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Where There Is Hope

by Maureen Thayer

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This story is a crossover with the series Hope Island and contains characters from that show.
Rating: PG-13
Time of Story's Events: AU / Post Red Storm
Content Warning: Mild language, adult situations, violence, sexual content
Information for Hope Island fans: This story takes place shortly after the events of the episode "Batten Down The Hatches" (Kenny/missing photo/charity auction).  It is an Alternate Universe story, not taking place in the same ‘universe’ as that of the series Hope Island or F/X: The Series.  Therefore, events in it may result in things happening differently than what we saw in later episodes of Hope Island.
Warning: Many HI fans may not be happy with certain developments in this story, but please keep reading.  I think that you will be pleased with the way everything turns out.


Daniel Cooper strolled down the dirt road, heading for the Hope Island ferry landing. He could hear the sound of the ferry’s horn as it approached.

"Hi, Daniel."

The young minister turned to see Alex Stone walking toward him, a plate of food in her hands. "Hi, Alex. Whose breakfast is that?"

"Oh, it’s for Nub," said the owner of Hope Island’s one and only inn. "Brian’s got him working like a slave over at the dock, and I figured I’d better bring him some food before he passes out from hunger. So, are you going to the mainland or something?"

"Yeah, I need to get some tools to do some work on the church, some things that Ruby and Bonita don’t have at the general store."

Alex glanced down at the fingers of Daniel’s hands, which were adorned with band-aids. "Do you think your fingers can survive more work on the church?"

The reverend glanced down at his injured digits. "Actually, it’s usually only the hammer I have trouble with, unless I’m distracted. I always did have trouble with hammers. I used to use other tools quite a lot, and I still have all my fingers, as you can see."

"Really. And here I thought that your disability was with all tools," Alex said, smiling mischievously.

Daniel gave her a slightly sarcastic smile. He looked toward the landing. The ferry had docked and the passengers were getting off. As he and Alex continued walking toward it, he studied the faces of the people disembarking. Suddenly, he came to an abrupt halt, his face losing all color.

"Daniel? What’s wrong?" Alex asked in concern.

Daniel just kept staring toward the ferry, clearly oblivious to what she’d said. All at once, he spun around and quickly walked away from the dock.

"Daniel, what is it?" Alex called after him.

"I have to get back to the church, Alex. I’ll see you later." He sped up his pace and was soon heading up the hill toward the church.

Alex watched him leave, confused and very curious. She turned back toward the ferry and looked at the passengers who had gotten off it. Most were islanders and relatives of residents. There was one stranger, though, a short blond woman with an athletic build. Alex watched as Callie Pender ran toward the blonde and the two women hugged.   The woman had to be the reason for Daniel's odd behavior.

"So, who are you, and what made Daniel run away like that?" There was something going on here, and Alex intended to find out what it was.

Daniel shut the door of the church and leaned against it. Why here? Of all the places that she could go, why did it have to be Hope Island? Did she know he was there? How could she have found out?

Daniel sat down heavily on one of the pews. ‘What am I going to do? I don’t want to run again. I finally feel at home here. But if she found me, then. . . .’ Daniel stood up and went to the house. He stared at the phone, torn between picking it up and making the call that would end his life on Hope Island or remaining silent and praying that doing so didn’t result in the end of his life on Earth.

Daniel sat on the kitchen chair, resting his face in his hands. It had been wonderful to see her. He had believed that he never would again. He had missed her terribly these months that he’d been away from her.

‘If she doesn’t know I’m here, then I have to stay out of sight. I can’t let her see me.’ And what if she did know?

Daniel went to his bedroom. He pulled out the bottom drawer of the bureau and felt underneath it. He pulled out a manila envelope. Opening it, he dumped out the contents. Daniel picked up one of the photos that had fallen to the floor. It was a picture of him, with longer hair, standing beside the woman who had just arrived, his arm around her shoulder.

"Why are you here? What if he followed you?"

He stared at the picture a long time, then the man who was once Rollie Tyler put it and the rest of the envelope’s contents back in their hiding place.

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