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Characters: Agent Fox Mulder, Agent Dana Scully, Skinner, Krycheck, Von Bron, CSM, and Mark Lively

Mark Lively, from the government, is assigned by CSM to make some kind of spell to kill agent fox mulder and Dana scully. Then while mark was doing that he did something wrong and he didn’t know it. When he cast the spell over the world, it in fact made it so no one could die. CSM goes to see if mulder and scully are deceased, yet he found that they weren’t. So he decided to try and have someone kill them their selves. So CSM sends Krycheck and Von Bron. They cannot find Mulder, yet they find Scully and shoot her. Skinner finds out and tells Mulder, knowing he will worry. Mulder goes and looks for her where Skinner said she was. He finds her shot and dying and picks her up and kisses her forehead. The ambulance comes and takes her to the hospital. Mulder follows the truck and reaches the hospital. The doctor that is taking care of Scully, gives him her gold cross and said they think she will not have long to live. Mulder goes into the room that Scully is in and sits by her bed and holds her hand. Mulder thinks about the relationship that they have had and how he would not be able to survive with out his partner. Mulder sits by her bed all night and cries himself to sleep. The next morning Skinner comes with some very interesting news about what had happened with Scully. He tells about how CSM (or some other word that I would not like to say) assigned Von Bron and Krycheck to murder mulder and scully, and didn’t succeed on either assignment. Mulder is confused and then Skinner tells Mulder about Mark Lively. Mulder is one happy camper now and he rushes into Scully’s hospital room and sees she has been taken. Mulder is running around like a madman trying to find his beloved Scully. He is asking doctors and they say that they pulled the plug. He is not very sad because he knows that she can’t die. [This is where I like to yell, “THIS IS A GOVERNMENT CONSPARICY”] he rushes to Skinners office asking him if he knows what had happened to Scully? Skinner, with a smug look on face knowing what will happen, tells him that she is waiting for him in her apartment. Mulder has a little grin on his face and is full of pride. Mulder, trying to act cool, knocks lightly on Scully’s apartment door. Scully softly says come in; she has her beautiful “Mulder smile” on her face. Mulder comes in and says how scared he today knew that he might have lost his “best friend”. Mulder and Scully start talking about their relationship with each other. Scully asks him if he wants any coffee and he says yes. While she is pouring the coffee, he starts to confess his undying love for her. She stops him by lightly placing her finger on his lips and says, “I know, I feel that to.” He kisses her on her lips, lightly of course, and she returns a hug. They get up and go an start to talk on her bed, but then Scully knew what Mulder wanted to do an Mulder knew what Scully wanted to do. Well, they did do what they both wanted to do. End Scene: Skinner going to go and talk to them about the case and what they should do and he is standing outside of the apartment complex and sees Scully’s light getting lower and curtain closing. Skinner has a little bigger grin on his face now and chuckles.

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