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“Okay… tell me again why a bird attack is considered an X-File?” Scully said as Mulder turned down a decrepit country road that was marked with a sign that said ‘McClellan Texas, twenty miles.’ “I’m following a hot tip.” Mulder replied. “You’ve been chatting on the internet again, haven’t you?” Scully said exasperatedly, Mulder gave her a grin. “It was a message board, actually.” He replied. Scully chose not to remain silent as they made a left onto a washboard driveway that seemed to go on for ever. Scully was beginning to wonder if there was even a house on the property when one suddenly loomed into view, a typical large, two-story country home. A woman who looked to be in her early forties trotted up to them, holding her kangaroo skin Aussie-style hat on her head as she ran. “Agents! I’m so glad you could make it, how was the drive here?” “Boring.” Mulder replied dryly as they shook. “So nice to put faces to the names. Not too bad of a face, I might ad.” She said as she gazed at Mulder for a moment through her mirrored sunglasses. “You’re not so bad yourself.” Mulder replied charmingly, the woman waved him off. “Oh, aren’t you sweet. Actually I’m a mess; I’ve been working in the barn all day.” She said gesturing to her soiled sleeveless undershirt & jeans. “Please, come in for some iced tea.” She said as they followed her in. “Mulder, how does she know about me?” Scully hissed into his ear, she became accosted when Mulder refused to answer. “You’ve been giving information about me out on line again, haven’t you?” She said angrily. “Not personal information, Scully. Just that you’re my partner, stuff like that, you have such a big influence in all the cases we work that I felt obligated to mention you.” He said defensively as the woman served them tea & motioned for them to make themselves comfortable on the couch. “My name is Dr. Bobby Lyn Sanders, by the way. You’d probably know me as Texchik1, Agent Mulder.” She said with a wink as she settled into a homely brown recliner across the coffee table from them & began to fill a pipe with tobacco. “The birds of this town have gone ape shit.” Dr. Sanders said as she leaned the recliner back, taking a long thoughtful puff off her pipe as she removed her shades. Scully tried not to react when she saw that her right eye was totally white & it had a rather large scar that ran from the middle of her cheek into her hairline, it seemed to go right through her eye. Dr. Sanders noticed her eying it & ran her hand over it. “A yearling threw me into a cactus ten years ago.” She said casually before continuing to explain the birds’ mysterious behavior. “They attack in groups & it’s not always the same kind of birds in a flock, they seemed to be uniting against us.” “Uniting?” Scully replied skeptically with her famous half-hitched eyebrow. “It is quite common for birds to attack people in defense of young or a territory, but these birds were unprovoked, just this morning a flock of vultures attacked & killed a man & his family while they were picnicking in the park. Being a woman of science as well, you probably know that vultures are scavengers. They will actually wait until their victims die before moving in. There’s something else I noticed, they seem to be selective in who or what they attack, killing that family while their dog escaped unscathed. It might also interest you to know that the dead man worked for Earnest Inc, it’s a corporation that makes cosmetics… they also use animals for their testing.” “So, what do you think is the cause here?” Scully said as Dr. Sanders suddenly threw her shades back on & headed out the door. “If I knew that, I wouldn’t have called you.” She said cheekily, holding the door for them as she followed the path to the barn.

“With all these attacks, I’d think you’d be afraid to go outside.” Scully said, having to almost jog to keep up with Dr. Sanders’ long strides. “I have animals to tend to; I can’t just put my life on hold for fear.” She said as they reached the barn. “If you really want to know, I think that someone… or something has somehow programmed these birds to attack scientists.” Dr. Sanders said as she went down the line opening the stall doors for her horses to let them out. “Then you should be afraid, you are a scientist.” Scully said. “Well… there’s being a scientist & there’s being a scientist. I think that these birds are targeting those who don’t respect the environment, those who aren’t aware how they affect the world around them. In my opinion, this is a wakeup call.” Dr. Sanders said as she closed the last stall door with a bang.

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