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Reviewer: alex (Anonymous) · Date: 26 Dec 2010 4:46:55 AM · On: Chapter 13-Aftermath

I definitely loved it. Kind of surrealistic but the idea you writted was perfect, i was looking for this kind of story line long time ago, and I loved it! THANK YOU SO MUCH, for real.

Reviewer: KingOfPopOG (Signed) · Date: 28 Sep 2008 1:43:12 AM · On: Chapter 13-Aftermath

hey great story it made me cry at the end. it would've been nice if snape had've said he loved hermione but i wasn't sure that was where you were going with the story or not. All in all it was great. A very realistic snape and other characters. well done.

Reviewer: Myra (Anonymous) · Date: 25 Sep 2006 8:22:37 PM · On: Chapter 13-Aftermath

Ok,i had to read it,even though im only 14. It kept me hooked throughout the entire story. Good job.

Reviewer: Dice (Anonymous) · Date: 06 Aug 2006 7:51:04 PM · On: Chapter 13-Aftermath

You should have went more in depth as to what happened to Snape.

Reviewer: WTF (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Aug 2006 7:56:55 AM · On: Chapter 8 Bloodbath

Holy s**t! I would die if somebudy shoved a spiky dildo op my slot! course this is a magical world. so i gues she would survive

Reviewer: Alex (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Aug 2006 7:32:11 AM · On: Chapter 13-Aftermath

You know I've read a lot of fanfic about the Harry Potter gang and I've never come across a story that is more enthralling and entertaining as yours. This was truely a work of art, I actually believed that JK Rowlings was secretly writing under a different name, however, the style was a bit different. If I could give this story a higher rating I would, so I give it a ten. I look forward to reading A Father's Love. Thanks.

Reviewer: sarah (Anonymous) · Date: 25 Jul 2006 4:06:24 PM · On: Chapter 5 Bliss after the Storm

holy shit!

Reviewer: Deathray (Anonymous) · Date: 17 Jul 2006 8:57:02 PM · On: Chapter 12 The Grieving

you should've let her stay dead! Kill the Mudblood!

Reviewer: jill (Anonymous) · Date: 17 Jul 2006 8:51:48 PM · On: Chapter 11-Vengence

Man! You shouldn't of killed offSnape and made him so mean.Snape's hot!

Reviewer: M.M. (Anonymous) · Date: 08 Jul 2006 7:26:14 AM · On: Chapter 13-Aftermath

HAHAHAHAHA! OH MY GOD! HAHAHAHA! MARRIED!? Oh man. Oh geez. What were you thinking? Oh man. It was great up until that point! For god's sake, man, they're only 16! Ya, they've fucked and killed and all that but, still. That doesn't entitle them to do something that they just can NOT do at 16. Man, I REALLY wished you didn't write that last part. Kind of ruined it. Shoot. Congratulations on a job well done on the story. I'll rate this as if it were the entire story's rating. I'll give it...an 8/10. I would have given an 8.5 but that's not an option. The reason I gave it that instead of a 9 or 10 was that the overdone violence involving Hermione was WAY too unrealistic. She'd be dead by the middle of Chapter 8 if this was real. My favorite chapter was 7. I think it's so much hotter when Harry and Hermione are mutual about sex. Rape, under any cercumstances, is not. NOT. That's what also lowered the rating. I understand, though. A teacher-rape situation is what makes this fanfic different. But it's more of a story than a pornagraphic fanfic. Thank you and good luck in the future. :)

Reviewer: M.M. (Anonymous) · Date: 08 Jul 2006 5:46:08 AM · On: Chapter 11-Vengence

YAY! You took my advice!

Reviewer: NON (Anonymous) · Date: 06 Jul 2006 6:56:31 PM · On: Chapter 13-Aftermath

Why don't you write a sequel or a story about Harry and Hermi's kids?

Reviewer: Jessi (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 11:28:46 PM · On: Chapter 11-Vengence

Wow she totally owned Snape! Too bad she's dead...or is she?

Reviewer: Neil (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 11:27:44 PM · On: Chapter 7 Conflicting Emotions

So, she has sex with Snape one night and has sex with Harry the next. Hermione's a whore.

Reviewer: Neil (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 11:22:07 PM · On: Chapter 6 Wrongful Bliss

Again, it's sick that she would enojying doing it with an old man let alone the guy who raped her.

Reviewer: Neil (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 11:09:54 PM · On: Chapter 5 Bliss after the Storm

That surely was an interesting sight to see from Snapes viewpoint.

Reviewer: Jessi (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 11:05:29 PM · On: Chapter 4 Promises

Very short chapter! Ginny's too nosy She needs to die. COuld you kil her off? She's so Annoying.

Reviewer: Jessi (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 11:03:14 PM · On: Chapter 3 The Pain Again

Ha! tall, dark, and greasy! Thats funny.

Reviewer: Neil (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 10:59:51 PM · On: Chapter 2 Healing Thy Wounds

Ah the wonders of magical potions. Is Hermione turning evil? She seems...I dunno kinda bitchy.

Reviewer: Neil (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 10:55:16 PM · On: Chapter 1 How It Began

You're sick. But I can't stop readin

Reviewer: JJJ (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 10:37:48 PM · On: Chapter 11-Vengence

Yeah yeah, kick some ass! But you really shouldn't of killed off Hermione. Im just sayin

Reviewer: JJJ (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 10:31:31 PM · On: Chapter 10-Truth Revealed


Reviewer: JJJ (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 10:26:50 PM · On: Chapter 9-Memory Regained

Yeah I'm a quick reader. But that whole villiage thing was a bit off. So...Do uh, Draco and Hermione get together in the end?

Reviewer: JJJ (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 10:24:53 PM · On: Chapter 8 Bloodbath

OMG! That was so...GREAT! Although the spiky dildo went a bit far it was still awesome. Nice imagery!

Reviewer: JJJ (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Jul 2006 10:23:40 PM · On: Chapter 7 Conflicting Emotions

Snape should hang her by her wrists from the ceiling and give her a good SPANKING! :)

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