...Mightier Than the Sword
A Fan Fiction Archive
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the very first Fiction I wrote for the X-Files after being a fan sense I was about 15 (I'm 24 now) & I'm just now deciding to share them.
“Mulder? Where are you? I can barely hear you!” Scully yelled into her cell phone as she sat in traffic on her way to work. “I’m on a plane, Scully. I need you to meet me in Great Britain as soon as you can.” Scully rolled her eyes as she gave her phone one of her classic ‘you’ve got to be joking’ looks. “Do I even want to ask why?” “I’d prefer you’d keep an open mind.” Mulder replied.
“How was your flight?” Mulder asked as he took her bags for her. “Long & stressful, I had to deal with an airsick kid & a creep who kept hitting on me the whole way here.” She said witheringly, Mulder laughed in reply. “So, now would you mind filling me in on why I had to endure a transcendental flight?” Scully asked, Mulder paused & he seemed to be gathering his thoughts. Scully felt uneasiness quelling in her gut, Mulder always did this before laying a whopper of a story on her. “Come on, there’s someone I want you to meet, she’s supposed to be meeting us here.” Mulder replied. “She?” Scully mused with a raised eyebrow, Mulder merely grinned widely at her as they came to wait at the terminal gate. It wasn’t long before they heard their names being called; they turned to see a woman jogging towards them. Scully looked up at Mulder to see his face mirroring her bemused & surprised expression, he apparently had never seen this women before either; one of his many internet contacts, she assumed. She was wearing what had to be the loudest tie dye shirt Scully had ever seen in company with a white floor-length bohemian style skirt, which flowed loosely around her petite frame. Her hair was colored a day-glow pink, which clashed horribly with her coral complexion. “Agents?” She said in a rich Irish accent as she looked them both over, all the while shaking their hands vigorously. “I can’t thank you enough for coming.” She said, craning her neck upwards from her height of barely five feet to look them in the eye. “My name is Izze Simmons, you’d probably know me as Draconess411. Now come on, there’s so much to do.”
“These are pictures & statements from farmers all over the Irish, Scottish & Northern English countryside. They claim that something’s been taking their livestock. One even reported three of his best livestock guardian dogs missing without a trace, not even a hair was left behind. Our complaints fell on deaf ears until the first human was taken, then the government suddenly decided to take action.” “That has a familiar ring to it.” Mulder said dryly, Izze shot him a sprightly smile as she continued. “Well, the last human that was taken happened to be a tourist & he had a camera with him, when he was… abducted; his camera fell from his hand & snapped a picture.” She said as she handed Mulder the small photo, Mulder & Scully both drew back in shock. “This can’t be what I think it is…” Scully said as she looked from Mulder to Izze. “That depends on what you think it is.” Izze replied with an amused smile. “What do you think it is?” Mulder asked. “It’s obvious, isn’t it? That’s a dragon.”

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