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Rurouni Kenshin and the Lord of the Rings


In Middle-Earth, the wizard, Gandalf the Grey returned to the shire for the 111th birthday of Bilbo Baggins. At the party, Bilbo purposely disappeared in front of the party using a gold ring. Gandalf finds Bilbo at his house, making his escape from the shire... for the rest of his life. Bilbo was about to bring the ring with him. Gandalf protested for he felt that the ring was getting to Bilbo. After a tenuous argument between Bilbo and Gandalf, Bilbo reluctantly agreed to let the ring go. Bilbo then left his home, the Shire, never to return.

Kenshin Himura of Japan received a letter from a friend in Kyoto. It was about a planned surprise birthday party. Kenshin along with two women, Kaoru Kamiya, and Megumi Takani; a ruffian named Sanosuke Sagara; a 10-year old Yahiko Myojin; and two children, Ayame and Suzume; left for Kyoto. Kenshin and the others met up with one of their friends in Kyoto, Misao Makimachi. Kenshin left the others with Misao, going for a present.

Kenshin unexpectedly ran into an old rival, who was now a police officer, Hajime Saito. Another old rival of Kenshin then came in, Aoshi Shinomori. They both explain to Kenshin that there were sightings of monsters that were outside Kyoto. Aoshi traced it to the vicinity of Mt. Hiei, the former hideout of Makoto Shishio, one who was burned but survived and has tried to take over Japan. Kenshin went back to the others while Aoshi and Saito went off to investigate. In the midst of investigation, Aoshi and Saito were fiercely attacked.

The next day, Kenshin's worries grew because he somehow sensed what happened when Aoshi and Saito went to investigate. Kenshin and the others went to Misao's restaurant, the Aoiya, to surprise an old man called Okina. The party was very enjoyable. While everyone was having fun, Kenshin told Okina a tale that was told to him by a strange old man named Radagast, almost 9 years ago. Kenshin believed that it was connected to the monster occurrences. Okina agreed with Kenshin's assessments, feeling that he understood Kenshin, better than anyone else. As time passed by, everyone began to eat cake. This was, however, short-lived when Aoshi and Saito entered, with injuries in the stomach and the leg. Megumi, with all her medical skills, immediately rushed to save the injured men.

Gandalf looked at the ring, which Bilbo dropped onto the floor, reluctantly to let go. The wizard slowly lowered his hand until he saw a flash of a fiery eye.

Gandalf mused by the fireplace while someone calling for Bilbo, came through the door. It was Bilbo's nephew, Frodo Baggins. Frodo picked up the ring, saying that he didn't think that Bilbo would leave forever. Gandalf told Frodo that Bag End, the estate of Bilbo, now belonged to him, along with the ring. Then the wizard told Frodo that he had questions that have to be answered about the ring and left in a hurry.

Gandalf went to the city of Minas Tirith, the capitol of Gondor, to get the answers he desperately sought for. The wizard found an old parchment that may be the clue and answer that he's looking for. Immediately, Gandalf hurried back to the Shire to inform Frodo. Frodo remembered that the ring was in an envelope. Gandalf threw it into the fire and apparently, the ring was unharmed. Moments later, markings, glowing very brightly as red-flame, appeared on the ring. Gandalf confirmed it as the dark language of Mordor.

The ring in Frodo's possession was in fact, the One Ring, made by Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor. Gandalf informed Frodo that Sauron has returned and wants the ring to rule the world. Frodo immediately thought of ways to dispose of the ring and not to speak of it again. Unfortunately, Gandalf told him it wouldn't be easy, for before Bilbo had the ring, a horrid creature called Gollum owned the ring and knew Bilbo took it. He exposed the ring's location to Sauron's henchmen, the demonic Orcs, being heavily tortured. Hearing this, Frodo decides to let Gandalf have the ring since the shire was now in danger. Gandalf refused in the account that if he had the ring, through him, a power too terrible to behold will be wielded. Frodo reluctantly agreed to bear the ring himself.

Thanks to Megumi, Aoshi and Saito will recover. Kenshin was ready to tell the story he just told, only to Okina, but a portal appeared. From it, the Orcs appeared on giant wolf-like creatures that were called Wargs. An all-out attack ensued and Saito joined in. As the groups of heroes were surrounded, a force drove them back, crushing them and sending them back through the portal. It was Radagast the Brown, the wizard whom Kenshin met 9 years ago. Radagast informed everyone that this world is in danger as well as Middle-Earth. Kenshin agreed to let Sanosuke, Yahiko, Kaoru, Misao, Aoshi, and Saito go with him. Everyone else stayed behind in case more of the Orcs ever showed up. While Radagast opened the portal for Middle-Earth, to go to Rivendell, Suzume, in a fit of panic, ran fiercely towards Radagast for creating the portal, causing a slight problem. Kenshin and the others will arrive in Middle-Earth, just not landing in Rivendell. Instead, Kenshin's companions will be scattered throughout Middle-Earth.

