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Special Agent Dana Scully stirred reluctantly from a dreamless sleep in her seat by the window (which Mulder had been kind enough to offer her) in the cramped coach section of a seven forty seven jet airliner. She looked at her watch & groaned inwardly, it would be six more hours before they were to touch down. Finding her self unable to drift back to sleep, she studied for sleeping form of her partner to the left of her, sound asleep with his head cradled in a pillow he had brought with him (‘Never trust the ones they give you on the plane’ he had warned her). Muffled notes leaked at random from the head phones over his ears… classic rock (she suspected as much), as she studied him she couldn’t help feeling slightly envious of his ability to achieve REM sleep practically anywhere. She rested her head back against her own pillow as she continued to watch him. When he slept, the many layers of protective casing that had accumulated themselves over the years relaxed their hold to reveal the vulnerable, eager, boyish innocence that was the core of his character; the part that no one beyond her ever saw. A soft, enamoring smile crossed Scully’s face as she closed her eyes once more, this pretty picture of her long-time partner & close friend being the last thing she saw before drifting off once more.

Mulder was shaken awake by a slight hiccup from the airplane, he looked at his watch, & it was near time for them to arrive. A soft grin made its way across his face as his gaze fell upon the sleeping form Scully; he secretly adored gazing upon her in sleep, all women looked angelic when they slept, but even in sleep Scully had that little something extra he couldn’t put his finger on. He felt a gentle shift downward, the plane was beginning to make its decent & he knew that he should wake her, but he couldn’t yet being himself to. Acting on an impulse, he reached over & fondly brushed a lock of auburn behind her ear; this action caused her to stir & he mentally kicked him self, momentarily forgetting that she was a light sleeper. “Mulder?” She slurred as she sat upright. “We’re about to land.” He said softly, as if on cue, they felt a gentle bump & the faint screeching of tires meeting the runway. “So tell me again what it is we’re actually doing here?” Scully asked as she stepped off the plane behind Mulder, pulling her coat tighter around her in an attempt to ward off the icy wind. “I got a hot tip that an alien body’s been found.” Mulder said, his face harboring a huge, boyish grin.

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