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Crossover Angel/surprise not telling you yet

Pairing: Cordelia/Angel

Rating: PG

Summary: Death is just the beginning

Spoilers: All of Buffy and Angel up to your welcome


Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own it I don’t

Feedback: Yes please all suggestions are welcome and appreciate being told if I have not explained something properly we all miss things in our own writing and I don’t have a beta.


Chapter One

Angel sat beside Cordelia’s grave, tears fell down his face, and he now felt truly alone in the world. The one person he loved with all of his dead heart, the one that made him laugh, that made him face life was gone. All hope and happiness had left with her. What was he going to do now? Wesley, Gunn, Fred and Lorne tried to help him they were part of the reason that he did not walk out into the sunlight so he could join her and Angel knew that one day they would be reunited, he had faith that they were meant to be together but the main reason was Cordy herself she believed in him, in the vampire becoming human his seer believed in the goodness in him and even though he hated to carry on living he was going to keep that silent promise he made to her.

“Angel” a soft feminine voice said and a delicate hand touched him on the shoulder he turned around and looked up at Fred, their crazy taco lady as Cordy had once called her. The lump got bigger in his throat he felt as if he was suffocating. He screamed out in pain, it was an animal sound, the sound of a man that had lost the most important thing in his life and a man that had nothing truly to lose. Fred fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around him they were soon joined by 2 men and a demon they all huddled together by the grave of the woman that was the heart of them. Something important had died and nothing could ever replace that.

A shower of tears fell to the ground as the family huddled together hours passed and none of them moved, the humans muscles seized up but they did not care they were joined in there grief, they were sharing their pain and they were going to help each other threw no matter what.

A shadow stood away from the crowd he knew what it was like to lose someone they loved but not what it was like to be loved back by that special someone, he had never really known the LA Cordelia she still seemed the same in so many ways that he had seen in the times he had briefly met her but obviously she had changed, she managed to have a profound effect on those around her especially Angel. Spike had never seen him so lost, so alone, not even Buffy had that effect on him. He wished that he had met and seen this Cordelia that was family, that was the heart, that if you were in pain you turned to her and the woman that had received the pain of people in trouble, never really complaining, letting it kill her bit by bit but standing alone not wanting to worry people, the woman who had given up the life of a star and changed to be part demon to help a vampire to become human. Spike had listened to the stories that Fred had told him he was not sure he beloved them all. This was a woman who sounded to good to be true but if she was the world was going to miss her. Spike shook his head amazed what the thoughts had been but he was jealous and it was eating him inside. First Angel had Buffy fall in love with him and he knew that Angel would always hold that special place in Buffy’s heart and then Cordelia someone who knew Angel inside and out excepted every part of him, including the vampire, something Buffy could never do not even with a man she loved, what hope did Spike have but she thought he was dead he hadn’t told her yet, but he would, eventually.

Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn, Faith and the young slayers arrived at the Hyperion Hotel. The message had got to them to late to attend the funeral but they had to come. Buffy walked up and opened the door and walked in the place was somber, wreaths decorated the room, and this hotel seemed a shell and lonely place.

“Angel” Buffy called out but there was no answer she walked over to a couch followed by the others put down her suitcase and sat down they would wait until the others got back.

The sadness still loomed over the group in the cemetery but the tears had finally run dry, they all moved from the ground and looked at the grave one last time before heading back. They had drink back at the hotel and they were going to talk about Cordelia and their memories she was not going to be forgotten they would laugh and some of the things she said and their hearts would break again and they would cry again but come hell or high water they were going to celebrate her life.


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