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This is my first Gilmore Girls fic. I hope it is good. Please Review. The coming chapters will be longer, this is a Prologue . Please review and tell me what you think.

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Rory walked into the party with Robert already knowing that this was a mistake. She knew she didn’t want to be with Robert, she wanted to be with Logan. She really liked Logan; hell she thought she loved the guy. This whole, ‘No Strings Attached’ rule was really making her upset. All she wanted to do was crawl up in Logan’s arms and be the only girl he cared for.

She got her drink from Robert. They talked for a little while, and she knew this guy wasn’t for her. She wanted Logan. She then noticed him standing against a wall talking to a skinny blond girl in a bridal dress with blood on it. ‘My outfits better’ she thought. She tried to ignore Logan and the girl but the looks that Logan was giving her and Robert made Rory think that she wasn’t alone in not liking the, ‘No Strings Attached’ rule. Robert went to get her a drink and Logan walked up to her.

“Hey, Ace. Having a good time?” he asked her. ‘Why did he have to look so hot. God tell me why the hell is he looking so hot’

“I am, thanks.” She replied trying to play it cool.

“Good. That’s good. Me, too. I’m having a good time too.” He said to her. ‘I’m a babbling idiot’

“Good.” She replied

“Yes, it is good. So I didn’t know you knew Robert?” he asked her, trying not to let his jealously shine through his words, but knowing it was.

“ I met him at the Life and Death Brigade gathering. And the poker game.” She said.

“Oh. Right, right. Well, he must have made quite an impression.” He said, now knowing his jealousness of Robert was shining through more then ever.

“He just asked me out, is all.” Rory said defensive.

“Sure. He’s kind of a jerk.” He said, hoping that Rory would listen to him and want to leave.

“Excuse me?” she asked, a taken by Logan’s verbal treatment of his friend.

“Robert. He’s kind of a jerk. Haven’t you noticed he’s kind of a jerk?” he asked repeating the question and inquiry.

“Nope.” Rory said, she wasn’t sure if she like jealous Logan.

“Huh. Night’s young. Okay, come on.” He said pulling her arm and toward the door which was conveniently located in a dark corner.

“Where are we going? Logan!” she said as he pulling her, not really meaning it, she kind of liked possessive Logan.

“You look great.” He said to her smiling.

“Thank you.” She said, trying to hide her fuming blush. ‘Why does this guy do this to me’

He then kissed her forcefully. Wrapping his tongue around hers. After a minute Rory pushed him away.

“Logan, stop.” Rory said, she wanted him but they were in the middle of Finn’s birthday party.

“Right, so, how you been?” he asked trying to change the subject.

“I’ve been fine.” She said.

“Good. School’s good?” he asked.

“School’s hard.” She replied.

“Well, it’s supposed to be hard. It’s grounding you for life.” He said, in his ‘all knowing’ voice.

They then kissed again.

“Making you an upstanding citizen.” He said.

They kissed again.

“God-fearing Christian.” She piped in.

“Habitual recycler.” He added.

They kissed again, this time Logan stopped him.

“Lets go.” he said.

“Go where?” she asked puzzled.

“Your place. My place. Let’s take a train to New York, spend the night
in the Plaza.” He said.

Rory contemplated this a moment, glanced at Robert who was chatting up another girl, grabbed Logan’s hand and the two of them ran out the door.

“So what you wana do Ace?” he asked her.

“You know.” She said blushing.

“Good by me, but first we need to talk.” He said.

“Ok.” She said wondering what Logan wanted to talk about.

They got in his car and Logan didn’t start it.

“Rory I want strings to be attached.” He said. “I don’t feel anything at all with other girls, and seeing you with other guys eats me up inside.”

Rory smiled a huge smile.

“I want strings to be attached too.” She said. “I want to be exclusive. No more other dating.”

“So its settled then. You are my girlfriend.” He said smiling.

“You’re one and only.” She said smiling. He then caught her lips in a passionate kiss.

“So back to your place?” she asked.

“Sounds good to me.” He said.


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