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Title: Control
Author: Tunder28
Rating/Warnings: none yet. G(parental guidance. maybe later)
Pairing: B/S
Disclaimer: Don’t own them but I really wish I could
Author's Notes: shortly after the episode, one step closer. Shal starts to go through her mutation.
Summary: Brennan and the others all try to get through to Shalimar when she’s going through her mutation.

Shalimar’s thoughts…
What will it take for you to see?
See the thing inside of me.
It can take complete control of me
Only I know what it can be.
You try to show me it lies within you to
But you know what to do.
You know what I’m about to say
Each second of every day.
You try to show me control
But it lies beneath the surface like a mole.
My one and only weakness
…Is your warming near-ness.

Brennan’s thoughts….
Soft and warm tears ascend your face
Like you’re struggling to win an endless race.
If you’d only let me show you
The feeling that can shine threw.
The amazing feeling of it all.
Your first feel like you can’t fall.
But soon that will dim
And a new fire will rise within.

Brennan watched from a corner of darkness, as she struggled once again. She gritted her teeth and crunched her hands. Shivering with the need to keep control.
It lasted for about 2 minutes, before she fell to her knees and gulped in her breaths.
He scolded her softly in his mind. If only she’d let them in, he would for sure help her out. No he didn’t know what she was going through, but he’d help if he could.

He walked the rest of the way to his room. Normally he would run to prevent Shalimar from catching him. But she wouldn’t be moving any time soon.
He reached his room and lent against the door, as if expecting foot steps to suddenly sound off the floor.
Tomorrow he would show her, maybe then she would open her eyes to see the full size of the world.

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