...Mightier Than the Sword
A Fan Fiction Archive
7th Heaven [6] Stories involving the characters of the 7th Heaven universe.
Adventures of Sinbad [2] Stories based on the television show. Maeve/Sinbad stories are especially desired.
Andromeda [74] Dylan/Rommie, Tyr/Beka, Trance/Harper are my faves, but if you check the category you'll find other pairings.
Angel & Buffy [111] Stories based on the televisions shows Buffy and Angel.
Babylon 5 [0] Stories are needed.
Beastmaster [0] Stories are needed.
Birds of Prey [3] Stories from the comic and television versions.
C.S.I. [33] Stories from the original series and the spin-offs.
Charmed [69] Any and all stories about the Charmed Ones.
Cleopatra 2525 [0] Stories are needed
Criminal Minds [14] A psychological crime thriller series.
Crossovers [8] A category specifically for stories that crossover between different shows/books/movies etc... Please include the crossover information in the summary.
Dark Angel [11] Stories for the James Cameron show. Max/Logan and other pairings welcome.
Deepwater Black [3] aka. Mission Genesis. Stories are needed.
Earth2 [4] A fave pairing is Devon/Danziger.
Earth: Final Conflict [0] Stories are needed.
Eureka [1] For stories from this wild and crazy town. Jack/Nathan/Allison stories of all kinds welcome.
F/X: The Series [12] Stories for the wonderful TV series starring Cameron Daddo and Christina Cox.
Farscape [3] Stories featuring the characters from this awesome show. John/Aeryn preferred.
Firefly [3] Stories based on Joss Whedon's series 'Firefly'. The webmistress is particularly fond of Mal/Kaylee.
Forever Knight [0] Stories are needed.
Gilmore Girls [36] Luke/Lorelai is a definite fave.
Grey's Anatomy [2] The drama at Seattle Grace. Stories needed.
Harry Potter [322] For stories based on the books and the movies. Fondness for stories featuring Harry/Draco and/or Remus/Severus.
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys [3] Stories featuring the Greek hero.
Heroes [2] Stories of ordinary people discovering extraordinary abilities. Stories are needed.
Highlander [6] Stories based on the movies or either one of the two series.
Jeremiah [2] Stories are needed. I would really like to see any stories that focus on Marcus and Meaghan.
La Femme Nikita [1] Tales of Section One.
Law & Order [23] Stories based on the original series and both of the spin-offs.
LXG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) [2] Stories are needed. Webmistress would really like to see stories focusing on Mina Harker and Tom Sawyer.
Lord of the Rings [56] Stories based on both the books and the movies. The webmistress is particularly fond of Aragorn/Boromir stories. Go here for existing stories.
Lost World, The [0] Go here for existing stories.
M*A*S*H [11] The adventures of the 4077.
Mortal Kombat: Conquest [1] Stories are needed.
Mutant X [62] Stories from the television show. Favourite pairings include Shalimar/Brennan, Brennan/Jesse, Jesse/Emma, and Emma/Shalimar.
NCIS (Navy: NCIS) [2] The investigations of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
Ocean Girl [0] Stories are needed.
Others, The [0] See existing stories here.
OZ [2] Beecher/Keller stories are preferred. See existing stories here.
Poltergeist: The Legacy [0] Stories are needed.
Pretender, The [51] See existing stories here.
Profiler [0] See existing stories here.
Queer As Folk [39] Stories are needed. The webmistress is a fan of Brian/Justin from the US version.
Relic Hunter [0] See existing stories here.
SeaQuest DSV [0] See existing stories here.
Sentinel, The [2] See existing stories here.
Seven Days [0] Stories are needed.
Smallville [9] The webmistress likes Clark/Lex stories.
Space Island One [1] The author likes stories involving Harry and Dusan.
Special Unit 2 [0] Stories needed.
Star Trek [23] For stories based upon the various incarnations of the Star Trek series, except the original because I was never fond of it.
StarGate [20] See existing stories here.
Supernatural [16] Stories needed.
Vampire High [2] Go here for existing stories.
Witchblade [3] Tales of the Blade Wielder. Sara/Jake preferred.
Without A Trace [1] For the CBS drama.
X-Files [11] Existing stories are here.
X-Men [34] Stories from the comics, cartoons, and movies. See existing stories here.
Xena [2] See existing stories here.