Frodo frantically packed for a journey to the village of Bree as Gandalf instructed. Gandalf will be at the Prancing Pony Inn, but first he will see the chief of the wizard's order, Saruman the White. As Frodo was ready to leave... gusts of wind overtook them and heard a loud noise from the window. Muttering was heard as Gandalf went to investigate, and found another Hobbit, Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee. The wizard suspected Sam of eavesdropping and that there were others with him. There were two others at the window, Kaoru and Yahiko. Sam, along with Kaoru and Yahiko, admit that they've heard about the One Ring. Gandalf forced them to accompany Frodo to Bree.

Before the wizard parted ways with Frodo again, Gandalf reminded Frodo not to put the ring on or the Dark Lord's agents will find him, for the ring wants to be taken back to Sauron.

While Gandalf continued to roam towards Saruman's fortress of Isengard, he bumped into Kenshin, who has come from the same world as Kaoru and Yahiko. Kenshin admits that he has brought four other companions with him, and that they're here to stop Sauron. Gandalf informed Kenshin that Kaoru and Yahiko were with Frodo, accompanying him to Bree, and also he is going to counsel with Saruman. But Kenshin, however, told Gandalf some very disturbing rumors about Saruman.

Gandalf brought Kenshin along to Isengard. Kenshin reluctantly let Gandalf go into Isengard alone to see Saruman. Gandalf, motivated to be on guard, informed Saruman that the ring of power has at last been found and that there's still time to counter Sauron. But Saruman quickly doubts that there is time, making Gandalf's suspicions about Saruman to grow. Inside the tower called Orthanc, Saruman told Gandalf that Sauron's power grew strong each moment, but can't yet take physical form and that an army of evil, marshaled by the Dark Lord, will be great enough to assail Middle-Earth.

Gandalf was shocked to hear that Saruman was using a seeing stone called a palantir, to see what has arisen. The wizard told his leader that it was too dangerous, since not all the stones were accounted for. They didn't know who else would be watching. Saruman then said that Sauron's forces were now on the move and have reached the Shire to find and kill the Hobbit who has the ring. Gandalf began to race out to warn Frodo...

But Saruman closed him in, giving Gandalf enough evidence of Saruman's treachery. Saruman offered Gandalf to join him with Sauron, but Gandalf refused, ensuing a fight, to which Saruman had the upper hand, and sent him soaring to the top of the tower, to be imprisoned.

Frodo and Sam accidentally bumped into two fellow Hobbits, Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took, stealing a bunch of vegetables, being chased by Kaoru and Yahiko. But then... the owner of the land was chasing them with some barking dogs. They ran and fell over a ledge and was instantly spotted by one of Sauron's agents, a Black Rider, where for the first time, Frodo began to come under the influence of the ring. And so it seemed... that Kaoru was coming under the ring's influence as well. Merry and Pippin, now joined with Frodo, Sam, Kaoru, and Yahiko, help the travelers reach Bree. They all headed for the Prancing Pony Inn, but Gandalf hasn't been there for six weeks, according to the Innkeeper.

While the travelers waited for Gandalf... Pippin became drunk and was about to expose Frodo because he checked in with the name, Underhill. Frodo rushed to stop Pippin... but he tripped, letting the ring fly from his hand... and vanish after the ring slipped onto his finger.

Frodo was in the Shadow World, where he saw for the first time... the fiery eye of Sauron, lunging for him. Frodo quickly took off the ring, making himself visible again. Then...

Two hooded men grabbed the frightened Hobbit, and dragged him to his room. The strangers told Frodo that they know all about him... and what he carried. As Frodo became deeply shocked to know that other people knowing about him, fearing that they're more of Sauron's agents... Kaoru, Sam, and the others rushed into the room, ready to take them on. But then, one of the strangers was revealed to be Sanosuke, another friend of Kaoru and Yahiko's. But the other stranger was known as 'Strider', by the Innkeeper's reckoning. Strider told Frodo and the others that the Black Riders were coming.

