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Disclaimer: I don't own Gilmore Girls, although ASP is locked in my basement right now…what did you say Amy? Oh, I am JUST KIDDING! Although I wish I wasn’t and you're face was PRICELESS! HAHA! Anyway…Enjoy the show…err story!

Dedicated to my sister Lexi, without you, this story would still be in the caverns of my mind!

As Rory Gilmore sat on her bed thinking, she was disturbed by a loud thump from her closet. She slid the mirror open to reveal a picture in a classy silver frame that had fallen on the floor. As she picked it up she smiled. It was a picture of her mother Lorelai and her boyfriend Luke. They were at his diner when Rory had taken the picture. They looked so happy together. Then Rory, with the picture still clutched in her hand, went to her desk, picked up her phone and pushed number 1 on her speed dial.

"Hello?" A bubbly woman in her middle thirties asked.

"Hi mom." Rory said as she sat down on her bed after setting the picture on her desk.

"Hey Hun, what's up?"

"I'm just calling to see how your make up date with Luke went."

"It was a success." Her mom said cheerfully. "How was your date with Robert?"

"Completely insane you won't believe the evening I had." Rory answered still blown away from what had gone on last night.
As Rory told her mother what had happened, last night's events came flooding back into her memory…


"Where are we going? LOGAN!" He pulled her in to a corner of the room away from the table her and Robert were sharing.

"You look great." He said looking into her unbelievably beautiful cerulean eyes. Wow did she look good. She looked even sexier then the real Gogo.

"Thank you." she said a little annoyed that he pulled her up from her table. She could tell that he was drunk from the way that he was acting not to mention that when he had come up to her, he had kept taking gulps of his drink after each sentence he spoke.

Then Logan had tried to give Rory a long, rough, passionate kiss but she pulled away

"Logan stop!" she said in a low whisper for only him to hear

"Right so how have you been?" He asked nonchalantly trying to cover up the fact that he had been jealously staring her down the whole night.

"I've been fine." Rory said a little frustrated that he just changed the topic. I mean didn’t he know that they both had dates and that they couldn’t have a make out session there. And wait a minute, didn't Logan just seen her yesterday?

"Good. Schools good?" He asked still trying to play it cool

"School's hard." She said a little confused and annoyed that he was asking all of these random questions. Why was he talking about school anyway? Was this his idea of small talk? He had to resort to school? That’s pretty sad. God Logan did look hot though. No, no, no Rory get those thoughts out of your head! Your out with Robert remember? Keep telling yourself that he is ugly. He is an ugly butt-faced miscreant.

"Well it's suppose to be hard, it's grooming you for life." He is an ugly butt-fa… oh God it's not working!

He pushed his lips to hers again a little more roughly this time before he broke away.

"Make you into an upstanding citizen?' He asked this time playing with her a little bit.

God-fearing Christian she replied playing with him back.

"Habitual recycler." He said in a husky voice, craving her lips on his again.

No being able to stand it any longer he starts to give her a mind-numbing kiss…

*****End of Flashback*****

"He was so jealous!" she told her mother smirking at what she just said. I mean when did Logan Huntzberger get jealous? Never, until now.

"Wow Hun that’s great." Lorelai said still worrying about what her sheltered daughter had gotten herself into. The only times she had seen Logan were when he was undressing Rory at her grandparents renewal and when he was sitting across the street from where she and Rory were standing, kissing another girl.

"What's a matter mom, you sound down?" Rory asked concerned for her mother.

"No, no I'm just busy. So Logan was jealous, huh." Lorelai asked her daughter trying to distract her from picking up on her uneasiness toward the whole no strings attached agreement Logan and Rory shared.

As Rory finished her conversation with her mother she told her about how Logan then made plans with her for tonight and even made plans with her for twice that coming week. Though as she was talking to Lorelai about Logan she still got the feeling that she was a little sad or disappointed about something. Oh well she thought, maybe Michele was being difficult again in the inn or maybe he was still gloating about getting someone to offer more for the trailer he had won on the Price is Right.

"Ok I'll see you later mom, bye!" Rory said before pressing the end button on her phone.
She then lay down on her bed and started to remember the rest of the conversation that she and Logan had that night…


"We can't do this here Logan!" Rory hissed as she broke from the magical kiss not wanting to stop, but knowing she had to.

"Your right lets go." he said not knowing what he was saying

"Go where?" she asked questionably

"Your place, my place, lets take a train to New York, spend the night in the plaza." it was getting a little ridiculous, but he wanted to get the point across.

"We can't just leave, we have dates!" What the heck is he thinking!

"I don’t like this!" Why won't she go with me!

"Like what?" What is he talking about? What doesn’t he like?

"You here with Robert." Do I have to spell it out for her!

'You’re here with Whitney" he is having such a double standard!

"I know!" He said defensively.

"So what's the problem?" She asked, not sure where he was getting at.

"The problem is that you’re here with Robert and its bothering me and I don’t like that its bothering me." Oh no I sound like a jealous boyfriend.

"Sorry do you want us to leave?" What a jerk, he can't always have what he wants.

"No, I want us to leave you and me." Stupid Robert, why did he have to take her to Finn's party any way. Every thing was fine until I realized that seeing them together bothered me. I hate Robert!

"I can't do that." What an imbecile! I came here with Robert. I would never "ditch" him especially because of the way Logan is acting now.

"Oh you want to spend the rest of the night with Robert instead of me?" Why can't she just dump Robert? It's not like he's any thing special. I totally beat him last time at poker…doesn't she remember that?

"I came here with Robert." She said loudly trying to make her point across.

"So dump Robert I hate Robert." He deserves it. He thinks that he is God's gift to man' kind. A little rejection would do him good.

"He's YOUR friend." How can he say that about his friend!

"So I still hate him." Stupid Robert!

"Logan you’re the one who said…." She said stressed out at the situation

"I know what I said." Logan interrupted a little annoyed that she had such good memory.

"Ok then I have to go. I have a date. Enjoy the rest of the party." You have a date too…remember…Whitney? Maybe you should do the responsible thing for once in your life.

And with that she walked back to the table Robert was sitting at…

*****End of Flashback*****

Ring, Ring, Ring

Rory shook her head out of her daydream realizing that someone was calling. She ran over to her desk and answered without looking at the caller ID.


"Hi Ace!"

"Oh Hi Logan." She said happily. "What's up?"

"Oh nothing. I was just wondering what you were doing on Thursday?"

A.N. Hey guys! Hope you liked my first chapter! Please, Please, Please review…I am anxious to see what you all think!

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