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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) · Date: 28 Jul 2007 1:33:19 AM · On: Chapter XII

Oh, please continue. it's REALY GOOD and interesting.

Reviewer: cion (Signed) · Date: 15 Feb 2007 4:59:23 PM · On: Chapter XII

finish this story it is awsome

Reviewer: carmade (Signed) · Date: 31 Dec 2006 3:13:51 AM · On: Chapter XII

can't wait untill the next chapter is out.

Reviewer: sillypoppers@yahoo.com (Anonymous) · Date: 28 Dec 2006 3:49:36 PM · On: Chapter XII

I can't wait untill your next chapter is out. Please e-mail me when you put it out.

Reviewer: saskia (Anonymous) · Date: 18 Dec 2005 5:16:12 AM · On: Chapter XII

absolutely wonderful. for once a story about the death eaters that allows you to like all of them. more please?

Reviewer: Eliana Hælfiryei (Anonymous) · Date: 21 Oct 2005 12:32:22 AM · On: Chapter XII

You are an awesome writer, and this is one of the best stories ever! I just have one question. Are Draco and Harry ever going to get together in some sort of twisted way? And good lord I think it's so awesome how you just have pretty much everyone with everyone. I love it! I wish the opion chances for reviewing went higher. I think this definitly should rate better than a "liked it." Do you think you'd be able to email me if you update? I'm at insaneblackheart@yahoo.com pleeeeeeeease? ill love you forever. well, more than I do now for you writing such an AWESOME STORY!!!!! :::::glomp!!!::::: okay, i think I'll go now and play the violin before you get too scared of me… ~Eliana Hælfiryei

Reviewer: Aisling (Signed) · Date: 22 Jun 2005 1:18:10 PM · On: Chapter XI

oooh.. great fiction more soon please?

Author's Response: Thanks mi'dear! There is always more to come, keep reading! Peace, CS WhiteWolf

Reviewer: Sestra (Anonymous) · Date: 24 May 2005 5:01:40 PM · On: Chapter III

Sorry CS but couldn't let this one go. Hope you see the funny side - I certainly did, Harry was reeking of sliced flesh, blood - and a bunch of sailors!!!???

Author's Response: Haha, it took us a minute but we got there in the end! ::giggles:: Hadn't thought of it like that before! Thanks for that. Peace, CS WhiteWolf

Reviewer: BlackRose (Anonymous) · Date: 17 Apr 2005 3:05:42 PM · On: Chapter IX

That was so....kind of emotional!!!! I love it!! ^_^ So have u reany of my stories? Just askin. 10/10 story! Love it! Update soon!!!!! ^_^

Author's Response: Glad you're still reading. Aurora and myself have checked out your stuff but we only really read slash fiction, so I'm afraid we won't be reading your fic. Thanks for your continued feedback! Peace, CS WhiteWolf

Reviewer: BlackRose (Anonymous) · Date: 17 Apr 2005 3:24:05 AM · On: Chapter VIII

Hey...Sorry.I've been in trouble for the past few weeks. Lol. Anyawy when are u gonna update? Great story still! ^_^

Author's Response: CS plans on updating here soon but there are a lot more chapters on hpfandom.net, our penname is the same and there are significantly more chapters there.

Reviewer: BlackRose (Anonymous) · Date: 26 Mar 2005 9:32:18 PM · On: Chapter VII

Wow....At least this had *MY* Severus! ^_^ lol. Real good. Lucius is just....plain...scary o.o'' 10/10 Update soon!! ^_^

Author's Response: Na-uh, MY Severus! :P How on earth could you find Lucius scary? A bit... domineering maybe, but scary? Well I suppose he could be seen thus, but I thought he was rather well behaved for this chapter considering! Thanks for the review! Peace, CS

Reviewer: BlackRose (Anonymous) · Date: 20 Mar 2005 4:55:41 PM · On: Chapter VI

Hey! I got grounded from my computer so thats why I didnt review sooner. >.< Anyway I love this chapter!! ^_^ And can you do me a favor and read my stories? Just look up my name. I cant wait for the next chapter! ^_^ UPDATE SOON!!! ^_^

Author's Response: Glad you liked the chapter sweetheart. Expect an update soon. Kisses, Aurora.

Reviewer: BlackRose (Anonymous) · Date: 05 Mar 2005 1:36:51 AM · On: Chapter V

Hey hey hey... >.>'' Pretty good....err...emotional chapter. Great work.Update soon!! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks, just setting the mood for the things to come! Keep reading!

Peace, CS

Reviewer: BlackRose (Anonymous) · Date: 28 Feb 2005 12:13:45 AM · On: Chapter I

When are you gonna update?!?!!? Update SOON!!! PLEASE?!

Author's Response: Every Tuesday we will update! Promise!

Reviewer: ciaran draco (Anonymous) · Date: 22 Feb 2005 3:09:14 PM · On: Chapter III

i hope this story continues, i like where its headed and hope you continue writing it. keep up the great work

Author's Response: No worries on that front, hun, we will keep writing Beyond Redemption until the end! Aurora and myself simply adore this fic too much already to stop writing! Thanks for your comments. Peace, CS WhiteWolf

Reviewer: Just A Person (Anonymous) · Date: 19 Feb 2005 7:40:08 PM · On: Chapter III

This story has a few good twists in it so it surprises the reader. I have to agree with Snapeslady or whoever said this chapter almost semed like J.K.'s work. Well I'll wait for the next chapter but please hurry.

Author's Response: That's really a huge compliment, especially with more than one person now having said it, so thank you very much as well. JK is an inspiration to both myself and Aurora so comments comparing our work with JK's is just simply amazing! Thanks for the review, keep reading! Peace, CS WhiteWolf

Reviewer: Snapeslady (Anonymous) · Date: 17 Feb 2005 1:23:48 AM · On: Chapter III

Omg.That was so kool.I like how you got Snape's atitude down.This chapter really made me think I was reading J.K's book. lol.Its real good.It was kind of funny on some parts but I cant believe you paired Lupin and MY Snape together. Lol >.< Anyway really good.Update soon ^_^

Author's Response: Okay, one thing darling- *MY* Snape- now that that's out the way ;) Thank you very much for the review! I'm really pleased you find my portrayal of Severus so realistic. And just what's wrong with the Snupin?! lol. Peace, CS

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