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What dreams my come...

Author: Stephanie Honey
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Pairing: Helena & Reese
Summary: Very short ficlet with a Helena/Reese twist!

Reese couldn’t believe what was happening. He was almost too stunted to respond. Helena had her arms wrapped around his neck and was kissing him passionately. One of her hands was forcibly tugging at the hair on the nape of his neck while the other was pulling him closer to her. She was kissing him so hard it almost hurt... almost. Finally Reese was knocked out of his shock and started kissing her back with equal passion. His hands found her waist and took a step closer so their bodies where fully molded together. Their hands started roaming over each others bodies as they fought to get closer than humanly possible. Reese started trailing kisses down Helena’s neck as she moaned in pleasure. "Reese..." she whispered, he voice husky and breathless, "I love you..."

Reese jolted up and tried to catch his breath. He took in his surroundings. He was lying in the hospital bed with a throbbing pain in hi right arm. The room was dark and cold. But it was real. And they other reality had just been a dream.

~The End~

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