As the riders forcibly entered Bree and the Inn... they reached the Hobbit's room where they saw four beds and two sleeping bags on the floor. The Riders stabbed the beds and sleeping bags repeatedly... but there were only feathers. The travelers were safely in another room with Strider and Sanosuke. They see the riders ride out of Bree in humiliation and fury. Strider revealed to the travelers that they were known as Ringwraiths, or Nazgul, beings that were once known as kings, until Sauron gave them rings of power.

The next day, Strider led Frodo and the others out of Bree. Strider announced that he's leading them to Rivendell. Rivendell was where Kaoru and her friends were going to stay, to sort out the business of the ring. Strider then found a windy hill called Weathertop, where he wants to rest for the night.

While Sanosuke and Strider went to look around, Frodo slept as the others cooked. Frodo immediately put the fire out in a panic, and the Ringwraiths came to them at the top of the ruin, making short work of Frodo's companions. Frodo once again puts on the ring to disappear, seeing the wraiths in their true form, ghastly, ghost-like figures with spiked crowns on their heads. Frodo was stabbed by one of the wraiths, in the shoulder. Then Strider and Sanosuke came to the rescue as Frodo took off the ring. After the rescuers fended off the wraiths, Strider observed Frodo's condition, being poisoned by one of the wraith's blades, when they saw it dissolve into black dust.

As Strider began to rush Frodo and the others to Rivendell, they ran into a beautiful she-elf named Arwen, who elects to bring Frodo to Rivendell, herself. Arwen ran into the Ringwraiths as they chased her all the way towards the river. Arwen used her magic to call forth a great force of white water that crashed into the wraiths and washed them away. But unfortunately, Frodo was at his last breath, or so everyone thought. With all the skills of the elves and Elrond, Frodo was miraculously cured in the nick of time.

Frodo ventured throughout Rivendell, reunited with Gandalf, who was rescued by Kenshin on top of Gwaihir, the lord of the Eagles, from Isengard. Frodo finally met Kenshin and the rest of his companions, Aoshi, Saito, and Misao. Also... Frodo was reunited with his uncle, Bilbo Baggins, who now looked very ancient.

Elrond talked with Gandalf and Kenshin about what has arisen, aside from Saruman's revealed treason. Gandalf also revealed to Elrond that Saruman was breeding an army of crossbred Orcs and Goblins, called Uruk-hai, within the caverns that he, along with a legion of Orcs have dug deep into Isengard. Elrond also noted to Gandalf that the time of the Elves was over. But when Gandalf suggested that they must place their hopes with men, the Lord of Rivendell relented on the account that he was there when Isildur defeated Sauron... but took the ring for himself instead of casting it into Mt. Doom, where it was made, and where it can be destroyed.

The next day, Elrond called a secret meeting consisting of Elves, men, and Dwarves. Kenshin, Aoshi, Sanosuke, and Saito attended along with Frodo and Gandalf. As Frodo placed the ring on a display pedestal, everyone was tempted by its power. A man from Gondor named Boromir called the ring a gift and offered to use the ring against Sauron. But Strider strongly protested, on the account that the ring will only obey its master. Boromir reproached Strider, calling him a lowly ranger. Then and Elf named Legolas defended Strider against Boromir, saying that he was not just a ranger. Legolas then announced that he was, in fact, the heir to the throne of Gondor, Aragorn, son of Arathorn, also heir of Isildur, which shocked everybody.

But despite that, Boromir still thought lowly of Strider, now revealed as Aragorn, saying that Gondor needs no king. Aragorn silently agreed with Boromir, for he feared being king. Gandalf agreed with Aragorn as Elrond announced his decision that the ring must be destroyed. A dwarf named Gimli personally took the responsibility, trying to destroy it with his axe, but ended up breaking his weapon instead, on the fact that the ring cannot be destroyed by any weapon, but within the fires of Mt. Doom.

Boromir believed that going to Mordor was folly. Moments later... an argument broke out in the council. And then... Frodo announced that he would go to Mordor, to throw the ring back into Mt. Doom, even though he doesn't know where. Then a fellowship formed as, one by one, Gandalf, Kenshin, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Sanosuke, Aoshi, Saito, and Boromir pledged to protect the Hobbit. But there were late additions as Sam, Kaoru, and Yahiko came out of the bushes. And then... Misao, along with the other Hobbits, Merry and Pippin rushed in from the pillars. With these latest additions, they were 16 companions, willing to go, with Frodo, to Mordor.

