...Mightier Than the Sword
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You climb the Rocky Mountains with Emma. You go through a force
field. It was disguised as part of the mountain. As you walk in, Emma gives you a tour of Sanctuary. As Emma
guides you to the lounge, you spot a beautiful icy shallow fountain.
There are oak trees all around you. They spray a scent. It smelt earthy,
as if you were in a forest. You finally arrive at the lounge. You hear
whispers. There were two people. One was a woman in her early twenties. She had long wavy blond hair. She had a sweet jungle fragrance. The other
person was a man in his late twenties. He smelt like pines in the spring. It
was a wonderful smell. They were known as Shalimar and Brennan.
Emma motions for you to follow. You walk up shiny wood stairs. She
leads you in a room. You see a man in his mid twenties. He greets you. You
look around his room. There were posters of men disarming bombs. Emma
tells you he is good at disarming bombs. You notice a beautiful
painting. A painting with a wooden texture. It paints a picture in your
mind. It was like all the famous artists gathered up and painted it. Emma takes you down that hallway. You are led into a huge room.
There lies an aircraft. It was the color of a silent starry night. Then
an alarm goes off. You see Shalimar, Brennan, and Jesse rush into the
aircraft. Emma motions for you to come. You aboard the aircraft with
joy. You buckle up. Then you hear the engine start. You lift up into
the air, and then you blast off into the sky.

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