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Disclaimer: I do not own The Pretender or anything affiliated with it. It is owned by NBC, TNT, and Steve and Craig. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Author's Note: So this is inspired by Blade Mistress's story Similitude and the resulting discussion that we had on her LiveJournal. In my opinion, her's is much, much better than mine, so go read it! On another note, I was gonna make this PG, then I realized I default rate most of my stuff as a PG, even if it doesn't really deserve it. So I think this is probably more G than PG, so I'm gonna go with that. Unless it's really more PG than G, then I fu... Er, screwed up. Heh.

Summary: Two people can look exactly alike, yet be completely different. Only toward the end of their lives will they realize who they truly are.

Shadowed by: chopsticks g


The day was bright, but a shadow loomed over him.

The shadow had been there his entire life, he just hadn't noticed until now. Now that his body had become too frail to do more than show up for work, now that his mind was slowly unraveling, now that he was alone.

He was alone now, his thoughts completely his own. No longer was there one that could look into his eyes and know what he was thinking, to disapprove. No longer did he have a reflection staring back at him from across the room.

It never was quite a reflection, though. A reflection is one that is an inverted copy of yourself.

The other one was not that.

Physically, yes, they looked the same. Beyond that, the similarities ended. Jacob was the virtuous one. He was, to follow old stereotypes (stereotypes which, it seemed, were still relevant despite their age, unlike Sydney), the good twin.

This made Sydney the evil twin.

He didn't mind. He knew his morals were flexible, based on the environment around him. He had taken on the Pretender Project without realizing until years later--when he allowed himself to truly meditate on his past while staring at his unconscious reflection--that he was, in some ways, a pretender himself. He adjusted to the world around him, changing to suit the needs of those around him. For him, it was a form of control.

Jacob was not like that. He, instead, had very firm morals. He knew where he stood on many issues, and, most importantly, he did not change himself for those around him, even his employers.

Jacob had turned down the Pretender Project. Sydney had not. The Centre wanted them to work on it together; genius twins in charge of the most important project The Centre had ever had.

Jacob had disagreed vehemently with the entire thing. Sydney had no such problems. While Jacob turned the project down based on moral and ethical reasons--he had reminded Sydney of the Hippocratic Oath they had both taken, Sydney agreed to it based on the physical rewards: money, promotions.

Jacob had tried to sabotage the project years later, attempting a rescue with Catherine Parker. Soon after the accident had occurred and Catherine was dead.

For the first time in his life, Sydney felt remorse for his actions. At the same time he was angry at Jacob for being so foolish.

Still, he felt a sense of duty emerge in his heart, and he steadfastly looked after his unconscious brother (reflection).

Now, years after his brother's death, he could feel the shadow of his brother still slowly eclipsing him, swallowing him whole, showing him his errors.

For the first time in his life, his morals did not shift with the world around him. They shifted with him.

And so he began to slowly sabotage his own project. He had done this only moments after his brother's death, his mind plotting out how it could be done.

He realized that he was not free, that he had never been in control.

He would assure that the man who was like a son to him would be free.

His brother would have been proud.


the end.

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