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New Mutant

Written By: Geoff Thurston
Based on the hit TV show


Hidden from the eyes of Genomex, Mutant X is fighting a new threat, Gabriel Ashlocke, also known as patient zero. He is the most powerful mutant alive, but he has an illness and everyday he gets closer to death. Mutant X is out there to destroy him. Mutant X is made up of, Shalimar, she is a feral, Brennan, who can fire lightning from his hands, Jesse, who has the ability to turn solid as stone and intangible as air, Emma, a pretty telempath, who can turn your emotions against you and feels what you feel, and then there’s Adam their leader and ironically the scientist who created them. Protecting a world that doesn’t even know they exist.
Together they are Mutant X.

Chapter One

“Shalimar and Emma, please come over here,” said Adam. They walked over to him and said yes. He said, “I have an assignment for you two. I need you girls to go to the old warehouse on 8th street. There is some of Ashlocke’s guy’s down there with a new mutant from Genomex. Think you girls could go check it out?” “Yeah, sure,” answered both of them.
They drove there. They snuck inside the building. “Let’s kick him around. This will be fun,” said the thugs. “Let us join the party,” said Shalimar. Shalimar got out of her hiding place and ran towards the thugs. She started fighting. Emma yelled “I think you will need some help!” Two thugs ran over to Emma. She used her sonic blast to hit one of them. Then she kicked the thug to Shalimar. She threw the thug into some cans. Emma ran toward the new mutant and took the tape off his mouth and untied the ropes. She asked if he was okay. He said yes. Then he said, “I escaped Genomex. They were about to kill me. They either kill the new mutants or use them.” “We know,” said Shalimar. Then Emma gazed into his eyes. She looked into his mind. “Just relax. This will only take a minute,” said Emma. She saw him being apart of…..Genomex! Emma looked into his eyes with fear. He knew she found out. He used his power, super strength, and grabbed Emma and threw her into the wall. “This was a setup to get you guys out of Ashlocke’s way. Now he has Adam.” said the mutant. Then Shalimar leaped at him and punched and double kicked him. He fell to the floor, but he quickly got up and grabbed Shalimar by the neck. He started lifting her into the air. Then he threw her into some barrels.
Before he left he said, “This was a good setup to get you guys out of Ashlocke’s way so he could force Adam make a cure for his sickness and by the way your friends are on our side now. Thanks to Ashlocke’s command chip. Hahahahahahah!”

Chapter Two

Hello my name is Adam Kane. I’m a genetic researcher. I was designing a cure for young people, but something went wrong. Their DNA began to mutate. They became mutants with special abilities. MUTANT X: Shalimar, Brennan, Jesse, Emma and Adam. We protect a world that doesn’t even know we exist, and hidden from Genomex….We are…..MUTANT X.

