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She Came and Went

Author - Aurrora
E-Mail address - dream_spin@excite.com
Author's Website - none
Rating - PG
Category - General
Pairing - Slight Sara/Ian
Warnings - None
Spoilers - Takes place after Sara is accused of murder in the upcoming episode entitled “Apprehension”
Summary - Sara, finding herself on the run and accused of murder, finds someone to trust.
Disclaimer - Neither of these characters belong to me. If they did, I’d be rich. But I’m poor, so don’t bother suing me.

Sara walked blindly. She didn't know where she was or where she was going. Night had fallen hours ago, and winter's chilly air had settled into every shadow of the city. She stopped on a street corner and pulled her jacket tighter. How could Jake betray her? How could he be working with that jerk Dante? The questions swirled in her mind like a tornado. She looked around, not really seeing the buildings, the sparse traffic, or the shadow that clung to her every move.

Sara was tired. Her head and body hurt from running, but she couldn't go home. They would be waiting for her. Standard procedure, she thought bitterly. Where could she turn? Gabriel and Danny were nowhere to be found and she'd be damned if she would ever turn to Irons for help again.

As if in answer, a familiar voice called to her. "You've been running for hours, Sara. Come with me. I will protect you." She turned to see Ian lurking in the darkness of the building behind her.

"Can I trust you?" she asked hesitantly. After months of his shadowing movements she still didn’t know what to think of him.

"Is there anyone else?" he asked.

Sara tried to think. She felt as if a fog had settled into her brain. Was there anyone else? She didn’t know, but found herself following him anyway. They cut through the streets at a dizzying pace until Sara thought her legs would give out.

Finally he stopped in front of a door that was nearly hidden at the back of an alley behind stacks of boards. Ian ushered Sara inside and locked the door behind them. "Where are we?" she asked.

"This is my home," he replied. Sara nodded and looked about. It was a small apartment, but very neat. A leather sofa was against one wall with a wingback chair and table beside it. Large bookcases lined the second wall, each one filled with leather-bound books. There was a small kitchen and a door leading to what she presumed was the bedroom and bath. It was almost cozy. No pictures, she thought. And it was true. There wasn’t a single picture to be found. Not even art or family. What kind of life must he lead under Irons?

A whistle pulled her attention to the kitchen, where she found Ian pouring her a cup of tea. She accepted it gratefully. "May I take your coat, Sara?" he asked. She nodded and allowed him to help slip it off her shoulders.

"I like your home, Ian, but it isn't what I expected."

"What did you expect?"

"I thought it would be... sparse."

"I'm pleased you like it, Sara." His voice held in it a faint smile. “You should try to rest,” he added.

Instead, she wandered to the bookcases, sipping her tea. There were hundreds of books, each one hand-bound in leather. She traced her fingers along the bindings and was surprised to see that many of them were of poetry and classic literature. She turned to see him just behind her. "It's part of my training," he whispered.

Sara turned back to the books. Wittier, Longfellow, Sandberg, Dumas, they were all there. She smiled and it took the last of her energy. It would be nice to hear one of these poems, she thought.

As if reading her mind, he asked, "Would you like me to read you one?" She nodded. He scanned the shelves, chose a book and led her to the couch. Sara removed her shoes and lay down. Ian placed a blanket over her and sat in the armchair beside her. She closed her eyes, thankful for the comfort and security he offered.

Ian glanced up to see Sara almost asleep. He smiled, happy that she had come, and that she had thought of his home before tonight. He returned to the book and, in his husky voice, he began to read the words to his favorite poem.

"She Came and Went” by James Russell Lowell

As a twig trembles, which a bird
Lights on to sing, then leaves unbent,
So is my memory thrilled and stirred;
I only know she came and went.

As clasps some lake, by gusts unriven,
The blue dome's measureless content,
So my soul held that moment's heaven;
I only know she came and went.

As, at one bound, our swift spring heaps
The orchards full of bloom and scent,
So clove her May my wintry sleeps;
I only know she came and went.

An angel stood and met my gaze,
Through the low doorway of my tent;
The tent is struck, the vision stays;
I only know she came and went.

Oh, when the room grows slowly dim,
And life's last oil is nearly spent,
One gush of light these eyes will brim,
Only to think she came and went.

When he had finished, he closed the book and replaced it on the shelf. He looked back to Sara. The tension had eased out of her body and a slight smile was on her lips. He switched off the lights and turned towards his own bed. Just as he passed into the doorway, he heard a faint, “Thank you, Ian” from Sara. He could barely make out her image in the darkness, but he could feel her presence and it warmed his heart. “Good night, Lady Sara.”

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