...Mightier Than the Sword
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Scene 1 - Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo are still in the manor living room, Paige is putting up a force field near the door, when she finishes it, it knocks her back flying into the wall.

Paige: Ow!
Piper: You okay Paige?
Paige: - Gets Up - Yeah, I'm good.
Phoebe: Has it worked?
Paige: Nope.

- Piper puts her head down. -

Leo: You ok sweetie?
Piper: No, Leo, last time this happened, we lost Prue.
Paige: - Looks at TV - Oh my god, there here.

- They look at the TV, they see news people, live filming outside the manor house. -

Piper: - Jumps up - Oh no.

- They hear knocks at the door, and them kicking the door. -

Paige: What do we do?

- A guy runs in with a camera, Phoebe kicks him around the face, sending him flying onto the door, then, she kicks him in the stomach sending him flying out the door, she closes the door, and locks it. -

Piper: There all over out there. - Looks at the TV -

News: (ON TV) We are currently trying to get into the house, to get Piper Halliwell, and have her taken down to a facility, where we can find out, how she did, what she did, this is Yvonne Wilkinson reporting, channel 5 news.

- Piper, with her anger, lifts her hands, and blows up the TV. -

- Phoebe, looks out of the window, she sees police vans and cars. -

Phoebe: Oh God.
Paige: What?
Phoebe: Guns, Guns, Guns and more Guns.
Piper: We should get upstairs.
Piper: Good idea.

- They all start to run upstairs -

-- Blackout--

Scene 2 - In the attic, they all walk in, Paige walks to the attic window, and looks outside, she sees more police cars driving up.

Paige: We need to do something.
Phoebe: Like what?

- Paige runs for the book, starts flipping through, Phoebe stands infront of her. -

Paige: - Stops at a page - Tempus, a demon who can take back time, what do you think?
Phoebe: - Looks at Piper - That's what she used last time Paige, it didn't save Prue.
Paige: Oh - I'm sorry.
Phoebe: It's okay, you didn't know.
Piper: I'm gonna get Wyatt.

- Piper leaves the attic, and goes into Wyatt's room, Paige carries on looking through the book -

- Cut into Wyatt's room, Piper walks to Wyatt's cradle, a tear drops down Piper's face, the news lady and 2 coppers run in Wyatt's room -

Police #1: Freeze! - holding gun out -

- Piper turns around in fright. -


Scene 3 - Back in the attic, they hear smacks, and Piper screaming.

Leo: Piper! - runs out the attic, with Phoebe and Paige following. -

- They exit the attic, and see the 2 cops hitting Piper with the guns, Paige lifts her hand -

Paige: Lamp! - the lamp appears in her hand, she throws it the news lady's head, knocking her out. -

- Leo punches one of the cops, and the headbuts him, kicking him in the face, knocking him out too, Phoebe legs one up, then the copper legs her up, they both jump out, Phoebe punches him knocking him into the wall, him knocked out. -

Leo: - kneels down to Piper, and heals her - You okay?
Piper: Wyatt... - jumps up and goes to get him -

- She picks Wyatt up -

Piper: Thank god.
Leo: - strokes Wyatt's head - Hey, little guy.

- Piper smiles at Leo, he smiles back. -

- Everyone hears someone entering the house, and walking upstairs -

Piper: (Quietly) Leo, orb Wyatt out of here.
Leo: Okay, - orbs out with Wyatt -

- They see a shadow on the wall, it's a man... Its Daryl, they all seem like "phew" -

Piper: - Wipes head - Hey Daryl.
Daryl: Hey.. It's happened again, huh?
Piper: - Looks down - Yes.
Daryl: Don't worry.. I won't let happen, what happened last time.
Phoebe: Thanks Daryl.
Daryl: I'm gonna try keep them off your back for a while.

- Someone runs up the stairs, its 3 more coppers, Daryl turns around in fright. -

Copper #1: Well, well, well.. Morris is stood there talking to the witches.. - shoots Daryl -

Paige: Hey! Table!

- Before the table reaches her hand, she throws the table at the 3 coppers, knocking them all out, and sending them flying down the stairs, everyone kneels down to Daryl -

Piper: Oh my god, Daryl.

- Daryl lies there in pain. -

Phoebe: Your gonna be fine, LEO! LEO!

- Cut outside to the police andt he reporters half of the reporters are reporting to the cameras, telling everyone what the charmed ones have done... -

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