Dear whoever; there is a world beyond your belief by PrudencePiperHalliwell
Summary: A letter written from an innocent to another explaining the world beyond their own imaginations...the world of the charmed ones. oneshot.
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Dear whoever; by PrudencePiperHalliwell
Hello, my name is Alyssa Annemarie Renalds. I just thought that since I am leaving I would leave this to someone who finds this letter the truth of the world beyond your control. It all started four years ago...the day was stormy I know this because it feels like it was just yesterday. On December 20, 2000 was when it happened.

I was sitting in my kitchen when I turned to get a knife to cut myself and apple when in it’s place was an object that looked like the knife that was set badly on fire. I whirled around to see what had happened and to my shock and sudden fear there stood a creature. Its face was twisted into the size of a football but the shape of a baseball. Its eyes were lime green and its teeth were midnight black. Its skin was dark gray. His hands were actually claws with long nails that looked life with one swipe could slash you to death within seconds.

I trembled and opened by mouth to scream but the only sound that game out was a gurgling noise. The monster smiled in satisfaction and out of no where-within this air-a ball of blue flames appeared within his claws. He set his arm back as if he was going to throw it and I realized that I had finally found out what had happened to my was destroyed by this...thing.

I thought I would die as he threw it towards me time literally stopped. I tightly closed my eyes...waiting for the end to come when I was suddenly pushed to the side. I opened my eyes and looked into the face of an angel. He had blonde hair and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. He looked at me with deep concern and asked, “Are you okay?” I smiled stupidly at him and said, “Am I okay? Now I am.” The man’s face twisted from concern into confusion than a deep blush rose to his cheeks as he put his hand in my face and my heart stopped.

On his ring finger was a gold wedding band I choked out, “Your married?” The angel nodded. Than I heard other voices and looked up to see three women.

One was in her mid thirties with dark brown hair and ice blue eyes. The other one was in her early thirties and had long brown hair with brown eyes. Her bangs were pushed to the side to keep them out of her eyes. The third was in her late twenties and she had shoulder length brown hair like the second woman. She also had eyes like the second one.

I thought miserably that these three women were beautiful. I had red hair that did not suit me and it was about an inch above my shoulders, held back in a high ponytail. My eyes were hazel and were very big considering the fact that I was not shocked.

I than quickly gazed at the oldest women’s hand and saw no ring. I sighed with relief that she wasn’t the one married to him...she seemed overprotective. Next my gaze crossed the youngest one’s hand and sighed with relief also due to the fact that her fingers were bare. Than I held my breath as I looked at the second woman’s left hand and smiled in triumph when I saw it was bare until I almost fainted from sorrow as I saw she had the same gold wedding band and diamond ring on her right hand.

I than saw the creature throw a ball of flame to the oldest and with a flick of her wrist she deflected it! Than I saw that the creature sent another ball of flame towards the youngest and she flew into the air! The second one threw up her hands and the ball that was coming towards her froze within mid air! Then, with another flick of her wrist it exploded! I remember passing out from shock. I than learned the truth.

The three were the Charmed Ones, the three most powerful witches in the world that used the power of three to protect innocents and vanquish demons and that creature that attacked me was a demon. The oldest was Prudence Halliwell also known as Prue and she had the power of astral projection and telekinesis. She wasn’t too fond of me because she resented the fact that I had a thing for her little sister’s husband. Than there was Piper Halliwell-Wyatt who had the power to freeze time and explode things. Her husband was Leo Wyatt and he was in fact an angel. He was a whitelighter with the powers to orb, heal, levitate and morph. Than there was Phoebe Halliwell who could levitate and get premonitions. Piper also resented me due to having a thing for Leo. Also, Leo wasn’t too nice that I wanted to join their coven.

They were cool and I wanted to be cool and join it...but I couldn’t. Phoebe was nice until I tried to steal their Book of Shadows than they kicked me out of the house and put a spell on me so that I couldn’t go within ten miles of them. Ever since than, I have changed my identity and have been watching them learning new things all the time.

Piper and Leo have two children named Wyatt and Chris with magical powers greater than any known. Prue died and another sister came along named Paige with the power to orb, morph and telekinetic orb. Piper still owns a club called P3 and Phoebe has her own advice column. Phoebe also is empathy now.

I dyed by red hair to a nice brown-chestnut color that suits me and goes up to my jaw line and is held behind my ears. I also wear contacts so that I now have black eyes. I believe it suits me for me and now that I am ready to come out of hiding for the last four years I think that I will leave San Francisco and move to California where I can start over.

So with these last words within my letter I saw farewell to all and remember that you should never fall for an angel because it is most likely that he is taken...forever and happy without you. Goodbye as I go now to start my new life.

-Alyssa Annemarie Renalds.
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