A Reality Check by Chloe4Ashely
Summary: Piper is caught on camera vanquishing a demon in a shop, The Charmed Ones' now have to re-live the hell they went through with Prue.
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Genres: Supernatural
Warnings: Violence
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1. Being Exposed by Chloe4Ashely

2. The Consequences by Chloe4Ashely

3. Be Prepared by Chloe4Ashely

4. Finding Phoebe by Chloe4Ashely

5. The Big Ending by Chloe4Ashely

Being Exposed by Chloe4Ashely
Scene 1 - At the halliwell manor, Paige is lying in bed, her alarm goes off, she jumps up in fright.

Paige: Oh..

- Cut into the kitchen, Piper and Leo are making coffee and breakfast, Phoebe runs into the kitchen -

Phoebe: OK, seriously, this house is in dier need of more hot water.
Piper: Good morning to you too.
Phoebe: Sorry.. Morning Piper, Morning Leo, oh and did you hear what I just said?
Piper: Yes, unfortunately.
Phoebe: Good, because I think its so needs to be done.
Piper: Money doesn't grow on trees Phoebe.
Phoebe: More hot water, costs money?

- Piper nods -

Phoebe: Oh well, see you guys later. - begins to walk -
Piper: Hold it! - Did you get my dress for the party tonight?

- Phoebe puts her hand on her face -

Phoebe: - Turns to Piper - ... Nope.
Piper: - Phoebe!
Phoebe: I'm sorry, I must of forgot.
Piper: - Begins to walk out the kitchen - I'll do it myself.
Phoebe: - Turns to Leo - Whats up with her?
Leo: You know, the club being took off her.
Phoebe: I know.. God poor Piper, she loved that club.
Leo: I know, this morning, she thought she was going to have to run the club tonight, until she remembered.
Phoebe: Oh god, she needs some cheering up.
Leo: Like what?
Phoebe: Well, the party tonight? Could something good happening there.
Leo: .. Phoebe, we're not invited, she's gonna be all alone.
Phoebe: - Squints eyes - You do talk about Piper like she has no friends.
Leo: - Little laugh - I know, I'm sorry, I just wish we could go with her, I'm kinda worried about her.
Phoebe: She's gonna be fine. - looks at watch - Oh god, I gotta get going, see you later.
Leo: Bye.

- Hear Phoebe exiting the manor, Leo takes a sip of his coffee -

-- Credits --

Scene 2 - Dress shop, Piper walks upto the till.

Piper: Hi, I'm here to pick up a dress labelled for Piper Halliwell.
Till Lady: OK, I'll just go get it.
Piper: Thanks.

- Piper sees a woman running out of the changing rooms, the woman is screaming, Then a massive uber demon walks out of the changing rooms. -

Piper: Hey!

- The demon looks at Piper, she rases her hands to blow him up, she does it, the demon is splattered all over the clothes and walls. -

- The customers, and the workers, all look at Piper, scared and shocked, Piper runs out of the shop. -

-- Blackout --

Scene 3 - Back at the manor house, Piper runs in through the door.

Piper: Leo, Paige, Phoebe! anybody here?

- Leo and Paige run out of the kitchen -

Paige: Piper, whats wrong?
Piper: I just exposed us all.
Leo: What, what are you talking about?
Piper: I was in the shop, a demon, I blowed him up.
Paige: Oh god, we need to get Phoebe.
Piper: Where is she?
Leo: Work.

- Piper reaches for the phone, and rings up Phoebe's cell -

- Cut to Phoebe, with her cell ringing, she answers. -

Phoebe: Hello?
Piper: (On Cell) Phoebe, come home.
Phoebe: Why, whats up?
Piper: We've been exposed.
Phoebe: Oh my god, I'll be right there. - turns cell off -

- Phoebe begins to run out of the door. -

- Cut to the shop, the owner, is re-playing the camera, seeing what happened in the shop. -

- They see, Piper blowing up the demon. -

Till Lady: Oh my god, we have got to sell this to the press.
Owner: OK - ejects tape -

- Gives the tape to the till lady, she walks out. -


Scene 4 - At the manor house, Phoebe runs in through the door.