Frodo visited with Bilbo one last time before heading off to Mordor with Kenshin. Bilbo gave his young nephew his old sword, Sting, which was light as an ordinary feather, and glowed bright blue, in the event of an approaching horde of Orcs. Bilbo also gave Frodo a chain mail shirt, made of Mithril, which was also light, but tough to penetrate. As Frodo was about to put the Mithril shirt on, Bilbo saw the ring and tried to take it from Frodo. Frodo luckily recoiled long enough to let his uncle recover as he apologized to Frodo, for everything that he did.

The Fellowship left for Mordor, but ran into trouble when a flock of crows, known as Crebain, flew overhead to which Gandalf named them spies of Saruman. The Fellowship then went for the mountain pass of Caradhras, when it was covered in a treacherous blizzard, to which Saruman made worse as he commanded an avalanche to bury the Fellowship. Caradhras proved to be too dangerous for the Fellowship. Gimli suggested going under the mountain, through the Mines of Moria. Kenshin looked at Gandalf, who had an uncertain expression on his face. Clearly, Moria was the last place the wizard wanted to go. So Gandalf left the decision in Frodo's hands. Frodo fatefully decided to go through Moria.

As the Fellowship reached the bottom, the moon shone and lit up the stone door. The inscription said to "speak 'friend' and enter". Gandalf assessed that it meant, if you're a friend... speak the password. Gandalf tried a few Elvish and Dwarfish spells, but none worked. Frodo and Kaoru looked over the inscription very carefully, since it was written, in Elvish. It was a riddle. Frodo and Kaoru then asked Gandalf for the elvish word for friend, Mellon. Kaoru spoke the word... and the doors opened. The cavern was dark and murky. As Gandalf lit his staff, barrages of Dwarf skeletons lay across the ground, scaring the Fellowship. As they turned to leave, something in the dark lake, in front of the mines, grabbed Frodo by the leg. It was a tentacle that belonged to a hideous creature called a Kraken. Another tentacle grabbed Kaoru. The Kraken was about to eat them, but they were rescued. No match for the creature, the Fellowship ran back into the mines, as the Kraken used its tentacles to crush the doors, enclosing them in the mines.

Gandalf re-lit his staff and led the Fellowship through the mines, informing them that it was a four-day journey to the other side. The Fellowship reached the towering underground city of Dwarrowdelf. Gimli then spotted a tomb, lit by a beam of sunlight, and ran towards it. The tomb belonged to the Lord of Moria, Balin, and Gimli's cousin. Gandalf read a book, held by one of the skeletons. As he finished... Pippin caused one of the corpses to fall into a well, making a ton of noise, which, moments later, drew in nearly every Orc in Moria. The Orcs also brought a cave troll, held by chains. It reached Frodo, and stabbed him with a spear. In response, the Fellowship quickly disposed of it. Everyone once again thought Frodo to be dead, but he instantly recovered, revealing that he was protected by a shirt of Mithril that Bilbo gave him.

Everyone raced out of the tomb, only to be cornered by a greater number of the Orcs. Then a loud, thunderous growl, along with a fiery light, appeared in the great realm. It was a Balrog. The Fellowship then made for the Bridge of Khazad-Dūm to reach the other side. As everyone crossed, Gandalf stood on the bridge to face the demon. The demon fell from the bridge, only to take Gandalf down with it.

The Fellowship finally left Moria and its gruesome dangers, grieving for Gandalf. Aragorn then led them to Lothlorien for shelter and protection, only to be surrounded by Elves. They took the Fellowship to their great city of Caras Galadhon, where they met Celeborn and Galadriel, the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien. Galadriel announced that the quest stood upon the edge of a knife and will fail, if strayed a little.

While the Fellowship took their long-awaited, well-deserved rest, Galadriel silently strode by, waking Frodo. Yahiko and Kaoru awoke moments later and followed Galadriel and Frodo, only to be exposed by Galadriel, who encouraged them to join Frodo as she beckoned the Hobbit to look into a basin, filled with water that Galadriel poured into from a silver ewer. Frodo looked into the water, and saw a vision of his home, the Shire, in flames. Galadriel said that it would come to pass if they failed. To resolve the issue, Frodo offered the ring to Galadriel. But Galadriel turned frighteningly green, proclaiming that she would be a queen, dark, beautiful, and terrible as the dawn. As she reverted back, she said she passed and will remain Galadriel. Frodo still couldn't do it alone, but Galadriel told him to bare the ring was to be alone. If he didn't find a way, then no one ever would.

Elves prepared six boats for the Fellowship as Celeborn told them that Orcs, along with Saruman's Uruk-Hai have taken the Eastern Shore of the Anduin River, and that the Fellowship would be able to outrun them to the Falls of Rauros. As the Fellowship left, they each reflected upon their gifts, given to them by Galadriel.

