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Disclaimer: If you're going to sue me, you can at least review me! (nah I don't own gilmore girls, as much as I would like to)

One Shot maybe I’ll add more if you beg!Anyway its a kinda trory... Rory’s locked out of her dorm on Christmas. Tristan comes to her rescue,oh, and apparently he happens to also go to Yale too.
Disclaimer: If you're going to sue me, you can at least review me! (nah I don't own gilmore girls, as much as I would like to)

One Shot maybe I’ll add more if you beg!Anyway its a kinda trory... Rory’s locked out of her dorm on Christmas. Tristan comes to her rescue,oh, and apparently he happens to also go to Yale too.

'Damn…. '
Rory whispered roughly, both hands immerged in her purse, searching for the key to her dorm. Damn, damn, damn! why? Why did I have to take a taxi and why why WHY, HOW, could I have forgotten to charge my phone! I’ve never been so disorganised in my life!

Rory bit her lip, and pulling her coat tighter around her waist walked back to the road side.

She collapsed onto a snowy park bench, still thinking. Him, that’s why. Why did he have to break up with her on Christmas Eve? Why not another time, when she would have time to spend Christmas with her mother?

Since she had planned to spend the holidays withLogan, Lorelai and Luke had gone on a Caribbean cruise with Lorelai constantly asking Luke if he had made sure to pack George (their newest coffee maker), unsure of the fact that the cruise people had good coffee.

Rory stuck her tongue to catch the cold snow flakes. The snow was falling so thickly it was hard to see, when the weather outside is frightful and fire is so delightful and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow let it snow let it snow…..

She shivered, teeth chattering, Rory stood. Rubbing her arms she walked to the archway and slid down until she was crouched on the ground, at least protected from the snow.

And there, two hours later, is where Tristan found her.

Having not been able to take anymore of his family, he had just walked out and had decided to simply spend the night in his dorm where he could be alone.

Walking past the girl’s dorm he thought of Rory, why wouldn’t she just give in to him? Tristan hadn’t been surprised when he found that she had chosen Yale since it was so close to Star’s Hallow. He also hadn’t been surprised when she rebuffed him just as forcefully as she had when they were attending Chilton, almost five years ago.

Walking towards the dormitories, he saw what seemed to be an oddly paced bit of shrubbery the definitely was not there when he left.

Squinting, he saw it was a person crouched low under the archway.Holy shit, that’s a personunder there! How long could they have been there! Keeping his wits, (those that he had) under control, he bent down, tilted his head and began to inspect the person.

He saw familiar ash brown waves, and milky pale skin, though whiter than usual.


Tristan was incredulous, what the hell was Rory doing here? On Christmas! Wasn’t she supposed to be with that damn Huntzberger, the one who called her Ace?And after about a second of pondering, Tristan hunkered down and carefully lifted Rory into his arms.

He balanced Rory on one knee as he unlocked the door to common room. Unluckily his dorm room was on the third level, and again unluckily, there was no elevator.

Slowly, very slowly, Tristan managed to carry Rory up two flights of stairs. As he walked into the room, he looked around in distaste. The two adjoining rooms were extremely messy and there were still spare boxes from when he had moved in, in the autumn. What do I do? Wha-what should I do? Rory was entirely unconscious and Tristan really had no idea how to help her.

Basic things first, she’s cold; I find a way to warm her up. Quite a few ideas came now, but those were obsolete as they consisted of only the dirty things Tristan usually thought when he was around his Mary.

Gently he lay Rory down on the king-sized bed; Tristan’s fond smile tugged at his cheeks, and made him uncomfortable, as pulled the comforter up around her slim shoulders. This was so unlike him, being all motherly. And not noticeably groping her. It was new, and he found he enjoyed the feeling of being needed.

After he saw that she was settled in, Tristan went into the common room to make some coffee, or as the younger generations of Gilmore’s call it, the elixir of life.

Two hours later.

Tristan was worried. Fifteen minutes ago Rory had started to shiver violently. What was with her anyway? Didn’t she have better sense than to pass out outside in the snow?

Better question: why was she outside in the snow and not in her dorm? Tristan knew that here dorm was not far away from where he had found her. Probably no longer than twenty meters away.

Nyaeh, he was getting tired, Rory was still freezing and unconscious, and he had put every blanket/comforter/large article of cloth on top of her he could find.

Seeing no other options, Tristan shrugged, put on pajamas, and climbed into bed with her…..

Rory slowly came into focus. Her eyelids felt heavy, and her mind seemed to be veiled in fog.

Hhmmm she sighed in contentment and half- rolled over, snuggling into what appeared to be a large pillow. The warmth of the body next to her was just to inviting.

WAIT... Body? Next to her? huh?what!

Rory’s eyes opened with a click. Her piercing blue discs (A/N: yeah I know, discs, but I couldn’t think of any other synonym for eye) widening with confusion.

What the hell?

She carefully turned her head around to face the other side of the bed. Against the pale green sheets she saw shaggy blonde curls attached to a large head (figuratively) and a well muscled body, and completely froze.

Tristan? Wha- what’s he doing here? She stopped thinking for a second, (if that’s possible) and slowly eyed the room… wait what am I doing here?

Then, she started to remember the earlier occurrence of losing her key after Logan had dumped, and passing out in the snow, under the archway.

Tristan must have come and gotten me. And for the first time in history Rory actually thought those magic words in Tristan’s direction: How kind of him.

Tristan had alsostarted to come to, as Rory had been shifting around quite a lot in the past few minutes.

Mmmmmmm... He was just so damn cozy. Pushing his head further into the pillow (which actually was Rory’s hair) he snaked an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

She smells so good, like jasmine…… and maybe a hint of vanilla…….(A/N: Every sexy gal smells like jasmine)

‘Tristan, when did you become a cook?’ the hoarse low husky voice seemed to slide into his head.

Shit, had he been thinking he was thinking but really talking. You stupid ass, of course.

‘You are not a stupid ass,’ Rory spoke ‘maybe a stupid elephant or a penguin. Ooh I like penguins!’

‘Then can I be your big cozy christmaspenguin?’

Rory tilted her head and smiled.

He had, after all brought her inside, and helped warm her up, even if it wasn't really a legitimate way of warming someone who has slight hypothermia. And as always, you can't really refuse someone on Christmas.

She cuddled back into his arms.

‘If only for a little while….’


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