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author: Tunder28

It had been so long since he had been out around people, but yet he could tell at first sight of them, they remained the same. Never able to change like they did, never excepting him or his kind for what they truly were.
He pitted them for there hate and fear. It was of course it was a man who had made new mutants, but they still could not… would not admit that they to were once human.

He lent his head back in an attempt to rid his mind of all the faces that flowed naturally back like a memory.
All those face’s that stood by as one man tried to make a difference. But that was one thing that made him smile at that moment. One man had made a difference… and what a big difference he had made.
He created new mutants, tried to save them by changing parts of their DNA, but he failed. He had helped them, but in some, only made things worse. Thousands were saved by one mans actions, and that was what started the hatred for mutants off.

There had been stories of mutants before this man had tried, but none were found. When the man tried to save, teenagers, children, babies, he succeeded.
People will never admit that a mutant can actually help them. To them, they were the enemy. For some it was a war that they intended to win, no matter what.
But a strong reason people hate mutants is because, people get caught in the crossfire.
But the only reason there is crossfire is because of them. They start fights with mutants and attack them, but if the mutant chooses to fight back, with their power, then people may get hurt.

He moved to the street where he remembered he had left his bike. He and others were merely trying to stop the fights from spilling out on the streets. But yet some do and they still pay for others mistakes.
He got onto his bike and started the engine, the roar of the metal shouted and it came to life as he pilled it to his control. He started to speed towards his destination as the idea of a world without humans would change any thing. But he dismissed it without another thought; He knew there would never be. Not if he had any thing to say about it any way.

He stopped out side a building that looked to have 5 floors on it. He walked through the glass door as it opened and walked up to the front desk. A man around 30’s smiled welcoming to him. If only he knew what he was, but if he did… would that change any thing.
The man scratched his stubble face as he waited for him to ask of what he wanted.
He spoke out not really aware of the other mans impatiens.
“ My room key, can I have it, I’m in a hurry”. The man smiled and quickly started to look for the key. In seconds his fingers landed on the rough side. “ Hear you are sir, if you need any thing else, call down to my desk”.

He walked off to his room not bothering to finish the conversation with the man. He was tired and the night was catching up with him. He opened his door after several attempts to turn the key.
The first sound of a creak sent a shiver up his spine, grabbing the door before it continued its groan and closed it not to disturb any one else on that level.

He dropped his jacket onto the chair in the living room and stood at the balcony. It over looked the back of the building and the breeze was short but cooling.
His living room had a cushiony coach that was a deep mystery blue. His other two chairs were the same colour and make that all lay in a triangle.
He walked as far as his tired legs would take him, to his kitchen. When he got there, he grabbed for the handle of the fridge, not wanting to reach his beds warm blankets that welcomed any one.

He grabbed the orange juice carton and slug the rest of its Contents into his mouth. He swallowed hard and his chest raised as he struggled to allow the juice to slide down his stomach.
He replaced the container and continued his lazy walk to the bedroom. It had been a while since he had even walked in the room, but the familiar warm feeling of sleep was gliding over him. He climbed into the bed and dropped down when his head reached the pillow. He was tired but some thing lingered in his mind.

The morning crept in on him, not wanting to wake he turned over away from the gleam of light that threatened to wake him from his slumber.
The sun was determined to do its simple task in his life. It shone bright and high, hitting the mirror across the room as it rose and the light rays bounced into his face.
A loud sigh was heard as the man shuffled with his bed sheets to get free. He was awake but still remained slow like last night.

He got washed quickly and got changed. He wore a blue T-shirt that cut at the arms, with a dragons face on the front and the body on the back. His jeans were the original blue but his cologne never changed the reaction of a women when he walked past, a quick smile and they would be off.
He exited his room with his jacket back on, he had work to do today, like so many others like him, every day was work.

He got to his bike, gliding his hand across the blue fire that was painted onto the side. The bike was deep and drowning purple that swung around the bike in a perfect colour. The blue fire across the left side, and on the right was a lightning bolt.
He got on and drove off towards where he was destined to be that day.

He turned the key as he slowed and stopped and plopped it back into his pocket. He walked up to the building and entered not giving any one a second glance.
It was a restaurant, and the owner was very familiar. He knew her due to one of his friends, but she was nothing special in his life.
The girl lifted her head, a great smile on her face. She had brown hair, two pieces hung over the sides of her face and her pale-ish complexion was familiar. Her eyes were a sparkling blue and her smile showed just how young she really was.

She smiled and he smiled back. “ Hey Catherine, are they hear yet”. She nodded, “ Yea, they arrived early, some thing up”. He smiled at her; she knew very well he couldn’t say. “ There’s some thing always up, see you later”. “ Bye”.
He walked round the back and to a door.
When he opened it, the back room was completely different. A metal frame to walk on and metal stairs that lead down to the ground.
The living room was huge and the kitchen was in the corner. He smiled as a blond walked up to him.

She had dirty blond hair that fell down her back, looking around 20-23 her eyes a goldenly brown and her devilish smile always made boys go wild.
Next two men and another women walked out to him. The younger man had sandy blond hair, around his 18-20 and hair that hug high over his eyes, his smile welcoming him like a brother.
The other man looked in his 40’s and a smile that said he knew it all. His hair was curly and black, but his eyes were a dark brown that showed he’d seen too much in his life.
The other women looked to be around 17-19 and her amber hair lay down the sides of her face and stuck out at the bottom. She smiled sisterly and her smile was calming and wild at the same time. The brown swirled round and made you feel under a trance, her eyes were a trance on a lot of people.

They all walked and stood around the older man as a screen on a computer came to life. He was quiet for a moment then pointed to a picture of a young woman, teenager to be exact.
“ This is rogue, a student at Xavier’s school for the gifted. She has the ability to absorb mutant’s gifts and use them as her own… and she can take as many as she wants. We are going to the school to help protect her. She will have a tracking device on at all times, just encase she gets taken by the mutants after her”.
Shalimar huffed, “ Great we have to go protect a teenager, with attitudes and tempers and fight the bad guys”.

Jesse smiled as he looked at her face; it was scrunched and unhappy with the mission. “ Adam, will we be staying there for a while, if so I’ll need some equipment for the mission”. Adam nodded, “ yes we’ll be staying there, but don’t worry all the equipment has been taken over already”.
Shalimar huffed again but stayed quiet. She was having a bad feeling about the mission. A very bad one.

Xavier’s school, next day

They arrived at the school and were immediately shown to the office of Charles Xavier, owner of the school and leader of X men.
He smiled at Adam and they greeted each other by shaking hands. Adam introduced them with a wave of his hand and Shalimar was fuming by it. She remained quiet but Brennan was standing behind her and could tell by her tense stance that she was pissed.

They were shown to there room and then later called for a meeting on the office.
When they arrived a girl around 14-15 was standing next to Charles, looking very shy with all the attention.
She had brown hair and two white side parts down the sides of her face. She wore clothing that covered nearly all of her skin. Gloves on her hands, jacket that covered her arms and silky pants that matched her black clothes.

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