The Fellowship finally reached the falls, passing by two giant statues carved into they canyons on both sides of the river, called the Argonath. Aragorn planned to cross the lake at night to approach Mordor from the north, crossing a razor-sharp labyrinth called Emyn Muil, and then a great vast swamp, reaching for miles. Gimli wasn't too happy about Aragorn's choice of road, but nevertheless, Aragorn was adamant. Legolas then wanted to leave now, for he sensed danger drawing near. In the confusion, everyone noticed that Frodo was nowhere to be seen, and so were Boromir and Kaoru.

Frodo walked alone in the woods, and was found by Boromir. Boromir then realized what Frodo intended to do and began to ask for the ring, intensifying his behavior. Frodo refused to let Boromir have it on the account that Boromir wasn't himself. Boromir's anger increased and then tackled Frodo, trying to take the ring from him instead. Kaoru observed what was happening and rushed to Frodo's rescue, but Frodo used the ring to disappear and escape from Boromir. Boromir ranted at the top of his lungs, cursing Frodo. Then he tripped, allowing himself to regain his senses and tried to look for Frodo, to tell him how he regrets what he has done.

But Frodo kept running, unable to trust Boromir. As he was in the Shadow World, Frodo saw Barad-dūr, Sauron's fortress, and the Eye of Sauron, once again menacing Frodo. Frodo then took of the ring, to find that Aragorn and Kenshin were behind him, approaching to help. But Frodo ran away, fearing that they'll betray him, just like Boromir. To test Kenshin and Aragorn, Frodo showed the ring to them. The ring's power began to tempt them, but instead, they knelt in front of Frodo, enclosing the ring in his hand. Kenshin and Aragorn respected Frodo's decision saying their peace to him. Sting glowed blue once more, and Frodo ran off, leaving Kenshin and Aragorn to fight the Uruk-Hai.

Aoshi, Legolas, Saito, Sanosuke, and Gimli joined in the battle. As the fight ensued, Frodo continued to make his escape. Frodo then ran into Misao, Merry, and Pippin, who beckoned Frodo to go with them. But Frodo refused, shaking his head. Merry realized that Frodo was leaving, to which Pippin and Misao didn't take too well. Then the Uruks came once again. Merry, along with the reluctant Misao and Pippin, caught the Uruks' attention as they went off in one direction, letting the Uruks follow them, allowing Frodo to make his escape.

When Misao and the Hobbits were cornered by the Uruk-Hai, Boromir rushed to their rescue. Misao and the Hobbits joined Boromir in battle, and then... an Uruk archer came into the battle and shot three arrows into Boromir. Merry and Pippin roared out, crying for the Uruks' blood, but ended up being captured. Misao skillfully jumped up into the trees and began to follow the Uruks, sadly leaving Boromir to his fate.

As the archer was about to deliver the final blow, Aragorn jumped in and killed the Uruk. But it was too late to save Boromir, for he chose to die with honor, to repent for trying to take the ring from Frodo. Kenshin silently disagreed. But before Boromir died, Kenshin and Aragorn swore to Boromir that they would not let Gondor fall to Sauron.

Sam and Yahiko rushed through the forest, looking for Frodo. Kaoru bumped into them and suggested that Frodo be left on his own. But Sam and Yahiko refused to do so. Kaoru then realized that she, along with everyone else, was there in Middle-Earth to stop Sauron and joined up with the young boy and Hobbit.

Frodo reached the spot where the boats were and got into one of them and began to row towards the Eastern Shore. Just then, Sam, Kaoru, and Yahiko raced in to see that Frodo was already on his way to the Eastern Shore. Sam elected to swim towards Frodo. Kaoru and Yahiko followed along. But Sam struggled and sank. Nearly drowning, Sam was caught and brought into Frodo's boat by Frodo, Kaoru, and Yahiko. Fitting perfectly into the boat, they all told Frodo that they promised to stay with him. Frodo conceded, welcoming their company, and they made for the Eastern Shore together.

After sending Boromir over the falls in another boat, Legolas began to put another boat into the river to follow. But Kenshin and Aragorn told the Elf that Frodo chose to be on his own and that they must have faith. Meanwhile, Aoshi worried over Misao's disappearance. Kenshin was certain that Misao went to rescue Merry and Pippin form the Uruk-Hai. Aragorn resolved to help Misao, since she had a big head start, to rescue the imprisoned Hobbits.

Frodo, Sam, Yahiko, and Kaoru trekked over Emyn Muil, on their way to Mordor...

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