Phoebe: I'm here!
Piper: - Walks to Phoebe - Phoebe, this can't happen again.
Phoebe: - Hugs Piper - It's okay.
Leo: What are we gonna do?
Phoebe: Well, who saw you?
Piper: Everybody, the workers, the customers, everybody.
Phoebe: Chances are, they would have caught it on the security camera.

- Hear Paige scream -

Piper: Paige!

- They all run into the living room. -

- Paige is watching TV, with her hand over her mouth, they all look at the TV, and see Piper blowing up the demon. -

Piper: Oh my god.
Phoebe: - Hugs Piper - It's gonna be okay.
Piper: - Crying - It's not, it's gonna be happen all over again.

- Phoebe begins to cry too -


To be continued... Coming Soon!
The Consequences by Chloe4Ashely
Scene 1 - Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo are still in the manor living room, Paige is putting up a force field near the door, when she finishes it, it knocks her back flying into the wall.

Paige: Ow!
Piper: You okay Paige?
Paige: - Gets Up - Yeah, I'm good.
Phoebe: Has it worked?
Paige: Nope.

- Piper puts her head down. -

Leo: You ok sweetie?
Piper: No, Leo, last time this happened, we lost Prue.
Paige: - Looks at TV - Oh my god, there here.

- They look at the TV, they see news people, live filming outside the manor house. -

Piper: - Jumps up - Oh no.

- They hear knocks at the door, and them kicking the door. -

Paige: What do we do?

- A guy runs in with a camera, Phoebe kicks him around the face, sending him flying onto the door, then, she kicks him in the stomach sending him flying out the door, she closes the door, and locks it. -

Piper: There all over out there. - Looks at the TV -

News: (ON TV) We are currently trying to get into the house, to get Piper Halliwell, and have her taken down to a facility, where we can find out, how she did, what she did, this is Yvonne Wilkinson reporting, channel 5 news.

- Piper, with her anger, lifts her hands, and blows up the TV. -

- Phoebe, looks out of the window, she sees police vans and cars. -

Phoebe: Oh God.
Paige: What?
Phoebe: Guns, Guns, Guns and more Guns.
Piper: We should get upstairs.
Piper: Good idea.

- They all start to run upstairs -

-- Blackout--

Scene 2 - In the attic, they all walk in, Paige walks to the attic window, and looks outside, she sees more police cars driving up.

Paige: We need to do something.
Phoebe: Like what?

- Paige runs for the book, starts flipping through, Phoebe stands infront of her. -

Paige: - Stops at a page - Tempus, a demon who can take back time, what do you think?
Phoebe: - Looks at Piper - That's what she used last time Paige, it didn't save Prue.
Paige: Oh - I'm sorry.
Phoebe: It's okay, you didn't know.
Piper: I'm gonna get Wyatt.

- Piper leaves the attic, and goes into Wyatt's room, Paige carries on looking through the book -

- Cut into Wyatt's room, Piper walks to Wyatt's cradle, a tear drops down Piper's face, the news lady and 2 coppers run in Wyatt's room -

Police #1: Freeze! - holding gun out -

- Piper turns around in fright. -


Scene 3 - Back in the attic, they hear smacks, and Piper screaming.

Leo: Piper! - runs out the attic, with Phoebe and Paige following. -

- They exit the attic, and see the 2 cops hitting Piper with the guns, Paige lifts her hand -

Paige: Lamp! - the lamp appears in her hand, she throws it the news lady's head, knocking her out. -

- Leo punches one of the cops, and the headbuts him, kicking him in the face, knocking him out too, Phoebe legs one up, then the copper legs her up, they both jump out, Phoebe punches him knocking him into the wall, him knocked out. -

Leo: - kneels down to Piper, and heals her - You okay?
Piper: Wyatt... - jumps up and goes to get him -

- She picks Wyatt up -

Piper: Thank god.
Leo: - strokes Wyatt's head - Hey, little guy.

