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The Importance of Teamwork

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DISCLAIMER: This was originally a Sentinel fic that was published in a zine. But the one-year is up, so I re-worked it, added new scenes, and now it's Brennan and Jesse fucking like bunny rabbits. :)
PAIRING: Brennan/Jesse. What else is there? lol
SUMMARY: Adam sends Jesse and Brennan on a teamwork-building exercise, and things don't go QUITE how Brennan thought they would...
FEEDBACK?: Yes, please! I write whether or not I get feedback, but it DOES inspire me to write MORE, so... ;)
NOTES: Humor, very slight angst, lotsa fucking. First time for Brennan, unknown for Jesse. ;)

Part One

Brennan groaned, shoving his clothes into his bag. He sighed wearily, running his hands through his hair, cursing Adam again for the millionth time that day.

"I so do not want to do all this 'touchy feely' team building crap again," he muttered, wincing as he realized that some good 'touchy feely' was just what he DID want...

He rolled his eyes, sitting heavily on the bed with a snort of exasperation, burying his face in his hands.

Whenever things got slow, Adam liked to put the four of them through team-building exercises, to strengthen their bonds, bring them closer together, forge them into a tighter unit, blah, blah, blah, Brennan thought with a sigh. Usually, it wasn't so bad, he just hated the ones where he would send two of them off someplace to spend a few days together. He cringed, remembering the last one, where it had been he and Shalimar off on some tropical island retreat. She had gone completely feral from the heat and wilderness, and he had spent most of the time there trying to protect his virtue, such as it was. He rubbed absentmindedly at his rear, swearing he could still feel the marks from when she had pinned him down and ripped his shorts off, giving him multiple hickeys on both ass cheeks. He'd finally had to zap her and knock her out just to keep all his body parts where they currently resided. It had been a fun few days...

Not that the retreat with Emma had been any better, he remembered with a wince. She had kept giving him subtle 'whammys' trying to turn him on all weekend. He was sure it wasn't intentional, as he knew Emma wouldn't consciously use her powers like that against any of her teammates, but still...it got real old, REAL fast. He shuddered, remembering Emma 'accidentally' walking in on him in pink lingerie while he was getting dressed. THAT was a vision best left for when one needed a cold shower, and no water was handy...

Like now.

Brennan groaned, flopping onto his back as he stared at the ceiling. Now Adam had decided, it was time for he and Jesse to go 'bond' for a few days. Which on the surface, wasn't such a bad idea, except for the little...problem Brennan had been having these last few months.

"Damn it..." he sighed, rubbing at his eyes. "Too bad what happened with Shal and Em isn't going to happen this time..." he moaned, scowling at the stirring in his pants. He rolled onto his stomach with a despondent moan, clutching at the covers. *Since when have you been into guys, huh Mulwray?* he thought bitterly. *You've done just fine with females for the last 29 years, why do you suddenly have to get a boner for a guy? One who's your teammate, no less? Your STRAIGHT teammate?*

Brennan shook his head wearily as he rolled onto his side, a vision of Jesse taunting him from behind his tightly closed lids. "I so do not need this," he groaned under his breath. "I do not need to be spending all my free time wondering what Jesse looks like naked..."

He laughed bitterly, rolling back onto his back. *You know what he looks like naked, asshole...You just want to know what he looks like when he's naked and-*

"SHIT!" Brennan sputtered, pushing himself into a sitting position as he gulped in a shaky breath. "Leave me alone..." he begged the images that taunted him. "Don't do this to me..."

"Oh, this is gonna be great!" Jesse enthused, dragging his duffel bag out of his room, dropping it by the door next to Brennan's bag. "A five day weekend in the mountains, getting back to nature..."

"We're going to be staying in a cabin with a hot tub, Internet access, and a satellite dish," Brennan said, rolling his eyes with a small grin. "I don't think that qualifies as 'Getting back to Nature'."

"Well, we'll be surrounded by nature," Jesse shrugged, not taking the bait. "Hiking, fishing, swimming. "*I* don't plan on wasting five days of paradise watching ESPN, thank you very much..."

"I just said I was going to watch the game on Saturday, Jess," Brennan protested. "I wasn't planning on spending the whole time coach-potatoing..."

