

"Yeah. She's coming too." Syl replied.

"What about the others?" Krit asked.

"Well Xander, Willow, and Angel are and I suppose Dawn too." Syl replied.

"Ok good." Krit said.

"You talk to Zack yet?" Syl asked.

"No I was just going to call when you came in." Krit replied.

"Ok. Well I'll let you call then. I'll be in the living room if you need me." Syl said. Krit kissed her again before she left the room.

Krit picked up the phone and dialed Zack's cell.

"Hello?" Zack said.

"Hey Zack. It's Krit." Krit said.

"Oh hey. So everything set?" Zack asked.

"Yeah. Oh and we're bringing help too." Krit said.

"Ok good. We could use it." Zack said.

"And Max still has no idea?" Krit asked.

"No." Zack replied.

Friday Morning, San Francisco

Jondy rang the doorbell. "I'll get it." Paige said. Paige opened the door. "Hey guys." Paige said smiling at Jondy and Zane.

"Hey Paige. You guys ready?" Zane asked.

"Yeah. They're just double checking to make sure we didn't forget anything." Paige replied letting them in the house.

"Phoebe come on!" Piper yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"I'm coming!" Phoebe yelled back hauling two suitcases down the stairs. Paige and Jondy just laughed.

"Ok you guys ready?" Zane asked once Phoebe got to the bottom of the stairs.

"Yeah we're ready." Piper replied carrying her own luggage.

"Ok good lets go then." Zane said.

"Leo's coming right?" Jondy asked.

"Yeah but he had a few things he had to clear up yet. He said he'd meet us there." Piper replied walking out the door. Phoebe, Paige, Jondy, and Zane followed her out the door.

Friday Morning, Los Angeles

"Come on Buffy!" Xander yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"I'm coming!" Buffy yelled back.

Syl and Krit walked into the hotel and set their luggage down on the floor. "You all ready?" Krit asked.

"Yeah we're just waiting for Buffy." Xander replied.

"Shut up Xander. I'm ready jeez." Buffy said carrying two suitcases down the stairs.

"Yeah Xander leave her alone." Syl teased.

"Ok so we ready then?" Krit asked.

"I'm ready." Dawn replied happily.

"Yeah I think we're all ready." Buffy said.

"Where's Giles? I thought he was coming too Buffy." Dawn asked.

"He's flying in from England tomorrow so we'll see him then." Buffy replied giving her little sis an affectionate squeeze and Dawn just smiled.

"Ok well then let's get going." Krit said picking up his luggage and walking outside again.

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