Chapter Three

Shalimar and Emma got up from the floor. Then they remembered that Adam is in trouble. They ran to their car and they started driving to the Sanctuary. Back at the Sanctuary, Ashlocke started beating Adam up. “Tell me the cure for my sickness!” yelled Ashlocke. Adam kept saying no. Ashlocke yelled with pain. He clutched his stomach. Then he got back up. “See Adam, I’m dying.” Then Shalimar and Emma came in. Brennan and Jesse were in their way. “We have to do this, we are sorry,” said Emma. “You choose,” said Emma. “I’ll take Brennan,” said Shalimar. Emma kicked Jesse. Then she kicked Jesse again, but before she could kick him, he turned into stone. “OWWW!” yelled Emma. She fell to the ground. Then Jesse came closer to her. She used her sonic blast. It knocked him out. Then Shalimar punched Brennan and then double kicked him in the face. Then he got knocked out. Shalimar helped Emma get up. They ran to Ashlocke. Shalimar kicked him. Then Adam yelled to Emma to get the particle decelerator blaster. She ran to Adam’s research lab. She spotted the blaster on a desk. She grabbed it. She was half way through the door until the mutant from the warehouse appeared. He pushed her to the floor. The blaster slid across the room. He started to walk over to the blaster until Emma grabbed his foot. He fell to the floor. Emma got up and grabbed the blaster. The mutant got up. Emma shot him with the blaster. He turned into dust. Emma ran to Adam. Ashlocke punched Shalimar to the ground. Then Emma threw the blaster to Adam. Adam caught it. He pointed it to Ashlocke. Ashlocke laughed. “Do you actually think I would bring my real body here?” “What do you mean?” asked Adam. “I’m a clone. The real Ashlocke sent me to get the cure, but since you won’t make the cure, I’ll have to kill your team and bring you to the real Ashlocke.” said clone Ashlocke. “Yeah right,” said Adam. “It’s true Adam. I read his mind,” said Emma. While Adam wasn’t looking, clone Ashlocke kicked the blaster out of Adam’s hands. Jesse and Brennan showed up. They started to attack Emma and Shalimar, but Emma used her sonic blast to hit the command chip off Brennan and Jesse. They turned back to normal. Shalimar punched Ashlocke, then Emma used her sonic blast, and Brennan used his lightning. Clone Ashlocke blocked their moves. Emma ran up to Ashlocke. She punched him. He grabbed her by her arm and threw her into Adam. Jesse and Brennan attacked Clone Ashlocke. Brennan used his lightning. Jesse turned to solid stone. He kicked Clone Ashlocke. Then Clone Ashlocke became angry. He used his power blast to hit Jesse. Jesse flew into the wall. Clone Ashlocke grabbed Brennan and punched and kicked him in the stomach. He fell to the floor. Shalimar leaped at him. She jumped on his neck. She started punching him in the face. He threw her off. She flipped in the air and landed on her feet. She grabbed the blaster. She started shooting. He dodged the beams. Then she started reloading the blaster. He walked closer and closer. He kicked her. He grabbed the blaster and reloaded it. He pointed it at Shalimar. “Say good bye Shalimar!” exclaimed Clone Ashlocke. Emma quickly got up to her feet and used her sonic blast. It went toward Clone Ashlocke. It barely hit him. He bounced it back to Emma. She bounced it back to him. Then she quickly shot three sonic blasts to Clone Ashlocke. He blocked them all. Shalimar jumped on his back and grabbed the blaster. She shot him. He turned to dust. Shalimar and Emma helped Adam, Jesse, and Brennan get up from the floor. “We have to go to Genomex and find Ashlocke. Let’s go.” said Adam. They all went on the aircraft. “Is everyone buckled up?” asked Adam. “Yeah,” said everyone. “Then let’s go!” exclaimed Adam. They took off. They started to land. “Brennan, don’t forget to turn the invisibility mode on,” said Emma. “I know, I know,” said Brennan. They got out. “Brennan and Shalimar, I want you to look around Eckhart’s old lab and Jesse and Emma, you look around in the basement, and I will look on the main floor. If you guy’s find Ashlocke, tell me,” said Adam. “Ok!” exclaimed everyone. Shalimar and Brennan snuck in Eckhart’s office. They looked around. Suddenly two guards ran into the room. “Freeze!” exclaimed both of the guards. One of the guards loaded his shotgun. Shalimar looked at Brennan with fear.

Chapter Four

Shalimar quickly kicked one of the guards. Brennan used his lightning and shot it at one of the guards. Shalimar threw the guard out the window. “Well that was easy,” said Shalimar. Brennan and Shalimar started making out until Emma called them on their comring. Then they went to find the rest of the team. "Darn it something always interupts us," said Brennan. Emma and Jesse walked up to four guards guarding the basement. The door had a sign which read: Gabriel Ashlocke’s Office. Emma looked at all four of the guards in the eye and made them think they were on fire. They screamed. Jesse grabbed the card from one of the guards. He slid it through the card slot. Beep……… ~access granted~
They walked through the doors. Adam was down there.
Emma called Brennan and Shalimar to come to the basement on her com ring. They were on their way. “Did you know I can’t use my powers anymore?” asked Ashlocke. “No,” said Adam. “That means you have to make a cure for me,” said Ashlocke. “No matter what you do, I’m not going to make a cure,” said Adam. Then Shalimar and Brennan arrived. Emma, Brennan, Jesse, and Shalimar went down the stairs and attacked Ashlocke. Brennan used his power. Jesse double punched him in the stomach.
Then Shalimar jump-kicked him in the face. Emma untied the ropes on Adam. Emma used her sonic blast. It hit Ashlocke. They all ran out of the Genomex building. Five GSA agents went after them. Brennan used his power and it hit two agents. Shalimar jumped on one of the agents and started punching him. One of them grabbed Adam. Adam punched him. Emma made the agent think he was drowning. The agent fell to the ground.
Jesse turned to solid stone and kicked one the agents in the stomach. They ran into the double helix. They flew back to the sanctuary.

The next day………….

Shalimar and Brennan started making out...in Brennan's room. She ripped his shirt off. then Jesse came in. "uhhh....we weren't doing anything," blushed Shalimar. Jesse looked suspictionly at them.

“Adam what are you doing?” asked Emma. “Oh, I’m just reading about the new mutants at Genomex.” “Adam, I wanted to ask you something,” said Emma. “I’m listening,” said Adam. “What’s going to happen to Ashlocke?” asked Emma. He looked into her eyes. She read his mind. He said, “…….nothing he will just die from his disease,” said Adam. Emma nodded her head. She walked out of the room. Adam went back to reading.


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