- Piper smiles at Leo, he smiles back. -

- Everyone hears someone entering the house, and walking upstairs -

Piper: (Quietly) Leo, orb Wyatt out of here.
Leo: Okay, - orbs out with Wyatt -

- They see a shadow on the wall, it's a man... Its Daryl, they all seem like "phew" -

Piper: - Wipes head - Hey Daryl.
Daryl: Hey.. It's happened again, huh?
Piper: - Looks down - Yes.
Daryl: Don't worry.. I won't let happen, what happened last time.
Phoebe: Thanks Daryl.
Daryl: I'm gonna try keep them off your back for a while.

- Someone runs up the stairs, its 3 more coppers, Daryl turns around in fright. -

Copper #1: Well, well, well.. Morris is stood there talking to the witches.. - shoots Daryl -

Paige: Hey! Table!

- Before the table reaches her hand, she throws the table at the 3 coppers, knocking them all out, and sending them flying down the stairs, everyone kneels down to Daryl -

Piper: Oh my god, Daryl.

- Daryl lies there in pain. -

Phoebe: Your gonna be fine, LEO! LEO!

- Cut outside to the police andt he reporters half of the reporters are reporting to the cameras, telling everyone what the charmed ones have done... -
Be Prepared by Chloe4Ashely
Scene 1 - Back at the manor house, night, Daryl is still lying in pain, and Phoebe still trying to call Leo.

Phoebe: LEO! LEO!

- Leo orbs in, and looks down at Daryl, and then kneels down himself, he starts to heal Daryl -

Piper: Where's Wyatt?
Leo: He's with the elders.

- Leo finishes healing Daryl, Daryl stands -

Phoebe: You ok Daryl?
Daryl: Yeah fine.. Thanks Leo.
Piper: What did the elders say?
Leo: Oh.. They said, there's a way to fix this.
Piper: Yes...
Leo: Yeah, there's a spell which can re-fix something, say if you ate something your allergic to, you can take it back...
Piper: - Laughs - Except this is kinda a bit more serious.
Phoebe: What is the spell?
Leo: They don't know.
Piper: Oh that's great.


Scene 2 - Next morning, Manor house, Piper is asleep on the sofa, Paige is stood next to the window, she looks out.

Paige: There still out there guys!

- Phoebe and Leo walk back in the living room from the kitchen, Phoebe sits on the end of the sofa. -

Phoebe: We need to find the spell, for what the elders said.
Leo: Yeah.. You think it's safe to bring Wyatt back down here?
Phoebe: No, I would keep him up there, until this is all over.

- Paige looks back out the window, she sees people pointing guns at the house. -

Paige: Urgh.. guys, think you might wonna see this.

- Phoebe and Leo, walk upto the window, and take a look, there eyes widen. -

Phoebe: Oh my god.

- Leo runs to Piper, and tries to wake her up, she wakes. -

Piper: Leo, what's going on? - jumps up -

- The coppers start banging on the door, trying to kick it down. -

Phoebe: Piper.. you and Leo go upstairs, we'll handle em'
Piper: You sure?
Phoebe: Yeah. go..

- Leo takes Piper's hand, they both run up the stairs. -

- The door breaks down, about 5 coppers run at Phoebe and Paige, Phoebe drop kicks one round the face, Paige picks up a vase of flowers and smashes it over ones head, knocking him out, Phoebe grabs one by the jacket and throws him at the wall. -

Phoebe: Paige, upstairs!

- They both run upstairs, with several coppers running after them -

-- Blackout --

Scene 3 - Phoebe and Paige run into the attic, locking the door, they run to Piper and Leo.

Phoebe: Okay, when I said, we were gonna handle em', I was kidding.

- They hear someone kicking the attic door, they all walk back, the attic door breaks down, Paige grabs the book -

- They all to run at them. -

Piper: Paige, find the spell!

