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Author's Chapter Notes:
Pairing: Beka/Trance, implied Harper/Rommie, Dylan/Tyr
Timeline: Late S1 or early S2. When Trance is still purple.
Beta: Insane Vampiress (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/293946/)
Disclaimer:Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
A/N: My first Andromeda fic. Be nice.
"So, are you going to go to the dance Harper is planning?" Trance's chirpy voice brought Beka out of her thoughts and back into reality. Slowing down, she turned to face the purple girl who was bounding down the ship's corridor. Making a face, she gave her a funny look.

"Somehow, I doubt it. You know he's only doing it for an excuse to hit on Rommie."

"So? We're going to be docked, and there'll be other people there, too. It'll be fun. We can meet new people and learn new ways to dance. And Dylan said that there would be all kinds of good food." Trance gave her a goofy grin.

"I don't think so, Trance. These things aren't usually much fun unless you have a date. And despite what everyone seems to think, I don't have those feelings for Dylan." Trance opened her mouth, but Beka cut her off. "Or Tyr. They're friends." A quick giggle escaped the smaller girl. "What?"

"That you don't have 'those feelings' for either of them is probably a good thing, considering that they have them for each other." Beka stopped walking, and gaped at Trance.

"You're kidding." The mysterious, yet somewhat impish grin she got in return told her otherwise. "You're not kidding. How'd you find out? And whatever happened to 'love is an illusion that the mind creates to reproduce'?"

"A 300-year-old Commonwealth captain caught in a black hole happened." Skipping ahead, Trance turned around, looking slightly concerned. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, fine." Slightly dazed, she caught up to her friend. "Why didn't they tell me?" Hurt, she turned to Trance. "Does everyone else know? Did they think it would matter to me?"

"No. No one else knows. They don't even know, really."

"How can they not know they're..." She trailed off, not really sure how to put it.

"They know about that. It's the feelings they're not sure about." Another knowing smile. "I don't think they're really ready to see it yet."

"Men. That probably shouldn't surprise me." Glancing at her co-conspirator, she sighed. "But I'm still not going."

"Is it because you don't have a date? Because--"

"Look, Trance, I just don't want to go. Harper's already offered to set me up. I just am not interested. Sorry." Feeling immediately guilty, the Maru captain sighed. Snapping at Trance was like yelling at a puppy. But she was still smiling.

"I wasn't going to set you up. I don't know anybody there either."

"Then what..."

"Beka, would you like to go to the dance that Harper is throwing with me?" Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief. "It will probably cause a stir, but I am sure it will be fun. Besides, it will show Dylan and Try that we are okay with them, as well."

"Uh, go with you, like as in a date?" Beka winced as she asked, feeing incredibly stupid.


"Okay." A way to quick answer, but she couldn't help herself. There was no way on this side of Tarn Vedra was she going to say no to exactly what she's dreamed about for the past year.

"Good." Trance turned and bounced back up the hallway, leaving her staring dumbly after her. "Thank you."

Maybe Harper's idea wasn't so stupid after all.

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