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Crossover: Angel/Highlander and eventually Buffy.

Pairing: Cordelia/Angel

Rating: PG

Summary: Death is not always the end of something it could be the step into a new life, one that was not expected. (ok this summary totally sucks)

Spoilers: Angel up to your welcome and not sure about Highlander you just need to know the characters Duncan, Amanda, Joe and Methos.


Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own it I don’t I also don’t own anything to do with Highlander I am poor and not making any money from this.

Feedback: Yes please this is the first fic I have written in a long time

Chapter One
The end and the beginning.

A man in a long black cloak looked over the bed of a beautiful young woman. This was one of the times that it was going to be so easy. He was old enough so he could sense the pre-immortals and all he had to do was kill them and then they became immortal and before anyone knew it he took their heads. He had been at this so long now and he was tired of the chasing the immortal and then the big battle their had to be an easier way and yes he knew that he was breaking rules of fairness but what did he care he wanted to be the one left standing. He still did the odd battle just to keep up his fighting skills otherwise in the end the other immortal would be a better swordsman so all this planning would have gone straight out of the window.

Adam Pierson made his way through the hospital he hated this ever since Alexa died. The noise came into his head and he stopped and turned around looking to try and figure out where the other immortal was and most importantly was he or she after him. A nurse screamed from one of the rooms and he ran straight for it he pulled the nurse from the room and ran in and there standing in front of him was a man who plunged a knife into the woman’s chest who lay on the bed.

The man turned suddenly stared at Adam and then ran at the window and jumped out. Adam was lucky that the nurse had just seen the man holding the knife and not him sticking into her chest. He rushed to her side as she took in a gulping breath, the first breath of being reborn. He had to get her out of her before anyone came in, before he family could come and find out. Adam felt the rush of another immortal near by. This is getting ridiculous he thought. Turning around a doctor walked in and closed the door behind him.

“Hi I am Doctor Roberts.” He said holding out his hand.

“Adam Pierson” Adam replied taking his hand.

“What happened?”

“I interrupted and immortal who new she was a pre-immortal he killed her and was waiting for her to come back so he could take her head. I have to get her out of her he will be back for her and she has no way of being able to defend herself.” Adam explained.

The Doctor nodded. “Very well I will phone the family and let them know she died and never woke up.”

“Never woke up?” Adam asked curiously.

“She was brought in her months ago in a coma and never regained consciousness.”

“Thank you Dr Roberts”

“Just make sure she lives and gets some training.” The doctor ordered.

Adam nodded. “If I don’t do it I know someone who will he is a regular boy scout.”

“I’ll leave you to well try and explain it to the young lady she looks like she is coming around.” The doctor nodded towards the bed.

“Owww “ a feminine voice mumbled from the bed. “Can someone give me a painkiller please?"

Big brown eyes in a beautiful face stared up and Adam just for a moment he stopped breathing as he stared at her. Her eyes suddenly looked suspiciously at him until and image filled her head of him and others helping her. She looked up towards the ceiling.

“Oh just great can you get any more vaguer” she muttered.

Adam looked up at the ceiling with her wondering with whom she was talking to. “Umm Hi do you know who you are?” he asked carefully.

“Of course I do but who are you?”

Adam shook his head. “Adam Pierson I am trying to find out if you have amnesia or not and what was the last thing you remember.”

“Cordelia Chase formally from Sunnydale and now LA I remember everything until I went into slumberland and I may tell you one day if I trust you and well I want to. Are you a doctor?”

He shook his head. “Uhhh no but Dr Roberts said I can take you away from and I think we better hurry.” He said glancing around the room.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“Well I have a lot to tell you and not sure if you will believe it but I can’t tell you here someone tried to kill you.” And he pointed to the hospital gown she was wearing.

“What again geez.” She replied calmly.

“Again?” He sighed Adam really didn’t have time for this. He felt the noise in his head and so did Cordelia she turned to him as he turned to the door it opened and in walked Dr Roberts.

“Hello Cordelia I am Dr Roberts I brought you some clothes so you can leave with Mr. Pierson he will explain everything to you.”

“Well he better and soon.” She mumbled as she walked into the bathroom and got changed.

“I’ve told a Mr. Angel that she died and that she never woke up.”

Adam nodded and watched the Dr leave and close the door quietly behind him.

“Well lets go then and I am going to be really annoyed with you, the Doctor and the PTB if you are not here to help me.”

“The PTB?” Adam asked he was supposed to be confusing her not the otherway around.

“So what do you need to tell me?” She asked while they walked to the elevator it was late at night and this was a private hospital so there were not many people around.

“Your immortal.” He whispered into her ear.

She turned and glared at him. “Oh god you haven’t made me a vampire have you because I am gonna stake you arse if you have.”

The 5000 year old immortal stopped and looked at her Ok he didn’t expect this. “Well I have done anything to you I am trying to help you and you are not a vampire why on earth would you think that.”

“Because the only ones that come to like being immortal that I know of are demons or vampires.”

“Well don’t worry you are neither I will tell you when we get somewhere more private.”


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