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The Halliwell sisters had just come out of “hiding” and the Bay Mirror was sponsoring a contest. It was open to grades 9-12 and the contestants had to submit an original short story to win. The winner would have their story published in the paper and, the real highlight, get to spend the day with Phoebe. After searching through hundreds of entries the sponsors finally found their winner. It was a 17-year-old girl who had written a compelling story of a ‘vampire slayer’ who fought demons and other evil. The story was a narrative of her life and her struggle for love and a normal life.
It would have been in the top ten if it hadn’t of been for her beautiful poetry that she had written for the slayer’s diary and the tape she had sent along. The tape consisted of her narrating the story and some personal touches. She had written songs and sung them. This along with her emotional portrayal of the poetry had won her the grand prize. The committee of judges had unanimously voted this to be the winning story after they had realized how this girl had brought them into the story, it given them goose bumps.
The day before the girl was scheduled to arrive, Phoebe finally got a hold of the story and tape. That night she took it home and played it for her sisters. They had all been expecting some mushy love story of teen lust and cafeteria food, so when the story had ended they found they were quite surprised. This girl’s story had accurately described some of the same type of demons they had all fought, not to mention their want of a normal life. Paige was the first to talk afterwards, “Wow, that was quite yet eerily creepy!” “Yeah, I wonder if she would consider singing at P3?” said Piper.
“Piper!” said Phoebe. “What?” “Well, she was good.” said Paige. “Well, she’ll be spending tomorrow here, so let’s try to keep the magical action to a minimum.” “It sounds like she has had some magical action of her own already.” “Well try anyway, all right!” “Fine!” They all got up to go to bed and Phoebe decided to find an outfit for tomorrow. She had tried on a few different pairs of pants and realized none of them really fit. “Great,” she thought, “now I’m going to be bloated. It must be getting close to that time of the month.” She went to her calendar to check and flipped back a month, but there was no mark indicating Aunt Flo’s visit.
“I must have forgotten to write it down.” she thought. She flipped back to the next month and again there was no mark. She had to flip back four months to find a mark indicating her period. “This can’t be right!” She sat down and tried to remember when her last one was. ‘The middle of June?’ If her memory and calendar were correct, then she was either three and a half months pregnant with Dex’s child, or something was quite wrong. “Crap!” She quickly got her coat and left to find the nearest drug store to buy a three pack of EPT.

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