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Disclaimer: As always, just borrowing, I promise to return them, relatively unharmed.

Rating: G/humor

Summary: Zack battles a horrible addiction after a particularly hectic adventure.

**Note**-The words between *'s are a character's thoughts.

Zack's Addiction

Zack breathed a sigh of relief. The past weeks had been very hectic. Not only had they run into
some unfriendlies, but various systems had been malfunctioning, causing the crew to walk on eggshells, for
fear something else might go wrong. Zack had been busy trying to keep the computer systems running, and
had barely had enough time to sleep and eat in the last couple of weeks.

"Finally" Zack said with relief as he sat down to feed his addiction. Sitting at his computer console
in his room, Zack began clicking thoughtfully. Just as he was finally starting to relax, there was a knock at
his door.

"This better be good," Zack mumbled irritably. Zack opened his door to find Yuna on the other

"Hey, Zack. I just wanted to see if you were all right, you seemed a little out of it lately," Yuna
said, obviously concerned.

"I'm fine Yuna, just a little worn out," Zack stated, a little anxiously. Zack's fingers were itching,
he needed his fix.

"Are you sure?" Yuna questioned, narrowing her eyebrows.

"Positive. Now I'd like to get some sleep, so.."

"Okay, I'm gone," Yuna said as she held up her hands in defeat.

Zack shut the door and dashed back to his computer, and again the thoughtful clicking could be
heard from his mouse.

"Zack!" an impatient Bren shouted through the com-link.

"What?!?" Zack yelled back, just as impatiently.

'There's a problem with Gen."

"What's wrong?"

"She's speaking in German, I think."

"I'll be there in a minute." Zack grumbled. If Zack didn't get his fix soon, someone was gonna get

Two hours later Zack was back in his room, it had taken forever to figure out what was wrong with
Gen. Apparently; Bren had accidentally switched Gen's language when he was trying to recalibrate the
cannon targeting systems. *What a Moron* Zack thought with a smile.

Just as Zack was sitting back down to his computer, his need to satisfy his addiction almost
unbearable, Lise called him over his com-link.* That's it, I'm turning this thing off after this *

"Zack could you come down to medical please, I needs to update your neural scans."

"Does it have to be done right now?" Zack pleaded.

"Sorry Zack, but you are way over due to have it done as it is, and this is the first time I've had five
spare minutes in a row in so many weeks," Lise explained.

"Fine, I'll be down in a minute," huffed Zack.

Once Lise was done with him, Zack practically ran back to his room. He locked the door and
turned off his com-link. Zack sat down at his computer, and breathed a sigh of relief as his eyes fixated on
the screen in front of him. *Finally* Zack thought happily. The rest of Zack's night was spent clicking
away at his computer.

The scene ends as we see what is on Zack's screen, a game of Solitaire

---the end---

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