...Mightier Than the Sword
A Fan Fiction Archive
Chapter one: Knockout
Emma and Jesse were in Jesse's room. Jesse was on top of Emma. He took his shirt off. Then they started kissing alot. Then it happened ,clothes were flying. Emma held the sheets tight. They were both sweaty. Jesse was panting. Then he went up and down slowly on top of Emma. It was a long night. Then Emma fell asleep on Jesse. In the night Jesse quietly went downstairs to get a glass of water. He saw someone. The thing was one of Ashlocke's guards. He started fighting. The guard swung his fist at Jesse ,but Jesse massed, crushing the guards fingers. He kicked the guard ,then knocked him out with a punch in the face. Jesse said," Piece of cake."Then Ashlocke came up behind him and hit him , knocking him out. The next morning Emma woke up to find Jesse gone. There was a note on the bed. Emma ran as fast as she could to Shalimar's room. She showed her the note. *If you don't give me Adam, Jesse will die!* Shalimar Quickly woke Brennan up. They all got dressed and went downstairs to the lab. Adam read the note. " I've got a plan. Go to the Doule Helix, now!" exclaimed Adam. They all rushed to the Double Helix. They started flying to Ashlocke's hideout. "Let's get Jesse back," said Adam.

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