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Author's Chapter Notes:
Challenge response. Use a car wash in a story. My muse came running back so I decided to write this. It’s really kind of plotless, but still good fun.
Disclaimer: I do not own The Pretender or anything affiliated with it. It is owned by TNT, NBC, and Steve and Craig. No profit is being made from this. Please don’t sue.

Challenge response. Use a car wash in a story.
Author's Note: My muse came running back so I decided to write this. It’s really kind of plotless, but still good fun.

Summary: Sometimes you find your prey in the oddest of places, and always on a bad day.

Watery Views
by: chopsticks
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Miss Parker was tired. No, strike that. She was beyond tired. She had just spent the last twenty hours chasing Jarod through this Godforsaken mudhole. And that was exactly what it was. A mudhole. There was mud everywhere, and when chasing someone at high speeds through a mudhole, the car is bound to get a little dirty. This is exactly what Miss Parker has learned from a newfound experience; one she didn't particularly enjoy.

She drove the mud-plastered car up to the car wash. As much as she despised these types of places, she was forced to go into it. She put in the money for the superscrub plus waxing, putting her out six dollars. The doors opened and the light turned green, signaling it was her turn to enter.

"Finally!" she muttered in exasperation as she slowly drove the car in.

There had been a line. Of course there had been a line, it was just her luck that day. So she was forced to sit out under the broiling sun with insects of all kinds buzzing around her car. She swore the next time she saw Jarod, she'd put a bullet where the sun didn't shine for making her go through this.

As she went into the big stall, she noticed the man behind the controls. He looked strangely familiar. . .

"No fucking way!" she shouted in the car, her voice resounding.

He waved to her and started the spray, preventing her from getting out of the car without being blasted by jets of water. The last thing she saw before the soap swirled around her was his Cheshire cat grin, the one that made her want to rip out each of his teeth using a piece of string and her car.

"That fucking bastard! I am gonna kill him as soon as I get through this damn car wash!" she shouted while hitting the wheel with the palms of her hands, satisfied when it made a thump noise.

It was then that she realized that by the time she was through this car wash he would be long gone. That thought just made her angrier, and she sat there fuming as the car went through the rest of the cycle.

When she finally made it out of the stall, she swerved the car off to the side and parked it haphazardly. She flew out of the car at an incredible speed and headed straight into the booth, desperately searching for him. She seethed at the very thought of him and this oh-so-fucking-unfunny joke he played on her.

She searched the entire complex, finding nothing. She growled in disgust and stalked out of the building, practically breaking the glass door in her wake. She climbed into the car and sped out of the parking lot, madder than hell.

Jarod just sat there and smiled as he watched Miss Parker's car speed away from the car wash. He took off his sunglasses, inserted six dollars and headed into the car wash with his own dirty car.


the end.

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