- One tries to punch Piper, but she ducks, then accidently falls over -

Piper: Ow!

- Phoebe levitates and kicks on the forehead, knocking him out, Leo grabs a sword, swinging it around, finally, he swings for the officer, cutting his arm open, while the copper is in pain, Leo kicks him around the face. -

Paige: - flipping through book - Come on, come on...

- A Copper, sees Paige, swings his gun around Paige's face, knocking her out, he picks up the book. -

Piper: Phoebe, he's got the book!

- Phoebe runs towards him, bashing him into the window, they both fall from, the attic window, they land on the grass outside, Phoebe lying there, unconcious -

Piper: Phoebe! - stands -

- An officer grabs Piper, slamming his gun over her head, he pushes to the floor, getting ready to shoot her, Leo punches an officer on the floor, knocking him out, he looks for Piper. -

Leo: No! - jumps on the officer, the officer shoots the gun, shooting Leo in the arm, Leo punches him, knocking out, Leo stands, and helps Piper up. -

Piper: - Sees Paige unconcious - Paige...

- Piper and Leo run towards Paige, Leo starts to heal her, she wakes up. -

Piper: - Helps Paige Up - You ok?
Paige: Yeah. - looks around. - Where's Phoebe?

- Piper runs towards the window, and sees all the journalists, and more officers, but no Phoebe.. -

Piper: Oh my god.. - sees a van driving away, really fast. -

- Piper stands there shocked.. and then.. she drops unconcious. -
Finding Phoebe by Chloe4Ashely
Scene 1 - At the manor house, night, pouring rain outside, it begins to thunder, Piper, Paige and Leo are in the attic, Piper is looking out of the window.

Piper: What are they gonna do to her?
Paige: I dont know, we need a plan.
Piper: Like what?
Paige: - notices scry board. - Oh my god, why didn't I think?

- Paige starts using the crystal, scrying for Phoebe. -

Piper: If that doesn't work, we'll use a locater spell.
Paige: Okay.

- The crystal stops, it stops at the hospital. -

Paige: - Confused - The hospital?
Piper: - Looks at the board - Really?
Paige: Oh my god.
Piper: There doing something to her I know it.
Leo: What?
Piper: Phoebe, she's at the hospital.. We have to get her out of there.
Paige: Yeah.

- Piper walks to the window, everyone is still outside -

Piper: Jesus, these guys never get bored.
Paige: - Stands - We need to go.
Piper: - Walks to Leo and Paige - Lets go. - Takes Leo's hand. -

- They all orb out. -

- Cut outside, the reporters and the cops, see the orb flash -

News Lady #2: Did you see that?
Copper #2: Yeah - Takes out Phone. - (on phone) send the team in..

- Several of officers, run in the manor from the back, they make there way to the attic, they notice noeone is in the house, a copper tells out his phone and says "Noeone's in here"


Scene 2 - At the San Fransisco hospital, Leo, Paige and Piper orb into the toilets, a woman sees them orb in, Piper punches her, knocking her out.

Piper: - Smiles - Ah, that felt good.
Paige: - Laughs - Come on, we need to find Phoebe.

- They exit the toilet, they get stares from everyone, a woman at the desk reaches for the phone. -

Piper: We need to hurry.

- They walk past a room, and see Phoebe unconcious, and the doctors injecting her with a needle. -

Paige: Oh my god.

- Security runs round the corner. -

Officer: Freeze!
Piper: Okay - Freezes everyone. - Thanks for the idea.

- Piper kicks open the door, punching the doctor round the face, Paige pulls a doctors hair, pushing him away from Phoebe, Leo punches one in the jaw, They are all knocked out, Leo picks Phoebe up. -

Leo: We should get back.
Paige: Urgh.. back? Leo we can't go back to the house.
Leo: Well, where are gonna go?
Piper: We need the book, to look for the spell, to fix all this, we need to go back to the house Paige.
Paige: Okay fine, whatever.

