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General Information
...Mightier Than the Sword was started sometime before November 18, 1997. Originally it was a site to host my fanfiction, as well as a few stories that I particularly liked. Since its conception it has moved several times. Mainly on 'free' hosts until July 2003 when I finally broke down and got both a domain name and web-hosting. ...Mightier Than the Sword is a one-woman operation. As such, it has always been limited by the amount of time I have available to work on it. Consequently when I moved it over to my own domain I was extremely interested in finding a way to automate it, and with eFiction I can do that while still reserving the right to not approve certain stories.

What do the ratings mean?
[G] General Audience: All ages admitted. This signifies that the fiction rated contains nothing most parents will consider offensive for even their youngest children to read. Nudity, sex scenes, and scenes of drug use are absent; violence is minimal; snippets of dialogue may go beyond polite conversation but do not go beyond common every day expressions.
[PG] Parental Guidance Suggested: Some material may not be suitable for children. This signifies that the fiction rated may contain some material parents might not like to expose to their young children. Explicit sex scenes and scenes of drug use are absent; nudity, if present, is read only briefly; horror and violence do not exceed moderate levels.
[PG-13] Parents Strongly Cautioned: Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. This signifies that the fiction rated may be inappropriate for pre-teens. Rough or persistent violence is absent; sexually-oriented nudity is generally absent; some scenes of drug use may be seen; one use of the harsher sexually derived words may be read.
[R] Restricted-Under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian: This signifies that the rating board has concluded that the fiction rated contains some adult material. An R may be assigned due to, among other things, a fiction's use of language, theme, violence, sex or its portrayal of drug use.
[NC-17] No One 17 and Under Admitted: This signifies that most parents would feel that the fiction is patently adult and that children age 17 and under should not be allowed to read it. The fiction may contain explicit sex scenes, an accumulation of sexually-oriented language, or scenes of excessive violence. The NC-17 designation does not, however, signify that the rated fiction is obscene or pornographic.

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