...Mightier Than the Sword
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"Captain! We have a situation here!" Wash's anxious voice alerted from the bridge.

"Are we crashing again?" Mal called back as he bounded up the metal stairs to the flight control room aboard Serenity.

"No." Wash carefully removed one hand from the controls and pointed a shaking figure out the window. Mal followed the direction with his eyes and saw another Firefly Class ship.

"Zoe!" Mal exclaimed through the ship's intercom.

"What?" She yelled back irritably through another port.

"We got another Firefly out here!"


"I said we have another Firefly Class Ship in the immediate vicinity."

"Are you sure she's Firefly? I thought Serenity was the last bird of its kind."

"Apparently we all were wrong. It may not be the same edition though; these birds were made across a span of a few years you know."

"By 'a few years' do you mean the duration of the Independence War?"


"I'll be right there." As promised, a few minutes later Zoe appeared on the bridge, clad in her traditional leather with her gun holstered at her right hip. She squinted into the sunlight and saw the other ship.

"By fire." She breathed

"What is it? Can you make out the designation on the side?" Mal asked anxiously.

"Yeah, real faint, but I can see it. She's called the 高防御."

"High Defense?"

"That mean somethin' to you Mal?" Wash asked, warily looking away from his equipment. Mal stood, the light of the system's sun burning into his eyes and he said with an air of back-story

"Oh yeah, she sure does." But he elaborated no further.


"I never heard of her. Care to clue us in Mal?"

"Yeah, just... just a second." Mal raised the index finger of his right hand and leaned on one of the consoles. He chuckled to himself and then shook his head.

"Never thought I'd see her again."

"You've been on the High Defense before?"

"I ain't talkin' 'bout the ship. I'm talkin' about a girl."

"You were with an officer on the High Defense?"

"Yeah. I think we should say hello."

"Yes boss." Wash said and began flipping switches on the console. He didn't like Mal's tone, but disobeying one of his orders could get you left without a ride in Reever territory.

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