"You'd better not," Jesse admonished as they headed for the SUV. "We've got important things to do this weekend, my elemental friend..."

Brennan shuddered inwardly, swallowing back the moan that almost spilled from his traitorous lungs. He knew he had to be imagining it, but that had almost sounded like a come-on from his more-beloved-than-he-knew friend and teammate. "Yeah, yeah," he replied, managing to sound irritated. "Testing powers, building bridges, building trust, blah blah, blah..."

"Oh, c'mon, Brennan," Jesse protested. "It won't hurt..." he practically purred.

Brennan covered his reaction to *that* statement by tossing his bag into the back of the SUV, and yanking the drivers door open. *The little fucker's a world-class cock-tease, and he doesn't even know it*, he growled inwardly as Jesse hopped into the vehicle, fixing Brennan with what almost passed for a sly smile. *This is gonna be a long five days...*

Two hours later, they were deep in the forest, bumping along a badly paved stretch of road, looking for the turn-off.

"I think this is it!" Jesse exclaimed, pointing to a small road leading off to the right.

"Are you sure?" Brennan said doubtfully, slowing the truck.

"Adam said there was a tree stump carved to look like a lamp to mark the turn-off," Jesse said, pointing to a bizarrely mutilated log at the side of the road. "And I'd say that's it."

"If he thinks that looks like a lamp, I shudder to think of what the cabin is decorated like," Brennan grumbled, turning the SUV down the narrow path. Jesse laughed, patting Brennan on the thigh reassuringly.

"I'm sure you'll love *everything* there..."

Brennan, again, did his best to ignore THAT little remark.

"Wow," Jesse said reverently, dropping his bag on the floor as he stared around the interior of the cabin, taking in the huge fireplace, the high, A-frame ceilings, the floor to ceiling windows that displayed a panoramic view of the lake. "Cabin? Hell, this is a palace!"

"It's nice what money can do, sometimes," Brennan mumbled, increasingly thankful for the large expanse of the place, and the four bedrooms that were widely spaced apart. He leaned his bag up against the wet bar, looking around. He sighed in relief as Jesse ran off to explore the place, giving him some breathing room from the past two hours of being way too temptingly close to his friend. He shook his head, wondering how he had let himself be talked into this little vacation. *Five days, alone in the woods with your teammate, he of whose brains you have wanted to fuck out for the past few months*, Brennan berated himself. *Oh yeah, Mulwray, REAL good move...*

But, if he had refused to go, that would have brought up questions Brennan had NO intention of answering, so here they were, in a virtual pleasure palace, facing five days of nothing but each other's company. Brennan sighed, glancing out at the lake. *Let's hope that thing is good and cold...*

"Brennan!!!" Jesse's voice broke through his reverie. He looked up at his friend, who was leaning over the second floor railing, beaming down at him. "C'mon, you gotta check this place out!!!" Brennan smiled up at him, swallowing back a moan as he headed for the stairs.

Like most other things that Brennan had no idea how Jesse managed to work them his way, despite his best evasive actions, they ended up in the only two bedrooms that were right next to each other. He sighed, knowing there was no way he could switch rooms without bringing up those questions he didn't want to answer. Resigned to his defeat, Brennan began to unpack, trying desperately to ignore the sounds of Jesse stripping in the room right next to him.

"Care for a nice plunge?" Jesse's voice seemed to appear behind him, and he turned, barely swallowing a groan as Jesse stood before him in all his glory, save for a small pair of snugly fitting Speedo's. "C'mon, hurry up! Stop worrying about what to stick where and just dive in, fer cryin' out loud!" he grinned up at Brennan, in a tone Brennan would swear was a come-on if he wasn't a logical man.

"Be right down," Brennan smiled weakly, stepping back away from the too-close, almost naked body of his beloved teammate. "Scram, willya?" he protested, pushing Jesse out of the room. "Let a guy get changed in privacy."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll leave ya alone" Jesse mocked, laughing under his breath, moving out of the room and down the stairs. If Brennan wasn't a sane man, he could have sworn he heard something that sounded like the words 'for now,' whispered under Jesse's breath.

Brennan shook his head against the hallucinations his mind was showing him, and changed slowly, grateful that he'd had the foresight to bring a loose, thick cloth pair of swim trunks.

