...Mightier Than the Sword
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[this is an alternate future for the comic book universe, I am a hardcore X-men & Spider-man fan, and have tried to keep references to past comic events to a minimum... In this future, the UN ratified a movement to destroy all nucleare weapons in all countries so as to avoid any threat of nucleare disaster. However, with the world powers weakened, the Brotherhood attacked and conquored Genosha and Magneto, reinstated as dictator of that country, rallied all mutants to his side to fight against humanity. Many came. From all over the earth they came, and his ranks swelled. All that opposed him now was the X-men, who had joined together with the Avengers and SHIELD to form the International Peace Legion... Magneto's followers, the "mutant crusaders" fought them bitterly... the war rages on...]-------------------------------------------------- Logan crouched in the back of the Humvee, chewing on a cigarette, with his western style hat pulled low over his hairy head. He and his companion stood out among the UN soldiers in the vehicle. Next to him stood Peter Rasputin, his muscular frame garbed in the trademark blue and yellow suit which marked him as an X-man, or one of "Xaviers boys". Logan was similarly dressed. "Stand up Logan, before you fall off the jeep." he said, in a thick, rumbling yet soft voice, with a hint of Russian accent. "I wonder how that bastard's doin'." Logan replied nodding at the truck rumbling ahead of them. They were riding in a military convoy crossing the Genoshian desert, escorting a captured prisoner to the closest Human military base. Peter smiled sardonicly "He would be doing a lot better if you hadn't put your claw up his armpit." he answered. "I shoulda' put my claw up his - " Logan started but was interrupted by a spurt of gunfire [BRRRRRRRRR-R]. Bullets deflected off the side of the truck carrying their prisoner, one caught a soldier in the cab, and he screamed in pain. Wolverine and Peter were off the Humvee in a flash, Peter felt metal fibers course through his muscles, which now rippled under metallic skin. Logans claws slid out of the back of his hands, shining in the sunlight. Mutants stood in the roadway, many of them, all wielding machine guns in addition to whatever powers they possessed. Peter and Logan were amidst them like twin whirlwinds of fury, and all the two of them could feel was heat and sweat and noise and blood.....................[(authors note) I selected all the characters available, but this story is about all the X-men, and not all of them were options.]

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