Blood Ties by autumn371
Summary: This is about Chris and Wyatt in the unchanged future. What secret has Wyatt found out about Chris? How will he use it against him and what lengths will Wyatt go to?
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All You Have To Do by autumn371
Chapter 1: All You Have To Do

“Don’t walk away from me this time, Christopher”, Wyatt said quietly, walking into the middle of the alley. He watched as Chris battled two demons, both carrying athames. One of the demons threw it’s athame at Chris but he used his telekinesis to deflect it back at the demon, who became consumed in flames. Chris and the other demon circled each other until suddenly, without warning, the demon shimmered out.

Wyatt watched as Chris looked around in confusion, wondering where the demon had gone. A moment later the demon shimmered back in behind Chris, powered up an energy ball and threw it at him. Caught unawares, Chris was hit by the energy ball and flung back against the alley wall. Wyatt stepped out of the shadows and waved a casual hand at the demon, causing it to be vanquished in a ring of flames.

Wyatt walked up to where Chris was lying on the ground and held out his hand. Chris scowled at Wyatt and used the wall to pick himself up off the ground.

Wyatt sighed. “Give it up Chris, you can’t survive without me.” he said exasperatedly.

“Dramatic much” retorted Chris, “I could have vanquished them both by myself if you hadn’t been here and you know it. I don’t need your help and I don’t want it.”

“Why you gotta be like that?” replied Wyatt in a fake whining voice, smiling darkly, “I just wanna help my little brother and I get treated like you don’t even like me.”

“Wyatt you’re evil.” said Chris eyeing Wyatt suspiciously, “I don’t want anything to do with you. I’m trying to stop you from destroying the world and everything in it and you’re telling me you want to help me? You just want me on your side, you just want more power behind you, but I’m not gonna join you. Not now, not ever.” Chris crossed his arms across his chest and looked at Wyatt defiantly.

“Chris, Chris” said Wyatt laughing, “you misunderstand me; I don’t want your power behind me. I want your power with me.” Wyatt paused glancing around the deserted alley, checking all the demons had gone. He leaned closer to Chris and spoke quieter. “Just think what we could do together. Us, side by side, the way we were supposed to be. The sons of the eldest Charmed one and an elder, no less. The only descendants of the Charmed Ones. Together we could rule this world without any demons, without any elders, without anyone tied down by the whole ‘good and evil’ idea. We could…”

Chris, who had been shaking his head disgustedly throughout Wyatt’s speech, interrupted him loudly, “we could what? Huh? What are you saying? The way it was supposed to be? Nothings the way it’s supposed to be, Wyatt. You’re evil, mum and the aunts are dead... and…and now you’re telling me we can play happy families again. It’s not gonna happen.” Chris finished, backing away nervously.

Wyatt stayed still, considering, watching Chris silently. His expressionless face was unnerving Chris, who was shifting his weight from side to side and glancing nervously around.

“Well?” demanded Chris apprehensively, “aren’t you gonna say anything?”

“Like what?” replied Wyatt, “I think you made yourself pretty clear a minute ago.”

“So…. you’re gonna let me walk away?” asked Chris uncertainly

Wyatt discarded his impassive face and sneered at Chris “Don’t be so na´ve, Christopher. I told you when you first walked away I wasn’t gonna give up on you. I’m gonna do what ever it takes to stop you fighting against me. With my brother by my side I can do even greater thing than now, with a bunch of brainless demons behind me.”

“Oh and do your demon lackeys know about your plan of ruling without them?” retorted Chris, his anger getting the better of him. “Maybe I should go and tell them what their leader thinks of them, what he’s gonna do with them once they’ve served their purpose. It’s not like there’s much trust in your faction. Only fear. You rule by fear, Wyatt, your followers feel no loyalty towards you, all it will take is another more powerful demon to appear on the scene and where will you be. Demons would rather serve one of their own then a witch or even a warlock.” Chris paused, breathing heavily, studying Wyatt to see how much effect his word had had on him.

Apparently none, for Wyatt simply smiled sadly. “You don’t understand the intricacies of leadership, Chris. Something I plan to change very soon. I’ve got so much to teach you, so much to show you. I can make you grow, make your powers grow.” He waved a hand at the two scorch marks left by the vanquished demons, “You wouldn’t have to worry about attacks by such lower level demons as these were. I can help you. All you have to do is not walk away.”

Chris walked back closer to Wyatt. “What are you offering me?” he asked.

“A place in my faction.” Wyatt replied simply. “A place beside me. All you have to do is say yes.”
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