Brennan slowly walked down to the small cabin front beach by the lake, looking around for Jesse. His eyes scanned the smooth, flat surface of the water, looking around the surrounding area. He frowned, listening carefully. He'd heard Jesse splashing around just minutes ago, where could he have gone? He took several quick strides forward, wading knee-deep into the water, trying to find Jesse. His heart took a sudden leap into his throat as he heard the sound of a Jet Ski driving away from the area. Had Jesse been out in the lake and been hit? Was that why the sound of the Jet Ski was heading directly away from the cabin at full throttle? "No," Brennan groaned desperately, starting to look around frantically. "No, please, not-"

He let out a sudden yelp as something wrapped tightly around his ankle, yanking at it, sending him down onto his butt with a resounding splash as peals of laughter filled his ears.

"I can't BELIEVE you didn't see me!" Jesse chuckled, poking his head up through the water, tossing his hair back. Brennan didn't know whether to growl or groan as Jesse moved up on his hands and knees in front of Brennan, grinning over at him, splashing him slightly. "Talk about all senses on NO alert!" he laughed, moving closer, between Brennan's splayed legs.

"Jesse!!" Brennan barked, crab-walking backwards, away from Jesse who was almost between his thighs, quickly crossing them as he glowered at his grinning, water-soaked teammate. He scolded himself inwardly as he tried desperately not to think of just how wet and slippery Jesse was right then. "You're gonna pay for that," he warned.

"Oooooo..." Jesse purred through puckered lips as he crawled closer, splashing Brennan as he scrambled back again, glaring at him warningly.

"Damn it!!!" Brennan snapped, pushing himself to his feet, almost choking as Jesse grabbed his ankle again, looking up at him with a devilish grin. Brennan looked away frantically as Jesse started to move up onto his knees in front of him, and he pulled himself free, diving into the water, swimming away quickly.

"Aww, Bwennan doesn't want to play?" Jesse cooed, sitting back laughing as Brennan swam away at top speed.

*Bwennan wants to play*, Brennan groaned to himself as his arms and legs pumped frantically away from Jesse. *If you only knew how much Bwennan wants to play...* He heard Jesse's voice fading in the background, calling him back.

Brennan kept swimming, cursing the balmy warmth of the water.

45 minutes later, Brennan was near exhaustion as he reluctantly headed for shore, silently thanking the powers that be that Jesse was no longer in the lake, but puttering around up in the cabin.

"Friggin' cock-tease," Brennan muttered under his breath as he walked up onto the beach, wrapping a towel around his waist. He was no longer half-hard but, "With my luck he's probably dancing around naked, covered in honey in some kind of ancient Mutant forest ritual..." Brennan grumbled, heading up to the cabin.

Luck was with him that Jesse was not in the midst of said ritual, but against him in that he was still only dressed in his skin-tight Speedo's, which, according to Brennan's luck of the weekend, were still wet.

"Want something to eat?"

Brennan cursed silently as Jesse sauntered towards him with a grin, holding out, of all things, a freshly peeled banana.

"No thanks," he growled, moving towards the stairs.

The Gods of irony were definitely on the job that day, as they made sure he got a good glimpse as half of the pale fruit disappeared into Jesse's mouth...

Brennan wasn't sure just how he was able to keep his sanity as well as he did for the rest of the day, but somehow he was able to live through Jesse deciding the weather was perfect for wearing nothing but little cut-off shorts; Jesse reacting to everything he found enjoyable with a happy little groan or a sigh, and Jesse, of course (The Gods of Irony would demand no less) insisting they grill some obscenely large hot dogs for dinner, devouring several of them with relish. (Literally, and with chopped up bits of pickles.)

*I'm gonna have to kill him, or at least put him in a coma for the rest of the weekend*, Brennan thought hysterically as Jesse made slow work of a dark purple Popsicle for desert, sucking on it blissfully as he sprawled across the hammock hanging on the porch, one arm casually tossed over his head, one knee raised just enough to fully display what Brennan wanted for desert.

"Isn't this just amazingly relaxing?" Jesse smiled, stretching languidly as he dropped the Popsicle stick on the small table beside it.

