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Lookie, I wrote another Mutant X fic! :)

Summary: More often than not, the past will come back to haunt you. Adam and Eckhart learn this the hard way when a member of the original project reappears to wreak havoc.

Project Genesis
by: chopsticks
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Destiny Crisley wound her way through the amassed crowd at the club. She loved being among people who noticed her for a split second when she walked past, but then didn’t give her a second thought. It made her feel like she was normal, something she rarely ever felt. She noticed a set of stairs that led up to a catwalk, and decided to go up.

She went up on the catwalk above the pulsating group that she had recently been a part of and just watched. She loved to watch these clueless humans. They had no idea what was happening around them, and they probably didn’t care. They just lived on in blissful ignorance. Kilohertz had tried to interrupt that; to expose new mutants everywhere, but he had been stopped. She often wondered what would have happened if people had found out about new mutants.

She supposed a mass panic would ensue, and then something similar to the witch-hunts of old would occur. But if that did happen, she figured that most new mutants would make it to safety. After all, they were mutants. They could use their powers on the humans and probably obliterate them all. Bad for humans, good for new mutants.

Her senses began to tingle and she smiled slightly when she realized there was a presence behind her. Sometimes it was good to be different. She grinned at the thought of what she might do next.

It was time to have some fun. If it were a human, he or she wouldn’t live past midnight—and it was only ten. If it were a new mutant, well then, that was something entirely different. Something much more fun than torturing a human.

Destiny turned around and came face to face with a handsome man with dark hair and piercing eyes. She looked him up and down, summing him up. She focused all her concentration on a cell on his face, and got a glance at his DNA. He was a new mutant, giving her something to amuse herself with for a few hours, until she grew tired of him. Then he’d be like all the others, boring. And boring things must be destroyed.

She grinned at him and whispered breathily, "Hello. And who might you be?"

He grinned in response and ducked his head shyly, then looked back up at her and responded in the same way.

"Depends who you are."

Cryptic. She liked cryptic. Cryptic was fun. Cryptic could wreak havoc. Bring chaos. Yes, cryptic was good.

"I’m Destiny," she replied, moving closer to him. She was so close she could feel the heat radiating off of his body.

"Then I’m Fate," he replied, his eyes twinkling at his own joke.

She chuckled slightly. "Hmm, a jokester are we? Well, I can deal with that, Fate." And with that she crushed her lips to his, wrapping her arms around his lean torso. He responded eagerly, doing the same. She pushed him up against the catwalk railing, reveling in the sense of domination that was threatening to overtake her. She was enjoying this; him. But then he made one fatal mistake.

He made the same move that every other guy had tried on her. She hated that. He was boring now. And boring things must be destroyed.

She sighed and pulled away, much to his chagrin.

"What?" he asked, moving towards her again. He hated the loss of contact that she had instituted.

"Nothing, except you’re just like all the rest," she said, looking at him in disdain.

He blinked, not quite understanding what she meant. She was a conundrum; an enigma. He didn’t know why, but somehow that scared him.

"What do you mean?"

In response, she stuck a hand out, gripping his throat. He struggled against her, surprised at this sudden turn of events. She smiled, but grew tired of the struggle. She quickly turned her hand cold, causing him to develop frostbite. He screamed, but the music and the crowd below drowned it out. She tightened her grip to quiet him and at the same time cut off his air supply.

"You really shouldn’t have been like all the others," she said, an air of sadness at this surrounding her. "Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to end up like all the others!" she said cheerily, dropping his unconscious form on the ground. She formed a ball of fire in her hand and then dropped it on him, setting him ablaze. She turned and walked back down the way she came, being noticed but not noticed at the same time.


"So what are we looking for here?" Brennan asked, looking around the empty club. It had been gutted by the fire, leaving nothing but a few burned tables, chairs and beams.

"Clues," was Emma’s simple reply as she too looked around the building. Her nostrils detected the smell of carbon, and she scrunched up her face against the smell.

"Clues about what? Adam was so cryptic about this one. It’s not like him."

"I’m sure he has his reasons," Emma said, picking up a burnt chair that had been overturned.

Brennan rolled his eyes but accepted the answer. "So where did this fire originate?"

"Up there, according to the police report," Emma said, pointing to the catwalk above them.

"Okay, I’ll go check up there," Brennan said and headed for the stairs. Emma walked over to the bar and looked around. All she found were a few blackened bottles and shards of glass everywhere from when they had exploded from the pressure.

Brennan had better luck. As soon as he reached the top of the stairs, he saw something that could be classified as a clue.

"Hey, Emma! You better get up here!"

"Why?" was her shouted reply.

"I found a body! Or what I think is a body, anyways."

Brennan moved closer to the body, if that’s what it really was. It looked more like a clump of ash with some white protrusions within. He kneeled down next to it and pulled out a singed fragment of bone, dropping it as soon as he realized what it was.

"Whoa," was Emma’s response, alerting Brennan that she had gotten up the stairs without his noticing.

" ‘Whoa’ is right. What the hell did this? And why didn‘t the police find this?"

"My best guess would be the fire. As to why the police didn’t find this, it’s probably because Eckhart got involved. We need to get these bones and ashes back to Adam and get out of her before the GSA shows up," Emma said, heading down the stairs to get a container.

"Yep," Brennan replied. He wondered what could have caused this kind of damage to so many new mutants so recently. They kept on dying left and right, and it was his guess that this was going to be another new mutant dead.


to be continued.

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