- Leo and Piper orb out together, Paige 'sighs' and orbs out herself -


Scene 3 - Back at the manor house, Phoebe is lied down in her bedroom, on her bed, Piper, Leo and Paige are stood by her.

Piper: I'll go get the book.
Leo: Okay.

- Piper exits, and walks down the hall to the attic, and sees the books gone! -

Piper: Guys, get in here!

- Paige and Leo enter the attic. -

Paige: What is it?
Piper: The books gone..

- Paige looks, and her eyes widen. -

Paige: You gotta be kidding me.

- Piper, walks upto the book stand, with her mouth and eyes wide open. -

- Paige, walks upto the window, and looks outside, she sees all the officers, looking at the book and laughing. -

Paige: They have it.
Piper: What!? - walks to the window and sees - Little weezles!
Paige: We need to to take it off them.
Piper: Oh yeah, when all the shooting us is going on.. We'll do great! - rolls eyes -
Paige: Wait a minute - looks back out window - Book!

- The book appears in her hand, the officers look confused, and look around. -

Paige: HAHA!

- The officers look up the window, and see them, Piper, Paige and Leo quickly duck. -

- The officers, enter the house and start running upstairs, they all get ready to fight, An officer, tries to throw a knife at Piper's head, but she freezes it, she takes the knife. -

Piper: Thanks.

- Leo punches on around the face, and knees him in the stomach, throwing him into the wall, hitting him repeatingly, Paige throws a chair at one, knocking him out, Piper, kicks one around the face, then kicking him in the stomach knocking him into the wall, then, she pushes his head into the wall, knocking him out too. -

Piper: Now, that was fun.
Paige: - Laughs - Yeah, it kinda was.
Leo: We need to get Phoebe, and get out of here, there just gonna keep coming.
Piper: I know, we've got about 20 lying in this house.. unconcious, it's not gonna be long before they all wake up again.
Leo: Yeah, come on.

- They exit the attic, and enter Phoebe's room. -

- Leo picks Phoebe up -

Piper: (Holding book) Where we gonna go?
Leo: Somewhere we can get to look through the book for atleast 5 minutes.
Paige: ... And where's that?

- Leo stands there thinking, Paige puts her hands on her hips, and shakes her head. -

Leo: What about 'up there'
Piper: With the elders? can we do that?
Leo: Well, they won't be happy about it but, come on..

- Paige and Piper takes Leo's hands, they all orb out. -
The Big Ending by Chloe4Ashely
Scene 1 - Piper, Leo, Paige and Phoebe, orb in where the elders are, Phoebe is still unconcious, Leo is holding her.

Elder #1: Leo..
Leo: How do we fix this?

- An elder waves his hand making a table to put Phoebe on, Leo places her on it. -

Elder #2: So these are the charmed ones.. It's been a while.
Piper: - Eyes fixed on elder - Oh you mean before or after you kidnapped Leo on our wedding day.
Paige: Piper..
Elder #1: Oh yes.. we're sorry about that by the way.
Piper: Yeah.. so you should be.

- Phoebe wakes up, she jumps up. -

Phoebe: Huh?
Paige: - Walks to her. - You ok Pheebs?
Phoebe: Yeah I'm fine, whats going on?
Elder #3: You charmed ones, have been exposed many times, if this happens again, you will be stripped of your powers.
Piper: Oh.. well thats great, what was i supposed to do? let the demon kill everybody?
Elder #3: You could froze everyone first..
Piper: True, I just didn't think.
Elder #2: No.. You really didn't.

- A Quick Silence. -

Elder #1: By 12.00am tonight, time will reset itself, to the moment, you were exposed.
Piper: So, I'll be in the shop?
Elder #2: Yes, and this time.. Think.
Piper: Won't we remember?
Elder #3: Yes you'll remember.

- An elder walks up to Leo, and puts Wyatt in his arm. -

Elder #4: Your all free...

- (Flash) They are all back in the manor house. -

Piper: Woah, thats even worse than orbing.
Leo: Come on.

