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“Well, was it everything you imagined?” Mulder asked as he gazed at Scully, whose head was resting on his shoulder, she returned his look with a smile of her own. “It actually exceeded my expectations… the plotline & character development was far better then I thought it would be.” She said as she extracted herself from his embrace on his couch. “More popcorn?” “Please.” Mulder replied. “You know Mulder, when you first spoke of this ‘deal’ I couldn’t help but think that you had something more…x-rated in mind. I never would have guessed that we’d merely be sitting on your couch watching the ‘Alien’ trilogy in its entirety.” Mulder drew back from her dramatically, feigning accost. “How could you ever suspect that about me.” He said as Scully gave him a withering look. “I can’t believe that just came out of your mouth, Mr. triple-x collector.”

“A…what?!” Scully said once they arrived at their destination, a small town just south of Vancouver, Canada. “Apparently, someone is convinced that there might be a werewolf prowling around in these woods.” Mulder said, Scully merely rolled her eyes & said nothing as they came up on a charming wood cabin that was nestled in the forest. “Mulder!” A man said as he walked out of his house to greet them, he was thin & of average height & looked to be in his late twenties; he was the textbook definition of a mountain man, beard, long hair & all. “Monty! What have you been doing with yourself lately?” Mulder said as they embraced like brothers. “This must be the famous Agent Scully I’ve been hearing so much about in Mulder’s e-mails.” Monty said. Scully smiled politely as Monty shook her hand heartily. “Come on, I’ve got something you’re really going to wet yourself over.” He said as he bounded into the cabin. “Monty’s a naturalist. When I need something from an animal identified I send it to him.” Mulder explained. “E-mails? You’ve mentioned me in your e-mails?” “Good things Scully, only good things.” Mulder assured her, giving her his signature boyish grin as he held the door open for her. They found Monty sitting in front of a large voice recorder. “I have about twenty or so of these babies set up in the surrounding woods, I’ve been using them to monitor wolf speech & behavioral patterns.” He said as he patted the machine. “But about a couple of weeks ago I picked up something… well you just have to hear it for yourself.” He said as he unplugged the headphones & pushed play, Mulder & Scully had to fight the urge to cover their ears as the most blood curdling scream they had ever heard wailed out of the machine. “& you’re sure it’s not a mechanical malfunction?” Scully said. “Yep, I’ve taken it to three different specialists; they can’t even tell me what it is. But that’s not the most amazing part.” He said as he pulled a tape out of his desk drawer. “I also have video feed set up & well… you can judge for yourself.” Monty said as he slipped the tape in, it began with the images of wolves, walking in & out of the night vision. Suddenly, they all froze & looked to one direction, the one they presumed to be the alpha of the pack gave a howl & they all retreated. Just then something hit the camera so hard that it fell off its anchor & landed on its side on the forest floor, Scully & Mulder both drew back in shock as the snarling face of what appeared to be a wolf, but at the same time, it didn’t look quite right loomed into the view finder of the camera. “See what I mean?” I’ve been studying wolves for almost 10 years; I haven’t seen any breed of wolf, not even a hybrid that looks like that.” “What’s your thinking?” Mulder asked. “The truth? I think that it’s a bona-fide werewolf.”

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