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Scully awoke to find Mulders spot beside her empty. 9 am. It was a Saturday and she wondered why he wasn’t still fast asleep beside her. She pushed the covers aside and swung her legs off the bed. One of Mulder’s gray tee shirts hung loosely from her body engulfing her petite figure. She walked into the bathroom and flicked on the lights. She looked at herself in the mirror separating stray strands of hair that had fallen out of place. She walked out of the bathroom and made her way to the bedroom door. It swung open and Mulder was left standing there looking giddy for no reason apparent to Scully. Then it hit her it was her birthday! Mulder lunged in to her and their lips locked. As they finished the kiss he wrapped his arms around her and they stood there looking into each other’s eyes. He gave her some flowers he had gotten for her. “ thank you Mulder I love them, roses and violets!” “I also made you breakfast birthday girl, He said in a stately manner. He had made breakfast all by himself. He led her to the table pulling her along like a little child leading a mother to his newest creation. Pancakes, eggs, and vanilla yogurt. He began to tickle her making her giggle uncontrollably. He continued this until she was in her seat and he went to get them water. He sat down beside her and placed the cup next to her plate. You really outdid yourself! How early did you get up? Oh, I don’t know 7:30 or so. She gazed at him and flashed him a large smile of gratitude. He loved how the simplest things he did pleased her greatly. The smallest compliment on how she looked could make a world of difference in the way she treated him that day. He couldn’t wait to surprise her with his gift. He decided to surprise her with a little scavenger hunt of all of their most precious memories. He first said that he was going to go to the store, but he really was going to set up clues outside of the house. He left her with a piece of paper and he told her not to open it until he left. Scully opens up the paper and it said, something you always carry, she couldn’t think of the slightest thing, and she checked her wallet, her cell phone, but hen it hit her, of course, her badge. She opened up her badge, and there was a piece of paper. She read the next clue. Where we first held hands is where you will find another clue. She felt so guilty that she forgot where they first held hands but he remembered, but that made her fall in love with him even more. She thought and thought and then remembered, he bought her ice cream for their first date, and they held hands, but she couldn’t remember where. O of course, she thought, the park, my favorite dating spot. She walked around the park enjoying the nice sunshine, and say by a tree, another piece of paper. What is my nickname for you? Think and go and find one. What the heck was Mulder talking about? Nickname, nickname, nickname, nickname, o of course! Mulder is so dumb but cute, she thought. She went to one of their favorite dessert restaurants, Brownie. She walked into the store, and Becky, the store manager, said, “oh Fox wanted me to give this to you, I don’t know what it is though, ha ha.” “ Thanks Beck.” She read the note and it said, something you no I used to like but I gave up for you, because you hated it. Of course, Mulder did love porn, which was disturbing to her, but he gave it up which she respected so much. She went back to the apartment and went into his dresser and got out one of his porn videos, and was glad he duct taped to front. She read the note and it said, don’t worry, this is the last one. You have made it so far, and you better remember this one. . The first place we had out first kiss. O did Scully remember that hug like it was yesterday. They were rollarblading, and Mulder, well, he sucked! She had to hold his hand, which she didn’t mind, and he would fall all the time! He finally totally plummeted down, on top of Scully, and again she didn’t mind. He leaned over and said, “thanks for being my cushion.” And he kissed her. It was so romantic and weird. She went back to the park and found the last piece of paper on a bench. She read it and it said, ok well, I lied this will be the last clue, and it isn’t too hard. Our favorite place! She knew they had a lot of good places, but she couldn’t think of their favorite place. She went back to their apartment to think. She went into the room and sat on the couch where there was a note. “ well im stupied,” she said,” we always hang out on the couch and relax.” Right when she picked up the note, she heard Mulder say “ o brownie, your not stupied, well maybe a little because your with me.” “Oh my God Mulder! You scared me! and hey im not the stupied one! Well yea your rite I am a little stupied. Ha ha im just kidding! I love you the way your are!” “see we agree.” He joked back. “ well I am about to read the last clue, come over here a d sit down with me.” Scully opened it up and it said, roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you. “ what a beautiful poem, did you write it?” Scully said jokingly. “ no, no just think about it, and you will figure it out, because you are SO smart.” Scully thought and remembered the flowers Mulder gave her this morning and it had roses and violets in it. “ do I look in the flowers?” she asked “see I told you that you were smart!” Mulder said. She checked the flowers and they had a chain in them. “ Wow Mulder you really out did yourself. I would have never guessed a gold chain!” she joked, but also a little disappointed. “ Ok and think of the rest of the poem…” She thought out loud“ Ok roses are red and violets are blue, I got that part. Sugar is sweet… o ill look in the sugar!” she opened up the cupboard and found a heart locket that a picture of her and Mulder. She started to cry a little, and then Mulder wiped off her tar and said, “ Well, I’m not finished with your present!” “ Mulder, what else could you have gotten me?” “ o, just a little something.” He had her stand up and he knelt down and said, “ My dearest Dana, I have loved you since the day you knocked on my office door. When I saw you with your cute little glasses, I got the chills. Now I ask you a question I have wanted to ask for 2 years. Dana Katerian Scully, will you marry me?” Scully’s mouth dropped, she stood Mulder up and gave him the biggest he had ever gotten and said, “I thought you’d never ask” He connected the heart to the chain, and put it around her neck. He took the ring and placed it on her finger and said, “ Now your accessorized!”

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