"Yeah, I guess s-" Brennan choked on his forcedly calm reply as Jesse began to casually suck melted Popsicle juice off of his fingers, moaning contentedly as he wiggled down deeper into the folds of the huge hammock.

"Man, this hammock is SO big and comfy..." Jesse sighed, sprawling out across it slowly as Brennan practically bit the neck off his bottle of beer as he drained it frantically. "I bet you could fit two people in it, and still have enough room to thrash around as much as you wanted..." He glanced over as Brennan lurched to his feet, almost staggering into the house. "Bren?"

"Need another beer," Brennan choked out, flying across the hardwood floors towards the refrigerator. He frantically grabbed two beers, holding one against his crotch as he inhaled the other, trying to control the shakes wracking his body. He leaned his forehead against the cold metal of the door, gulping in deep lungfuls of air as he berated himself.

* I'm losing it...* he groaned inwardly. *I'm seeing sex in every damn little thing he does!* He shook his head desperately, trying to clear it of the images it was greedily storing of the day, for more lurid dreams for the night. "I need to get a grip..." he pleaded with himself. "I'm gonna explode if I don't. Or implode. Whatever..."

He finished off the beer he was clutching so desperately, reluctantly pulling the other one off of his crotch, putting it back on the shelf.

"Brennan??" he heard Jesse's voice filter through the window, hearing him getting out of the hammock. "You okay in there?"

*NO!!!!!* Brennan screamed silently. "I'm fine, Jess," he groaned, hurrying towards the stairs. "Just tired. I'm going to bed."

"Aw, Brennan!" Jesse protested, coming into the house, narrowly missing the sight of Brennan flying up the stairs to put distance between them. "Don't go to bed yet! I wanted to check out the hot tub tonight!"

Brennan casually hid his crotch by grinding it into one of the thick logs that supported the banister, managing to keep his voice steady as his mind took THAT image and ran a marathon with it. "So check it out," he growled. "I'm not stopping you."

"Brennan, you KNOW it's not safe to hot tub alone," Jesse sighed, looking up at him pleadingly. "C'mon, please? Just for a little while? It'll help you relax..."

Brennan's mind roared with laughter at THAT little diagnosis as he felt himself stiffening harder at the thought.

"Not tonight, okay Jess?" he managed. "I just want to go to bed." *WITH YOU!!* his mind added helpfully.

"FINE..." Jesse sighed, pouting slightly as Brennan turned and hurried into his room, shutting the door firmly behind him. "Tomorrow night, then!!" he shouted at the closed door, going back out onto the porch.

Brennan sank back on the bed, hoping that James Bond was right, and that tomorrow never comes...

Hot. Slick. Deep. Tight...so tight...

Brennan groaned, plunging deeper into the delicious oblivion of Jesse's ass, feeling the bed shaking from the force of their mating as he moaned his lover's name into the tangled mass of blond hair his fists were clenching in so frantically, as he greedily inhaled its intoxicating scent.

"Yes...yes...JESSE..." he panted, leaning down to devour his mouth, shuddering in pleasure as Jesse locked his ankles around the back of Brennan's neck, pulling him down closer. "So good...so tight...baby, I need you..."

"You have me, Brennan..." Jesse gasped. "Now...always...need you...love you...harder, Brennan, more...please...need more..."

"Anything you want..." Brennan moaned, bracing his forearms on either side of Jesse's head as he began pounding harder and faster into the luxuriously tight channel that was swallowing him whole, burying his face between Jesse's knee and the crook of his neck as he whimpered his name over and over. "So good...so good...Jesse..."

"Yes...BRENNAN..." Jesse panted, digging his fingers deeply into Brennan's shoulders. "Ride me, Brennan... fuck me harder..."

"Oh, God..." Brennan choked, feeling his lungs burning as they struggled to get enough air in, and his throat ache as each breath tore out in a strangled scream of Jesse's name as he pounded into him, feeling his head swimming with an overwhelming mix of love and lust.

He felt Jesse buck underneath him, throwing him off, onto his back as he grabbed Brennan's cock and began pumping it wildly, whispering his name.

Brennan didn't even have time to wonder why Jesse had suddenly switched positions, as he felt the force of his orgasm boiling up through him, surging up through his cock, and exploding over his hand as he shouted Jesse's name out in a long, throat-shredding wail.

