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Carpe Diem by peeko463 Rated: R starstarstarstar [Reviews - 2]
Summary: Literati fic with some java junkie, set directly after swan song
Categories: Gilmore Girls Characters: Emily, Jess, Lorelai, Luke, Paris, Richard, Rory, Sookie
Genres: General, Romance
Warnings: Fluffy, Sex, Sexual Situations
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: No Word count: 1924
[Report This] Published: 20 Aug 2006 Updated: 20 Aug 2006

Summary: What if Luke told Lorelai about his feelings for her back in 'Love, Daisies and Troubadours'? Here's my shot...

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Categories: Gilmore Girls Characters: Dean, Emily, Lane, Lorelai, Luke, Paris, Richard, Rory, Sookie
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No Word count: 4514
[Report This] Published: 20 Feb 2006 Updated: 28 Mar 2006