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Scene 1 - At the halliwell manor, Paige is lying in bed, her alarm goes off, she jumps up in fright.

Paige: Oh..

- Cut into the kitchen, Piper and Leo are making coffee and breakfast, Phoebe runs into the kitchen -

Phoebe: OK, seriously, this house is in dier need of more hot water.
Piper: Good morning to you too.
Phoebe: Sorry.. Morning Piper, Morning Leo, oh and did you hear what I just said?
Piper: Yes, unfortunately.
Phoebe: Good, because I think its so needs to be done.
Piper: Money doesn't grow on trees Phoebe.
Phoebe: More hot water, costs money?

- Piper nods -

Phoebe: Oh well, see you guys later. - begins to walk -
Piper: Hold it! - Did you get my dress for the party tonight?

- Phoebe puts her hand on her face -

Phoebe: - Turns to Piper - ... Nope.
Piper: - Phoebe!
Phoebe: I'm sorry, I must of forgot.
Piper: - Begins to walk out the kitchen - I'll do it myself.
Phoebe: - Turns to Leo - Whats up with her?
Leo: You know, the club being took off her.
Phoebe: I know.. God poor Piper, she loved that club.
Leo: I know, this morning, she thought she was going to have to run the club tonight, until she remembered.
Phoebe: Oh god, she needs some cheering up.
Leo: Like what?
Phoebe: Well, the party tonight? Could something good happening there.
Leo: .. Phoebe, we're not invited, she's gonna be all alone.
Phoebe: - Squints eyes - You do talk about Piper like she has no friends.
Leo: - Little laugh - I know, I'm sorry, I just wish we could go with her, I'm kinda worried about her.
Phoebe: She's gonna be fine. - looks at watch - Oh god, I gotta get going, see you later.
Leo: Bye.

- Hear Phoebe exiting the manor, Leo takes a sip of his coffee -

-- Credits --

Scene 2 - Dress shop, Piper walks upto the till.

Piper: Hi, I'm here to pick up a dress labelled for Piper Halliwell.
Till Lady: OK, I'll just go get it.
Piper: Thanks.

- Piper sees a woman running out of the changing rooms, the woman is screaming, Then a massive uber demon walks out of the changing rooms. -

Piper: Hey!

- The demon looks at Piper, she rases her hands to blow him up, she does it, the demon is splattered all over the clothes and walls. -

- The customers, and the workers, all look at Piper, scared and shocked, Piper runs out of the shop. -

-- Blackout --

Scene 3 - Back at the manor house, Piper runs in through the door.

Piper: Leo, Paige, Phoebe! anybody here?

- Leo and Paige run out of the kitchen -

Paige: Piper, whats wrong?
Piper: I just exposed us all.
Leo: What, what are you talking about?
Piper: I was in the shop, a demon, I blowed him up.
Paige: Oh god, we need to get Phoebe.
Piper: Where is she?
Leo: Work.

- Piper reaches for the phone, and rings up Phoebe's cell -

- Cut to Phoebe, with her cell ringing, she answers. -

Phoebe: Hello?
Piper: (On Cell) Phoebe, come home.
Phoebe: Why, whats up?
Piper: We've been exposed.
Phoebe: Oh my god, I'll be right there. - turns cell off -

- Phoebe begins to run out of the door. -

- Cut to the shop, the owner, is re-playing the camera, seeing what happened in the shop. -

- They see, Piper blowing up the demon. -

Till Lady: Oh my god, we have got to sell this to the press.
Owner: OK - ejects tape -

- Gives the tape to the till lady, she walks out. -


Scene 4 - At the manor house, Phoebe runs in through the door.

Phoebe: I'm here!
Piper: - Walks to Phoebe - Phoebe, this can't happen again.
Phoebe: - Hugs Piper - It's okay.
Leo: What are we gonna do?
Phoebe: Well, who saw you?
Piper: Everybody, the workers, the customers, everybody.
Phoebe: Chances are, they would have caught it on the security camera.

- Hear Paige scream -

Piper: Paige!

- They all run into the living room. -

- Paige is watching TV, with her hand over her mouth, they all look at the TV, and see Piper blowing up the demon. -

Piper: Oh my god.
Phoebe: - Hugs Piper - It's gonna be okay.
Piper: - Crying - It's not, it's gonna be happen all over again.

- Phoebe begins to cry too -


To be continued... Coming Soon!

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