HIS hand?

Brennan's eyes shot open, looking frantically around the darkened room, and empty bed.


Brennan forced himself down the stairs, trying to block the images of last night's dreams out of his head, heading towards the kitchen where Jesse had shouted from that breakfast was ready, and to get his ass moving and get down there.

"You are imagining all these so-called 'innuendoes'," he muttered to himself as he headed reluctantly into the kitchen. " 'Get my ass moving'," he sighed. "Wouldn't THAT be fun..."

"Good morning!" Jesse said cheerily as Brennan walked in, handing him a cup of coffee. He tilted his head, looking up at Brennan, the very picture of wide-eyed innocence. "You don't look very happy...didn't you get a good night's sleep?"

"Did you?" Brennan asked cautiously, hiding his reaction behind the rim of the cup as he swallowed nervously around his sore throat. HAD he been screaming out Jesse's name last night? His raw throat certainly seemed to think so.

"Oh, I slept like a baby," Jesse smiled, stretching slowly as he turned back towards the stove, presenting a splendid view of his ass to a hungry-eyed Brennan.

*At least he's wearing a shirt today...* Brennan thought ruefully, wishing it was a little more covering than the thin, skin-tight white tank top Jesse was currently sporting over those same little cut-offs from yesterday. Brennan glanced down, his jaw dropping. Was it his imagination, or had they gotten shorter since last night?

"Ready to eat something good?" Jesse grinned, looking over his shoulder at Brennan, with what he could SWEAR was a coy look, except he steadfastly refused to believe he was hallucinating on top of everything else his mutinous mind was throwing at him.

"I suppose I could choke something down," Brennan said off-handedly, groaning internally as soon as he said it.

"Choking comes later tonight," Jesse said demurely, putting the plates on the table. He glanced over at Brennan's bug-eyed expression, shrugging innocently. "I mean, when it's your turn to cook, of course..." he smiled sweetly.

"Of course..." Brennan agreed, wondering if he could come up with a plausible explanation for getting lost in the woods for the next four days. *Sausages...* Brennan groaned to himself. *He just HAD to make sausages...*

Brennan ground his teeth together furiously in an effort for some semblance of control as his arms swung up again, lifting the axe over his head, bringing it down once again on an innocent piece of wood. It split with a satisfying crack, and did absolutely nothing to satisfy the fury in his blood. He cursed under his breath at the hapless chunks of log that steadfastly refused to calm his heart that hammered in his chest. "Fucking wood," he grumbled, grabbing another piece, splitting it in half with two savage blows. *Fucking wood indeed*, he thought, morosely enjoying the double entendre as his cock throbbed painfully in the confines of his shorts. "Why don't you just calm down?" he growled at his stubbornly stiff cock. "Just keep it down, as soon as we get back home we'll find some homicidal mutant witch, like you always do, get your damn rocks off there..." he grumbled.

He could almost swear he heard his cock laughing at him.

Brennan stumbled into the cabin, muscles aching from the suffering he had inflicted on every piece of wood within a half-mile radius. He smiled grimly at the satisfaction of knowing his body was too damn tired to react to anything, even if Jesse had finally gotten around to the naked honey forest ritual, even if he had added the required hip thrusts and orgasmic screams.

Wrong again.

"Hey Brennan, want to lick a beater?" Jesse asked innocently, holding the afore-mentioned, dripping thick white liquid, kitchen implement out to him. He blinked, wide eyed over at Brennan as his tongue caressed the other beater, lapping the dripping cake batter from its prongs. "I made your favorite vanilla-honey cake... thought you might like a piece..." He smiled, holding it out to Brennan as his tongue wrapped around the center prong. " Or two... I know how much you like something sweet..."

Brennan had to give himself credit for inventiveness. He managed to turn the groan of pure lust that tore from his throat into a violent coughing fit, choking out some lame excuse about sawdust in his throat as he staggered into the bathroom, slamming it shut behind him. *Sawdust...* he groaned. There's no sawdust when you CHOP wood...

*I am not going to survive this weekend...* Brennan thought morosely, stripping off his clothes then jumping into a cold shower, only having to beat off twice to get his body to calm down.

end of part 1

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