...Mightier Than the Sword
A Fan Fiction Archive
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my first Attempt at Fan Fiction, hope you like it!

“Hi Mrs. Camden.” Crystal said as she and Lucy were entering the house. “Well, hello there, how was school today, you two?” Crystal, a big smile on her face said “It was nice, we had a pop quiz today in math, and I think I did a wonderful job!” Annie looked at her daughter Lucy, and you how do you think you did?” “Well, I think I did ok.” She replied. Annie started to reach for a plate of cookies, when Crystal saw what she was doing, she got it for Annie. “Well, thank you so much Crystal, you are so helpful to me. Now, take the cookies, and you and Lucy have a nice time together.” “We will, Ms. Camden.” “Hey mom, do you think that Crystal can stay over for dinner?” Annie looked at Crystal “Just as long as you call your father and let him know first, I think it will not be a problem.” The two girls looked at each other, giggled, and then with that, Lucy grabbed her friend by her coat sleeve, and started to walk up the stairs to her bedroom.

Annie was a little bit puzzled by that, but figured that it was already set up, and they just needed her approval. So, she started to prepare the dinner when all of us sudden Eric snuck up behind her and gave her a hug. She was startled, but then turned her head a little bit to the left to give him a kiss. “Well, hi there.” She said after they were finished kissing. “Hello, my beautiful wife. Sorry I scared you, when I came in, but, I just couldn’t help myself.” Said Eric. Annie laughed and then said “Lucy’s friend Crystal is here and is staying for dinner. Mary and Matt are at friends house tonight.” “Lucy and Crystal sure are great friends huh, Crystal comes here so often, I almost forget that she isn’t a Camden.” Annie laughed at the remark.


Lucy and Crystal were in her bedroom listening to music, and talking, yep, you guessed it, about BOYS! Crystal said “Lucy, I hope that you know how lucky you are to have a mother as nice and loving as Annie.” Lucy was going to answer that but then Crystal quickly changed the subject, she asked “do you want me to go downstairs and get us something to drink? I’m sure that your mother can help me find something.” Lucy said “That’s ok, we both can go – but first, let me run in and just check on Ruthie, since I have not seen or even heard her.” “Ok.” Crystal said, so it’s settled, I will meet you downstairs in the kitchen.


Lucy opened up her sister’s door very quietly, to see what she was doing. She found her at her table coloring a horse. When she heard the door open, she looked up. “Hi” she said. “Hi Ruthie, I’m just checking up on you, since I didn’t see you when we got home.” “Yea, I know. Mom told me to stay out of your way, since your friend, Crystal is over.” “She did?” Lucy was puzzled, normally Annie doesn’t tell Ruthie to stay out of their way, but she kind of was glad. Ruthie shrugged “I really don’t like her.” Ah! So maybe Ruthie confided in Annie and was afraid that she would say something to hurt her friend’s feelings. “Well, Ruthie, why don’t you like her, she hasn’t said anything nasty to you, she’s a very nice person.” “Yea, a little too nice. Have you noticed whenever she is here, she is always talking about mom, and when she sees her, she gets this big smile on her face.” Lucy thought about it and said “Yea, I know, she’s just a nice person, that’s all.” Ruthie shrugged and said “ok” and went back to her coloring of the horse.

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