- Leo starts to run downstairs, jumping over the unconcious coppers, he looks out the window, and there they all are, getting squad teams to come in to to kill them all. -

Piper: Ut all, everyone back from the window, Leo, put Wyatt's force field up!

- Wyatt puts his force field up -

Leo: He's done it, his self.

- Several of officers, run in, getting ready to shoot. -

Piper: Urgh.. Okay lets just talk about this.

- One shoots at Piper, she freezes. -

Piper: Now that was just mean.

- A big fight kicks off, Phoebe kicks one the stomach, and then round the face, knocking him into the wall, Piper grabs one by the neck and knees him in the stomach, and throws him on the floor, One hits Paige around the face, knocking her over, Wyatt starts crying. -

Piper: - Punches One - Leo, watch Wyatt!
Leo: Got it! - Kicks one around the jaw -

- Phoebe, levitates and kicks one in the jaw, she lands, a copper jumps on her, and starts punching her repeatedly, Piper punches one around the mouth -

Piper: Leo, help Phoebe!

- Leo picks the man off Phoebe, and throws onto the stairs, Phoebe stands, and runs up the stairs to him, kicking him while he is on the floor. -

Paige: Gun! - The gun off the officer appears in her hand - HAHA!

- Paige swings the gun around his face knocking him out, Phoebe carries on kicking him, Leo picks one up and throws him out the window, Piper punches one, then elbows him in the face, One tries to jump on Piper from the sofa, but she freezes him while he's in the air. -

Piper: - Smiles - Cool. - steps back -

- She unfreezes him, he lands flat on the floor, he looks upto her, she smiles, then kicks him in the face knocking him out. -

- A demon appears behind Piper, it grabs her by her hair, and slams her through the wall, Piper lands unconcious on the floor, the demon looks around for people. -

- Paige gets up, and sees the demon, the demon shoots a fireball at Paige, but she quickly jumps out of the way and hits the floor. -

Paige: Phoebe, get down here!

- Phoebe finishes kicking the officer, he is finally knocked out, Phoebe runs down stairs, and sees the demon. -

Phoebe: Oh god.

- The demon uses his powers to send Phoebe flying up the stairs hitting the wall, she is knocked out, the demon looks down at Paige on the floor, and gets ready to shoot a fireball at her, he shoots (Flash)

- Piper is stood in the dress store. -

Piper: Oh god - Looks at the changing room door. -

- Piper sees the woman running out screaming, and the massive uber demon following, Piper freezes everyone. -

Piper: Hey!

- The demon looks at her, she blows it up, and then unfreezes everybody, they notice the horrible demon blood on the clothes and walls. -

Woman: Eww!

- Piper smiles and leaves the shop, smiling. -

Scene 2 - At the San Fransisco Park, Phoebe is chasing after Paige, Paige sits next to Piper, Leo and Wyatt, Phoebe runs to Paige and starts beating her up.

Paige: Hey! - Laughing -
Phoebe: - Sits down - Okay, let's compare this day, to the day, we got exposed, hmm... Which one would I choose? - Laughs -
Piper: - Laughs - Umm, yeah, kinda difficult isn't it?

- Everyone laughs. -

Phoebe: I think the elders have done alot for this.
Piper: Hmm, I dunno, I think there gonna have to keep grovelling. - Laughs -
Leo: Come on, you gotta like them a little.
Piper: Yeah, I suppose, I mean they did get us of that, hell.
Leo: Yeah..

- Phoebe's beeper goes off, she looks at it. -

Phoebe: Oh, gotta go, It's Jason.
Piper: Okay, see you later at the house.
Paige: God, this day has been awesome, I mean, no demons, no emergencies, why can't everyday be like this?
Paige: Paige! You've just jynxed us!

- Everyone hears cars screeching, they see two cars hit each other, they both set on fire. -

Piper: Paige, I'm gonna kill you.

- Paige looks at Piper shocked. -

The End!
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